The secret agreement is already signed: world government is coming out of the shadows

The World Health Organization is quietly, almost secretly, working on a so-called Pandemic Agreement. Under the guise of concern for the health of people, through this legally binding document, a certain global governing structure will be imposed on the whole world, the powers of which will override the power of national governments.

On December 5–7, a special International Negotiating Body (INB) is meeting within WHO to develop a global Pandemic Agreement. The WHO has published a draft of this document on its website. Formally, WHO complies with the requirements of transparency in its work. However, finding this document on the organization’s website, which is supposed to change the lives of all people on the planet, is quite difficult. This is pointed out by all who are trying to study the draft of this Agreement before it is imposed on the whole world.

The aforementioned document concerns everyone, and especially those who will continue to follow the development and adoption of this document, supposedly designed to take care of the health of the people of the earth in the face of some kind of “future pandemics.” There are many terms in the Agreement, the exact and specific meaning of which is not explained. The words are generally understandable, but what they hide behind them is often left out of brackets, only in the minds of the developers of this document.

These terms and vague language provide room for broad interpretation in the future. This is extremely dangerous, since this Agreement, once accepted by all 194 WHO member countries, will become legally binding and serve as a “legal” basis for the creation of some kind of supranational body whose powers can override the power of national governments.

The Pandemic Agreement itself, which originally had the full name “International Agreement on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response”, received a new “technical name” in the published draft – “WHO CA +”. It means the following – “WHO convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response” (WHO convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response – from where the first word and initial letters of the second and third words). 

Thus, everyone who encounters this abbreviation should understand what is at stake. It is not difficult to guess why the meanings are being shaded and the names are being changed. The globalists represented by the leading transnational corporations are trying to hide the true meaning and purpose of this document – to prepare the countries of the world for the fact that, by signing it, they will voluntarily agree to give their sovereignty and the lives of their citizens into the hands of the globalist elite. 

The pandemic agreement is aimed at creating a system of total electronic control over the people of all countries and has nothing to do with healthcare. Let us analyze the most important thing in the draft Pandemic Agreement.

Governing Body

So, WHO is scaring the world’s population with coming pandemics, which, according to WHO officials, will definitely happen and from which there is no escape without the Pandemic Agreement.

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The most interesting part of the text starts somewhere in its middle. Article 19 refers to the “Governing Body” of the Agreement. It is assumed that it will have a three-part structure. These will be: (1) the Conference of Parties, which will be the highest division of the “Governing Body”; (2) A group of officials of the parties, which will become an administrative division; (3) An enlarged Conference of the Parties, “which will include relevant stakeholders and will provide broad input to the decision-making processes of the Conference of Parties”, referred to in paragraph 1.  

This is exactly the case of ambiguity and vagueness of the wording, as mentioned above. But what is now peeping through the fog induced in the 19th article? This is that some supranational body will coordinate pandemic preparedness and response at the global level – in regions and national jurisdictions.

Since the WHO is guaranteeing the world new pandemics and has come up with no other means of dealing with them than vaccination and declaring a global quarantine, this “coordination” can mean several things: a universal order to be vaccinated; declaring, at the discretion of the “Governing Body”, a quarantine in any country, or group of countries, or a global quarantine; application of other restrictions at different scales. Considering what the world faced in the last pandemic declared by the WHO, the scope for imagination is very wide.

Rigid Censorship

The Article 16 of the Agreement, under the pretext of “increasing pandemic and public health literacy”, introduces a requirement for strict censorship of all types of information sources that question the data coming from WHO and the “Governing Body”. The document requires each country to “improve scientific literacy as well as access to information about pandemics and their consequences, and combat false, misleading information or disinformation, including by promoting international cooperation.” That is, to fight what is called “disinformation” is expected to work together at the international level.

At the same time, each country “commits to: inform the public, communicate risks and manage infodemics through effective channels, including social networks; conduct regular analysis of social networks to identify and understand disinformation and develop communications and messages for the public to counteract disinformation and false news.” Any doubts expressed about the correctness of the decisions of the “Governing Body” will be declared a crime.  

The globalists propose to “counter disinformation” by “increasing research into behavioral barriers and factors affecting public health compliance, vaccine credibility, science and government institutions.” 

The strange emphasis is on vaccines. In other words, if a certain country signs the Pandemic Agreement, then information about the danger, say, of the coronavirus, will be poured onto its citizens from every iron. People will again be forced to get vaccinated. And alternative points of view, which are expressed by independent epidemiologists and virologists, will be declared “false and erroneous.”

Lots of money needed

Article 18 of the Pandemic Agreement compels signatory countries to “provide sustainable and predictable funding through existing and/or new mechanisms, while enhancing transparency and accountability, to achieve the goals of WHO CA+.”

Where to get money from? We find the answer by reading further. To this end, “each side commits to: strengthen and prioritize domestic financing to prevent a pandemic, including through increased collaboration between the health, financial and private sectors, in support of primary health care and universal health coverage.” 

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In other words, each country, at its own expense and at the expense of local private business, which will be forced to do so, will fulfill its obligations under the Agreement.

If there is no money of their own, then countries will have to provide “financing through existing or newly created international mechanisms by building up regional and global potential.” 

Again, amorphous and unclear: how to build up this potential if there is no money? The answer seems to be this: cut other items of national budgets and redirect funds to implement the obligations under the Agreement. How else?

Where is your Passport?

The pandemic agreement will give WHO the authority to oblige citizens of all countries to be vaccinated and receive electronic “vaccination passports” that will be a pass to “normal life” and without which a person will become an outcast. 

WHO is already working on such a global passport. The United States was chosen as the pilot site. Now, in the draft Agreement published on the WHO website, there is no direct indication that this document will oblige all countries to introduce “vaccination passports” based on a QR code, without which people will become social outcasts. 

However, non-mainstream media wrote about this some time ago, reporting on specific companies that, under the auspices of WHO, are working to create “vaccination passports” with the aim of spreading this practice to the whole world. 

The Reuters report that the WHO has signed a contract with Deutsche Telekom “to create a software solution for the global electronic verification of coronavirus vaccination certificates” has not gone away either.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that globalists are closely monitoring information that brings them to clean water. They amend their next steps so as not to discredit themselves and not provoke a lot of dangerous questions in the world public consciousness. This explains the lack of mention of “vaccination passports” in the published draft of the Pandemic Agreement. 

The pressure to introduce such passports is hidden behind phrases like “countries must take action” to counter the pandemic.

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The Agreement timetable

According to the timetable for the development of the Pandemic Agreement, its broadly agreed draft should be on the table of the WHO Director-General in May 2023. And in May 2024, the Pandemic Agreement is planned to be adopted at the World Health Assembly, which is the highest body of WHO. However, many WHO critics, who agree with the draft Agreement, fear that this document will be adopted as early as May 2023.

Attention is drawn to the extreme opacity of the work of the above mentioned Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB), which these days is “conjuring” over the draft document. This is the basis for fear that the timetable for the adoption of the Agreement may be accelerated. 

in this regard, it is highly likely that the whole world will soon hear again about the “outbreak” of the coronavirus or about a new “disease” that will be declared lethal, requiring vaccination and, accordingly, the introduction of electronic control through QR codes.

Time is running out

Summarizing a large and amorphous document, it is necessary to emphasize the main thing: under the guise of WHO and under the banner of concern for the health of mankind, the globalist elite is preparing a legally binding document, by signing which all countries will delegate their sovereignty to a certain “Governing Body”. 

At the same time, the composition of this “Governing Body” will apparently not be clear until the very last moment – even after the Agreement has been signed by everyone. But at the same time, it is already clear that any decisions of the “Governing Body” will be very difficult to challenge, since the legal responsibility of countries for the implementation of the Agreement is constantly emphasized.

So what?

At the same time, the document reads between the lines that there can be no countries that will not sign the Pandemic Agreement. And what will happen to those who still or will refuse to do so? Will they be declared rogue states? 

The already accumulated critical mass of materials about what is happening and coming under the auspices of the global structure of the Antichrist are still working with the WHO and showing complete devotion and subordination to the new dark Messiah. 

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