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The story of the mistress of the house, who turned out to be an energy vampire

energy vampirism

Theories that there are people who can take life forces from other people in different ways have existed for at least several decades. Researchers of paranormal phenomena call it energy vampirism, and psychologists call it psychological manipulation, but this is one and the same phenomenon.

Some people do not feel comfortable if they do not cause other people moral suffering and the brighter the reaction of the victims, the better their offenders. And the methods can be completely different, from aggressive ones, with insults and undisguised rudeness, to passive ones with endless complaints, crying and accusations of oppression.

Mistress of the house, who turned out to be an energy vampire

According to esotericists, energy vampires by their actions damage the aura of other people and take away other people’s energy fields. That is why after talking with an aggressive boss or grandmother who cries endlessly for you and puts all your problems to you, your head may begin to hurt, you will feel worse and you will feel weak and unhealthy.

There are many completely real stories about such cases, we will tell you one of them, which happened in 1974 and was investigated by British parapsychologists.

Spouses Ron and Anne Smith were looking for a new place of residence, and at some point, an elderly woman named Jen, whom none of them knew, offered them favorable conditions to live in her house.

Ron and Anne left for work every morning, but Anne returned home much earlier than Ron. She soon felt embarrassed because landlord Jen took the habit of visiting her regularly while Ron was not at home.

Jen did nothing wrong, but during the conversations she looked so closely into Anne’s eyes that she was very unpleasant from this and the woman literally felt something negative coming from the old woman. And then Anne’s health began to deteriorate, but Jen, on the contrary, looked more vigorous and fresher.

An energy vampire

Ron saw that his wife was unwell, and Anne directly told him that she did not like Jen and was unpleasant from her visits. Ron suggested that his wife move again and find another house, but the couple did not have much money for a good house, so Anne said that she would rather stay longer at her work, maybe then the landlord would leave her alone.

She did so, and after that Anne’s health began to return to normal again. But then Jen got sick. The elderly woman became so weak that she lay in bed all day and hardly got up. Ann felt her duty to help her and began to visit her. With each visit, Jen was getting better, but Ann again began to grow weak and weak.

When Anne began to pump with weakness, Ron insisted that she went to the doctor and at the hospital they revealed she had anemia and severe fatigue. The doctor recommended Anne to rest more, eat fruit and drink vitamins. Anne did everything she was told that but she was not feeling better, she began to have severe headaches and after each visit to the old woman she literally fell down from fatigue.

One evening, Ron noticed two small red dots on his wife’s neck and asked Ann what it was. Anne did not know, but the points did not hurt and did not cause anyone any discomfort, so both stopped paying attention to them.

By that time, the landlord had fully recovered and stated that she needed to visit her relatives, and then left. Anne hoped she would feel better when the nasty old woman was not around, but she did not feel better.

Living from the energy of others

Therefore, at some point, Anne decided to go to a psychic. And as soon as the psychic glanced at Ann, she immediately told her that an energy vampire “sucked” to her. This vampire took away from Anne her young vitality, and in return gave her senile fatigue. The psychic did not know anything about the sick landlord, but advised Ann to change her residence in the hope that then the vampire would leave her.

However, Ron and Anne were again unable to move, they have not yet saved up money for another house. Soon, the landlord returned and then Ann became so ill and seriously weakened that she was put in a hospital. At the hospital, her red marks on her neck began to bleed.

One of Anne’s friends, apparently realizing that some kind of devilry was going on here, advised her to sprinkle her ring with holy water, and also gave a holy crucifix. Then she sprayed holy water in Anne’s house, and after that, Anne suddenly felt better.

As soon as Anne was discharged from the hospital and she returned to the house, it turned out that the old landlord was again very weak, and at the same time very angry with Anne. Therefore, Ron and Anne decided to move out without hesitation, after which Ann finally recovered. What happened to the old vampire, is unknown.



A photographer took a picture of an old house, but did not know that a woman lived there. No wonder – you can only see it in the photo

A Scottish resident took a photo of an abandoned building, and then could not believe his eyes when he looked at the finished photograph. From there the woman’s face was looking at him, but the man is sure: there was no one in the ruins of the house. Finding an explanation for what he saw was not easy.

A photographer from Scotland, who wished to remain anonymous, decided to arrange an unusual photo session, Unilad writes.

His choice fell on several abandoned buildings that are located in one of the parks in the North Ayrshire region. After taking a couple of pictures, he went to the studio to print them, and then looked at the finished result.


The negative of one of the photographs of the photographer

Mysticism often happens in abandoned buildings , and the case with a man was no exception. In one photo, the Scotsman saw the ghostly silhouette of a woman looking at him from a window. However, the man assures that there was no one in the building, and he was alone in the ruins.

During the shooting, I did not feel anything unusual or anything otherworldly.

Despite the fact that the woman’s face looks intimidating, he is glad that he managed to capture it. Moreover, the hero of the story shared the frame with all friends who adore mysticism and riddles.


Pay attention to the left window

I’m happy that I was able to capture something that looks like a ghost. I am even proud to be able to show photos to people who love riddles.

Many people, according to the photographer, are inclined to believe that this is a ghost, who love to talk to children so much, although the author of the picture himself is in no hurry to draw conclusions. He even looked at the frame under a microscope, but never came to the truth.

You can, of course, speculate, but the human brain makes us see familiar traits everywhere, especially if we look at them long enough.


Moreover, the photographer, according to him, does not really believe in ghosts and other mystical phenomena.

I don’t like the term paranormal. As for ghosts, I don’t know if they exist. I don’t even know how to define them. What is it? Energy?

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Camera recorded an extraneous movement in Massachusetts. And this sight is not for the faint-hearted

A Redditt user with the nickname grandslammer0891 from Mansfield, Massachusetts, posted a video from security cameras at a friend’s house, which scared him and left users in disbelief.

The author of the video explained that his friend left home by the end of August, leaving four huskies in the care of a friend. He usually visited them during the daytime.

One day the owner of the apartment received a notification in the middle of the night that the camera recorded some kind of extraneous movement. At that time there were only dogs in the house.

The video captured the kitchen and part of the living room. A dog is lying on the sofa in the right corner, and you can trace the turns of the head by its ears. When her ears turn to the left, then in the dark you can see the transparent figure of a moving person.

The video puzzled users and caused a mixed reaction from them. Some could not find an explanation for what they saw and panicked slightly. The dog’s head turns towards the ghost, which suggests that it also noticed the apparition.

“What is it, I saw it … with my own eyes. Does anyone else see this? Because it seems to me that I definitely saw something wrong. No no”.

Others decided that a man had walked past the window on the right, and his shadow flashed on the left in the headlights. Some users even believe that a live person got into the frame.

“I hope your buddy has a gun. There was a real intruder. “

Some readers agreed that the ghost video is quite plausible, since Massachusetts is full of ghosts.

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Paranormal researcher warns that Ouija boards can summon dangerous demons

Paranormal researcher Paul Marsters criticized British retailer Poundland for selling Ouija boards as part of Halloween decor. He warned that only professional mediums should use the boards, and ordinary people can summon deadly demons. 

Paul, who is a member of True Paranormal Events UK, was stunned when he saw a £ 1 ($ 1.29) Ouija board in a local budget store.

 “Ouija boards are definitely not toys and should not be available to children to buy in stores on Halloween, let alone adults who are not trained in how to use them. It doesn’t matter if they are plastic or wooden ”, – quotes the words of the ghost hunter Hull Live. 

Paul Marsters explained that people can accidentally summon dangerous spirits that will torment their victim in the future and may even lead to suicide. 

“On Halloween night, the veil on the spirit world is very thin, and people only buy these boards for Ouija sessions on Halloween, so I’m afraid to imagine what will happen when these boards are in the wrong hands,” the expert said. 

Poundland noted that Ouija boards can only be purchased by persons over 18 years of age. This item sold out quickly before Halloween due to its popularity.

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