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The seven-year itch until 2030 with the tools of the Brave New World: Global Digital Biometric Identification System Paves the Way for Global Government

The seven-year itch until 2030 with the tools of the Brave New World: Global Digital Biometric Identification System Paves the Way for Global Government 1

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and with it comes new challenges that touch the boundaries of national sovereignty and the global political system.

One of these challenges is the global digital biometric identification system, an advanced system that aims to replace traditional IDs with digital biometric information.

This system is the subject of interest and debate as it essentially abolishes existing borders and paves the way for the possible creation of a world government and this will be achieved through Artificial Intelligence.

The idea behind the global digital biometric identification system is to create a unified identification system based on biometric data such as face ID, eye retina data and other human body data. This will allow a person to be recognized globally without the need for traditional identification documents such as passports or national ID cards.

Although this system may seem like an advancement in the field of technology, it also raises serious fears and concerns. One of the main fears is that this system will abolish the borders between nation states and lead to the creation of one world government.

The imminent elimination of borders will have significant implications for national sovereignty and the ability of states to exercise control over them. Governments will find themselves in a new position, where their power will be greatly limited by a global organization that will control the identity and recognition of citizens.

This could have serious implications for democracy and civil liberties, as power would be concentrated in a few hands and the possibility of oversight and control would be limited.

Furthermore, the potential creation of a world government opens the door to potential abuses of power and arbitrariness. If a global organization has control over the identity and recognition of individuals, it can use that power for political and ideological purposes. This opens the way for potential abuse and surveillance of citizens without democratic means of control.

We must take these fears into account and ensure that the global digital biometric identification system operates with transparency, democratic control and respect for human rights. Decisions regarding the use and development of this technology must be made with care and with a view to protecting the freedom and privacy of individuals.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to spend $1.27 billion on global biometric digital infrastructure

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has renewed its commitment to digital biometric identity, boosting its investment in the field as part of an overall $1.27 billion package to support global health and development projects.

The seven-year itch until 2030 with the tools of the Brave New World: Global Digital Biometric Identification System Paves the Way for Global Government 2

The latest funding commitment includes $200 million for digital public biometric infrastructure, which includes digital biometric ID databases and registries.

The 2019 edition of the Data Report identified biometric identity as one of three technological pillars to support the equitable distribution of resources in developing countries.

The Gates Foundation is a major supporter of the open source digital identity platform MOSIP, among various digital identity-related programs.

The announcement accompanies the sixth annual ‘Gatekeeper Report’, which assesses progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and recognizes that by most indicators, the world is far behind the pace needed to achieve them by 2030.

UN SDG 16.9 aims for universal legal identity by 2030, including birth registration. Efforts to achieve this goal have been linked to digital ID programs around the world, largely because of the obvious impracticality of enrolling a billion people without ID in legacy analog systems and the limited value of any such system.

The $200 million is also earmarked to support interoperable payment systems and data sharing systems, according to the release.

Finally, tech billionaire Bill Gates said the UK has “all the ingredients” to take the world to net zero after meeting Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at a clean tech summit.

The emergence of World Government would be possible after a nuclear war

Nuclear war is one of the most terrifying possibilities looming over the global geopolitical horizon. As conflicts between nations and civilians intensify and pressures to acquire nuclear weapons increase, the possibility of nuclear war can no longer be ignored.

However, even in this dark scenario, world government looms as a possible response. The consequences of a nuclear war would be devastating. Human casualties, radioactive fallout, and environmental destruction will be at incalculable levels. This will lead to the need for a coordinated and effective way of dealing with the catastrophic impacts.

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The world government, in response to this crisis, could take over the coordination of international humanitarian aid and the relief of affected areas. It could enforce international agreements on the limited use of nuclear weapons and denuclearization in order to prevent future disasters.

The longing for a new, designed human being and the tools to accompany our lives did not arise by chance, but is the result of a prolonged historical development. However, such an evolution is not predetermined, nor necessarily imposed on humanity. As a result, it can be corrected. No one should accept this as fate. We have been warned.


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