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The story of the mistress of the house, who turned out to be an energy vampire

energy vampirism

Theories that there are people who can take life forces from other people in different ways have existed for at least several decades. Researchers of paranormal phenomena call it energy vampirism, and psychologists call it psychological manipulation, but this is one and the same phenomenon.

Some people do not feel comfortable if they do not cause other people moral suffering and the brighter the reaction of the victims, the better their offenders. And the methods can be completely different, from aggressive ones, with insults and undisguised rudeness, to passive ones with endless complaints, crying and accusations of oppression.

Mistress of the house, who turned out to be an energy vampire

According to esotericists, energy vampires by their actions damage the aura of other people and take away other people’s energy fields. That is why after talking with an aggressive boss or grandmother who cries endlessly for you and puts all your problems to you, your head may begin to hurt, you will feel worse and you will feel weak and unhealthy.

There are many completely real stories about such cases, we will tell you one of them, which happened in 1974 and was investigated by British parapsychologists.

Spouses Ron and Anne Smith were looking for a new place of residence, and at some point, an elderly woman named Jen, whom none of them knew, offered them favorable conditions to live in her house.

Ron and Anne left for work every morning, but Anne returned home much earlier than Ron. She soon felt embarrassed because landlord Jen took the habit of visiting her regularly while Ron was not at home.

Jen did nothing wrong, but during the conversations she looked so closely into Anne’s eyes that she was very unpleasant from this and the woman literally felt something negative coming from the old woman. And then Anne’s health began to deteriorate, but Jen, on the contrary, looked more vigorous and fresher.

An energy vampire

Ron saw that his wife was unwell, and Anne directly told him that she did not like Jen and was unpleasant from her visits. Ron suggested that his wife move again and find another house, but the couple did not have much money for a good house, so Anne said that she would rather stay longer at her work, maybe then the landlord would leave her alone.

She did so, and after that Anne’s health began to return to normal again. But then Jen got sick. The elderly woman became so weak that she lay in bed all day and hardly got up. Ann felt her duty to help her and began to visit her. With each visit, Jen was getting better, but Ann again began to grow weak and weak.

When Anne began to pump with weakness, Ron insisted that she went to the doctor and at the hospital they revealed she had anemia and severe fatigue. The doctor recommended Anne to rest more, eat fruit and drink vitamins. Anne did everything she was told that but she was not feeling better, she began to have severe headaches and after each visit to the old woman she literally fell down from fatigue.

One evening, Ron noticed two small red dots on his wife’s neck and asked Ann what it was. Anne did not know, but the points did not hurt and did not cause anyone any discomfort, so both stopped paying attention to them.

By that time, the landlord had fully recovered and stated that she needed to visit her relatives, and then left. Anne hoped she would feel better when the nasty old woman was not around, but she did not feel better.

Living from the energy of others

Therefore, at some point, Anne decided to go to a psychic. And as soon as the psychic glanced at Ann, she immediately told her that an energy vampire “sucked” to her. This vampire took away from Anne her young vitality, and in return gave her senile fatigue. The psychic did not know anything about the sick landlord, but advised Ann to change her residence in the hope that then the vampire would leave her.

However, Ron and Anne were again unable to move, they have not yet saved up money for another house. Soon, the landlord returned and then Ann became so ill and seriously weakened that she was put in a hospital. At the hospital, her red marks on her neck began to bleed.

One of Anne’s friends, apparently realizing that some kind of devilry was going on here, advised her to sprinkle her ring with holy water, and also gave a holy crucifix. Then she sprayed holy water in Anne’s house, and after that, Anne suddenly felt better.

As soon as Anne was discharged from the hospital and she returned to the house, it turned out that the old landlord was again very weak, and at the same time very angry with Anne. Therefore, Ron and Anne decided to move out without hesitation, after which Ann finally recovered. What happened to the old vampire, is unknown.



Top Japanese urban legends

Japan is a distant and mysterious island. Before becoming a country full of buildings and businessmen, it was the land of samurai, martial arts and … urban legends.

An urban legend is a modern form of folklore, a story that is sometimes considered true, but not always, by its narrator. These legends are part of the collective memory. Obviously, despite its name, an urban legend does not necessarily take place in an urban area. The term is just used to differentiate modern history from ancient.

Japanese people are fond of urban legends and they have countless, here aew the most creepy Japanese urban legends. It’s up to you if you are still ready to visit Japan after reading this.

1) Kuchisake-onna, the woman with the split mouth

Kuchisake Onna

During the Heian era (794-1185) there lived a very beautiful woman, wife of a very jealous samurai. But she was also not very loyal. The samurai ends up discovering the multiple deceptions of his wife. Dishonored and betrayed, he decided to kill her by slitting her mouth with commissures up to both ears, while yelling at her “Who will find you beautiful now?”.

Today, it is said that the woman with the split mouth appears at night with a surgical mask to hide her “smile” and a long pair of scissors. When she meets a man, she asks him the question “Am I beautiful?”. If he answers no, he is killed immediately. If he answers yes, she then removes her mask and asks “Even like that?”. Answering no again means death. If the man says yes, she follows him to his home before killing him outside the door. The only way to escape her is to tell her that she is an ordinary woman, neither beautiful nor ugly.

2) Inunaki village

Inunaki village

It’s a mysterious village somewhere in Japan. At the entrance to the village, there would be a sign saying “the constitutional laws of Japan do not apply here”. Residents of the village would live in quite a special way since incest, cannibalism and murder would be rampant there.

For unknown reasons, electronic devices would not work in the village. Everyone who has been there has never returned.

3) The O-kiku Ningyou doll

This doll belonged to a 3-year-old girl who died of illness in 1918. The family moved later and, not knowing what to do with the doll, they asked the Mannenji monastery to take care of it because it was a toy their little girl’s fetish. Later, one of the monks was told that the doll’s hair had grown longer. After verification, they had indeed grown!

The monk therefore decided to cut the doll’s hair, but it became even longer. The hair was then analyzed and is believed to be of human origin! The doll would therefore contain the little girl’s soul, and she would sometimes smile. Each year, a ceremony is held in honor of the girl, and the doll’s hair is cut.

4) Hitobashira

Hitobashira human pillar

The word Hitobashira means “human pillars”. In the 17th century, it was customary in Japan to bury living people in the foundations or pillars of buildings. These sacrifices were to please the gods, who then blessed the buildings and ensured them a longer life.

But suddenly, the buildings in question would still be haunted by the spirits of the poor buggers who were buried.

5) The Kiyotaki tunnel

Kiyotaki tunnel

This tunnel, built in 1927, is said to be haunted by the spirits of workers who died during its construction, which took place in conditions close to slavery. The tunnel is 444 meters long, which makes it cursed since the number 4 is somewhat the equivalent of the number 13 in our country, its pronunciation being the same as the word “dead”.

The ghosts of the tunnel would enter your car to scare you, causing an accident. Each new victim would be trapped in the tunnel, adding to the number of spirits. A mirror would also be placed in the tunnel. If you see a ghost looking inside, you die in excruciating pain.

And to add a layer, the length of the tunnel would change depending on the time of day!

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A retired policeman spoke about how he saw a winged man in his childhood

In December 2019, the 60-year-old David Ramos, a former Chicago policeman who is now retired, contacted The Singular Fortean Society. Ramos worked in the Chicago police from 1994 to 2009, and in 1971, when he was 12 years old, he saw with his own eyes a winged humanoid creature.

“When I was a kid and I was 12 years old, we lived in the old Park Riverview Park area. A local company of teenagers usually played on the north bank of the Chicago River. That day, some of the boys had fun throwing pieces of rubble concrete into the water and competing who would make the biggest splash. I was further from the river as I didn’t like being too close to the water.

At one point, I looked northward and i swear I saw there a skinny and very tall man dressed in something very black. He was about 200 feet (60 meters) from me. This man looked in my direction, and then threw up his arms, spreading his wings, and then he ran, flapped these wings and disappeared among the trees on the river bank. I looked at it, completely dumbfounded.

Then I stood up and ran to the other guys and began to ask them “Have you seen this guy?” I was not sure what I saw, I did not know what it was, maybe someone was involved in practical jokes or something like that. By the way, there always was something very creepy in that place by the river, spooky by the river, even in broad daylight. I tried to explain but [my friends] told me to shut up and didn’t pay any attention to me, [since] I was smaller and younger than them

I am now 60 years old, I am a retired policeman and live in Florida. I had never told anyone about what I saw before, and I am writing to you because I stumbled upon your article (about the MothMan) now.

That event shocked me greatly, I felt somehow very angry and immediately wanted to get home almost as soon as possible. I remember trying to look at his face when he looked at me and it seemed to me scary, like a mask for Halloween. This face was not like the face of a man, he had big eyes and this is probably all of the details that I remember.

I am still scared by this memory and I know that Mothman is usually considered a harbinger of tragedy. I tried to remember what bad things happened shortly after this incident. I just remembered that one of the older boys that we were with that day shot and killed a rival gang member shortly after that sighting. He was 16 at the time and went to jail at 17 for at least five years for murder.

Researcher Tobias Weiland of The Singular Fortean Society contacted David Ramos on the telephone and learned learned from him some more details of that event.

“It was an autumn day, an ordinary gray day in Chicago, but it was still daytime. The figure I saw had something like a black cloak, but in general it resembled a very tall man in a cloak and a hood. I could see his large eyes, which from afar they looked like huge yellowish-red glasses.

When he threw up his arms and spread his wings, these wings were just huge in size! He managed to take a few steps and flap his wings before hiding behind the trees. I never came to this place when I was a child, but I know that back then a service station was built there. When I worked as a policeman and drove in there to check a car, I always remembered that day and I was very scared. “

The place where Ramos saw a flying humanoid with reddish-yellow eyes is just a few miles from Lake Michigan. Starting from 2017, at least several dozens of reports came from this area about sightings of a strange black winged creature that looked like either a huge owl or a person with wings.

Most often, this creature was seen near water and in parks. Researchers of anomalous phenomena can still only speculate on what all these people saw. Either some rare huge bird, or really something paranormal.

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Paranormal Doll Letta

This story began in 1970 in Australia in the small town of Wagga-Wagga. A man named Carrie Walton arrived there for the funeral of his grandmother.

As a child, he often visited his grandma and loved to play in the yard. There, like all children, the first joys and first fears awaited him. Carrie’s fear was a neighboring abandoned house. It seemed somehow ominous, the boy thought that ghosts lived there.

And so, the man decided to look into the eyes of his childhood fears and inspect the abandoned dilapidated house. Of course, this time, after many years, the house turned out to be quite a common wreck. Already at the exit from the building, where he did not find anything unusual, the man looked under the porch and found something that changed his life.

It was an old doll, a dwarf in a faded green camisole with a grin on her face. Having a huge nose and large glass eyes, she looked frightening. Carrie still, decided to take the doll, because it looked old, it could be expensive. He gave her the name Letta and took her home.

Walton’s family took the doll hostilely. Dogs entered by barking at the sight of her, his daughters said that the doll was moving and were afraid to be near her. Without exception, all the neighboring households near the doll began to feel bad.

Carrie tried to sell it more than once, but even when everything was already agreed, the deal fell off at the last moment. He realized that the doll was related to otherworldly forces and decided to show it to a psychic. The medium said that this doll is about two hundred years old and there is a human soul in it, which a Romanian gypsy placed in it. Actually, Letta has human hair and there is a piece of human skin on the doll’s head.

Since Carry could not get rid of the doll in any way, he decided to establish a relationship with her. Moreover, when this story became known, they began to invite him to various shows on TV, which allowed the family to have some income.

Since then, the man and the doll have found a way to coexist and live together. Carry jokingly calls her “a doll from hell.”

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