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The soullessness and hypocrisy of man: this world is doomed

The soullessness and hypocrisy of man: this world is doomed 1

Everything that is happening now, epidemics, wars, cataclysms, is a direct consequence of the soullessness of man, the rejection of everything human, elevating himself to the rank of God, selfishness, greed, cruelty, primitive soulless thinking. The reasons for everything are people. It’s time to understand this and stop building all sorts of diplomatic theories of various brainwashing conspiracies. 

Modern people constantly find excuses for their immoral and soulless actions. It seems that soon they will start eating children and this savagery will be justified. In modern people, in their troubles and in everything terrible that happens in the world, everyone around is to blame, except for themselves. 

For poor people, this is: authorities, rich, just those who live a better life than them. The rich and those in power, of course, have ordinary people. Their confidence is striking that everything they have is their sole merit, that everything that is given to them is from God at least. 

In fact, the two categories are no different. Give a man power and money and you will see his true face. Both of them consider themselves the crown of the universe. Both categories self-confidently believe that everything they do has some special meaning and the whole world owes them something. Narcissistic talkers, in their selfish arrogance and narcissism, trumpet their exclusivity.

It seems that people have returned to the primitive system. We are destroying nature, cutting down forests, killing animals, killing each other and we can no longer talk about the destruction of our own kind. 

We are destroying this world with an amazing method. We came up with an ocean of excuses for ourselves, we didn’t create gods and religions for ourselves, and that’s all, to justify our existence. 

Some psychologists and other gurus are worth something. We listen to the crazy ones who scream about positiveness on every corner, when blood flows around the river and children die, and satanic postulates have become the norm. 

Having heard a lot of psychologists, we consider positive a blessing and an escape from all problems, not realizing that a normal person cannot be happy in a society where there is so much grief and suffering, blood and injustice. 

There is a terrible secret here – the positive is the highest degree of hypocrisy. We enjoy vile spectacles from the screens of our gadgets, believing that this is normal. We measure each other with wealth, things, strength, appearance, and even the ability to kill, considering this superiority, while the only superiority in this world is the superiority of kindness. 

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We loved things so much that we forgot that they were created to be used, and people were loved, and not vice versa. 

We forgot and rejected such eternal concepts as shame, conscience, modesty, honor, morality, sense of justice, kindness, compassion, and teared up our souls. 

We simply forgot what is good and what is bad, the basis, black and white, decorating this world in such a way that we can find an excuse for any abomination and horror. 

We put on display our personal life, including intimate, believing that this is the norm. 

We rejected and forgot everything what our ancestors taught us, all their experience gained through generations, blood and sweat, we turned into nothing. 

We rejected the age-old cultures, we stopped reading the classics, because we don’t need their wisdom, because we have all that low-grade minuscule necessary for our meager minds in our gadgets and cheap books. 

We honor strength, rudeness, arrogance, practicality, success, soullessness, lack of spirituality, cruelty, greed, arrogance, we can go on for a long time, in a word, everything that is unnatural to a normal person. But the fact that, on the contrary, is a sign of a spiritual, moral, deep person, we have elevated to the rank of obsolete qualities that interfere with our “divine development”. And we turned normal people into outcasts, interfering with our primitive, soulless existence. 

We go to our goals by destroying everything and everyone around. Material, personal well-being by any means is the main goal of our life. Do we consider ourselves smart? We are shameless, and therefore stupid, because we do not understand what we are doing.

We even pray to our gods, invented by people, it has become fashionable, but in our souls we do not believe in them, we do not have a god in our souls, it is empty there. Good people do not exist in principle, there are only those who try to be. But we have rejected even the very idea of ​​trying, because there is no benefit in it, it is not practical.

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And what’s next without the wise? Is this a “bright” future for us and our children? Stop and look around. The “Day after” is coming, it is knocking on our doors, destroying us and our cities, everything that we considered important is collapsing and dying. We ourselves sawed the branch on which we sat, we ourselves almost destroyed this world, we did everything ourselves, with our own hands.

It would be funny to watch our agony if it were not for that small percentage of real, good, kind people who retained a human face did not die with us, we soulless creatures, for our sins. Why should they pay? Indifference, heartlessness, selfishness, greed, cruelty have become a symbol of this world. The world is chaotically mad.

We passed the exam for destruction, we destroyed everything. And now we are faced with another question: will we be able to be as good builders as we were destroyers.

Now in 2022, similar events are taking place, the world is on the verge, unfortunately, we are most likely not destined to repeat the result of the builders of those times, the spiritual fall is too deep.

So what did we want? Did we expect that everything would be as before, and the world, the one who controls it and created it, will turn a blind eye to everything? 

The time of trouble and retribution has come for everyone, both for the rich and for the poor, because there is no difference between us. 

What is happening around is just the beginning and we deserve it. Because there is no worse sin than indifference and heartlessness. The soulless world is doomed to perish.

We are truly insane, incurably insane both in our thinking and in our outlook. The events taking place in the world are a vivid confirmation of this. 

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