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The Simpsons hint at an asteroid fall on September 24

The Simpsons hint at an asteroid fall on September 24 3

On January 6, 2013, the 9th episode of the 24th season of The Simpsons was released on TV in the United States and, further, the whole world, in which the highlight of the episode was the fall of a huge asteroid to Earth:

The episode begins with the head of the Simpsons family meeting in a pub with a representative of the prepper community who agitate him to start preparing for the End of the World. The starting event, according to their forecasts, should be an EMP attack on the United States, which will plunge the country into chaos and such an attack does happen, but not because of terrorists, but because of Homer himself, who works as an operator of a local nuclear power plant.

Fortunately for the residents of Springfield (the location of the series), the town is experiencing an EMP strike relatively well, however, at the moment of general rejoicing, a hefty asteroid appears in the sky in the square, after which the plot quickly flows into the surroundings of a zombie apocalypse.

The Simpsons hint at an asteroid fall on September 24 4

Since the Simpsons enjoy the well-deserved fame of prophets who have not predicted anything, American conspiracy theorists are quickly suggesting that season 24 is the 24th of a certain month, and episode 9 is September for some unknown year.

In addition, September is the time of the episode in which Homer rolls around a field with corn ready for harvest, and his kids drive on scooters among the leaves that have begun to fall. Naturally, no one understands what year the asteroid event will occur, so the American people began to pay attention to other possible signs, in particular – to the clock.

The clock appears twice in the episode, let’s assume they show different times. However, the time 8:15 flickers among other entourage, in particular in the form of an inscription on one of the phones.

It is rather difficult to somehow understand from these three figures a hint of the year, which may not be there. Therefore, the conspiracy theorists have been waiting for the asteroid for seven years, straining slightly on the eve of September 24th each year.

They are tense even now, since the episode about the asteroid begins with some kind of “isolation mode”, during which the Simpson family was trapped in a building and danced there. Since the word “isolation” has acquired a very special meaning for people since spring 2020, naturally, everyone immediately thought that the episode somehow hinted at the quarantine preceding the asteroid and the subsequent social chaos, which is also shown quite clearly.

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In addition, since mid-2020, there have been very persistent rumors in the cospirolic community about some kind of grandiose meteor shower that will begin in the fall.

Usually rumors about an asteroid appear quite often, but they live extremely shortly. So, everything is tied to the fact that NASA announces the discovery of another healthy stone, names the date of its passage, the newspapers retell it – and everyone starts to be afraid.

Then the date passes, nothing happens and everyone forgets about the asteroid. And now real panic reigns on the forums and with the approach of autumn it only grows, as people notice more and more oddities around. Therefore, we do not even know how much we should believe the interpretation of the Simpsons, although it is quite possible, that the series predicted the year 2020.


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