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The shining of disaster and mental morbidity: Symptoms of a deadly threat to humanity

We are approaching peak solar activity. Remember the recent auroras around the world? This is bad news.

In the 19th century, such a powerful event occurred on the Sun when auroras were visible virtually throughout the entire planet. In Cuba and Hawaii, people thought that the end of the world was coming because the cities were engulfed in flames and the telegraph was out of order. In the 19th century, the telegraph was the only means of communication for any kind of contacts, business, personal contacts. Sparks flew from devices, set fire to paper, shocking the operators with an electric current.

If an incident like the events in the 19th century were repeated today, it would lead to catastrophic consequences.

Compared to the planet, we live very fast and we often don’t understand whether an increase in auroras is just a natural feature or weather this trick of light somehow affect humans. It turns out that 7% of people after an aurora are brutally aggressive. These are individuals suffering from schizophrenia.

The aurora is a flaring glow with a frequency of 10-20 Hz. 10-20 Hz is the frequency of a person’s alpha rhythm which means a direct impact on humans. Schizophrenic attacks are an example of the indirect effect of a change in the magnetic field.

Due to the increased flow of cosmic energy from plasma structures and the active Sun, the upper mantle is heating up and seismic processes on Earth are intensifying. Hot plasma affects the biosphere and all Earth’s environments causing them to change. Prolonged stay of a person in an altered environment is dangerous for mental health and the level of mental morbidity is greatly influenced by the intensity of the territory’s magnetic field. 

Changes in the magnetic field indicate a shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles as they are not glued to the planet at all.

The magnetic pole moves from Canada through the Arctic Ocean towards Siberia. At first, the movement according to measurements was somewhere up to 15 kilometers per year. Then there was an acceleration from 1990 to 2005: the speed increased to 60-65 kilometers per year.

Shifting magnetic poles weaken the Earth’s magnetic field. It is known from ancient clay shards that it definitely took place 2500 years ago. But it may be longer; more ancient shards have not been found.

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Over the past 150 years, the Earth’s magnetic field has become weaker by about 10%. Today, an extreme space weather event, such as a solar flare or plasma ejection, is a huge magnetic cloud, plasma that bursts from the Sun and can reach the earth in one to five days – can cause problems in almost all areas of industry. This includes transport, electricity, aircraft, and satellites.

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We are building a high-tech world, but we forget that a solar flare affects it more than if we were still using steam boilers. This fact by itself is already interesting but it also affects politics.

For example, there was a case in 2003 when, during the federal elections in Belgium, cosmic rays, during a very powerful high activity, were able to completely pass through the Earth’s atmosphere, reaching the Earth. They hit the processor and caused a computer failure, as a result of which the number of votes for one of the candidates increased by more than 4,000, in just one second.

The weakening of the magnetic field also means that entire electricity production could be affected.

For example, in 1989, in just 90 seconds, an electrical transformer that supplied electricity to Canada burned out, and for a day 6 million people were left without electricity and communications.

Man is adapted to this process. We live 20% of our normal life in conditions of cosmic storms. But the weakening of the magnetic poles leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

The oxygen content in the atmosphere is falling

Currently, we have the minimum oxygen content of 21% in the atmosphere – during a period of a large number of inversions – it fell somewhere to 15%, and the maximum reached 30%. At the same time, in the instructions for industrial geologists who go down into the mines, it says that if the oxygen content is less than 18%, then it is already necessary to use special devices in order to breathe normally.

A weakening magnetic field leads to an increase in radiation, leading to an increase in new cancer cases and not just among older people. The indicator here is that young people are much less likely to get cancer but if you look at the data for September 2023 from the Global Burden of Disease project, it turns out that since 1990, the number of cancer diagnoses in young people has increased by 80%. And the mortality rate is almost 28%.

Thus, the slow shift of the magnetic poles definitely affects humanity. And no amount of zero emissions or no climate policy can stop this.

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