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The “Second Bermuda Triangle” is located in Alaska. The media and the government bypass this topic 86 The “Second Bermuda Triangle” is located in Alaska. The media and the government bypass this topic 87


The “Second Bermuda Triangle” is located in Alaska. The media and the government bypass this topic

It’s hard to find someone who has never heard of the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. Hundreds of strange observations and reports that UFOs or huge whirlpools completely absorb water ships have long excited people’s imagination.

However, as it turns out, there are many places on Earth where many similar events are recorded, but for various reasons they are not as connected with the media as the Bermuda Triangle. One such place is, for example, Alaska, USA.

 Believe it or not, the Alaskan triangle has many mysterious disappearances of groups of people or even entire planes on their conscience.

One of the main examples of the uniqueness of this triangle is even the disappearance of an airplane with members of the American government in 1972.

Hale Boggs (a member of the US House of Representatives) and Congressman Nick Bengich flew over Alaska when their plane suddenly disappeared from the radar.

After 35 days of searching, no trace of the crash was found, and two politicians and their pilot disappeared. Some believe that the cause of the disappearance of this aircraft may be a private discontent between Boggs and the then head of the FBI, who did not like the politician’s involvement in the investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy. According to conspiracy theorists, he deliberately obstructed the investigation, so that both men did not find themselves after this alleged disaster. Naturally, this was never proved on the basis of material evidence, but only a number of assumptions and conclusions

The “Second Bermuda Triangle” is located in Alaska. The media and the government bypass this topic 88

Of course, this is only one of almost two thousand cases of alleged disappearances in the “second Bermuda Triangle.” However, unlike the tropical climate of Bermuda, the weather in Alaska is quite severe and there are no dangers such as wild animals or even avalanches. Obviously, severe weather conditions can be a problem not only for people, but even for airplanes. The problem, however, arises when search teams do not find traces (which you can understand) of the crash. Only then do conspiracy theories begin to appear that somehow try to explain this phenomenon.

One of the most interesting explanations is a reference to the theory that the cause of the disappearance of these vehicles is an underground pyramid located somewhere in Alaska. This topic was supposed to appear in May 1992, when the People’s Republic of China detonated one of the most powerful nuclear weapons of that era at its training site.

According to some reports, during Chinese tests, American geologists discovered a strange structure, which was called the underground pyramid.

Elizabeth Hole, an experienced geographer and geologist, took part in excavations in Alaska near Mount McKinley, all the expedition members were amazed when, under a very thin layer of earth, they managed to stumble upon an impressive-sized triangle that goes deep underground and expands.

On her Facebook page, Elizabeth said:

“Presumably, this should be a pyramid. Previously, there was no information about it, there were only local horror stories from residents who claimed that Alaska was hiding a second Bermuda triangle in which people disappear. It is interesting that the pyramids were in the very place which the locals talked about. So far, our excavations remain on hold, as we will need very powerful equipment. “

For interested people, Elizabeth also left the coordinates of the pyramid on her Facebook page :

The “Second Bermuda Triangle” is located in Alaska. The media and the government bypass this topic 89

“Do not go around this place, but take a look and you will be surprised at this find! Its coordinates: latitude / longitude 65 ° 18’51 .41” N 153 ° 33’24 .48 “W, share your photos!”

The “Second Bermuda Triangle” is located in Alaska. The media and the government bypass this topic 90

 Oddly enough, information about the discovery of this pyramid did not appear in the mainstream media, and the revival of this topic is associated with the American radio station, which on June 26, 2012 published an interview with the alleged employee of the American counterintelligence service.

He introduced himself as Daug Muchler, and, according to him, geologists used the detonation of a Chinese bomb to study the earth’s crust. At some point, their tests showed the existence of an underground pyramidal structure, which was much larger than the Cheops pyramid, and scientists determined its location somewhere near Mount McKinley. According to the officer, the local NBC office was supposed to discuss this topic in the evening news at the end of November 1992, but then there was a sudden silence.

Muchler, interested in this topic, tried to get to this report and understand why it was decided to hush up the case. Station technicians told him that the material had never seen the light and was removed from the station’s archive. Then the officer, using his authority, tried to investigate the case in one of the military archives, which ended in a strange meeting with two government officials who told him that they knew what he was looking for and that he would stop researching this topic because “they are more they didn’t want it, they were worried about curiosity.”

Of course, there are a number of conspiracy theorists who see this as the source of the Alaskan “Bermuda Triangle” or even the existence of a secret alien base under the earth’s crust. There are also those who see this as only a poor interpretation of the press release, which was not about the pyramid, but rather about the earthquake caused by the Chinese tests that shocked Cairo in 1992. According to Muchler’s story, he watched the broadcast he was talking about with dozens of other soldiers, which would have made listening to the news a little more difficult.

The “Second Bermuda Triangle” is located in Alaska. The media and the government bypass this topic 91

It cannot be ruled out that he could simply misunderstand the content of the message and instead of information about the shocks in Cairo compared to the Alaskan earthquake in the city of Anchorage (the second strongest earthquake measured by a seismograph), he could understand that pyramids larger than Egyptian were discovered in Alaska. Then, digging into this topic, he could just stumble upon something unusual, and the security services decided that he knew too much and could face it directly. The amount of misunderstanding that should take place in such a situation seems huge, but due to the lack of better solutions, it seems rather interesting.

Regardless of what is considered true, remember that according to the principle of Occam’s Razor, truth is usually much simpler than we think. Due to the absence of any sources other than Muchler’s testimony on only one radio station, the most likely fact may be that it is a simple lie, either on Muchler’s side or on the radio station itself.

The version with the underground pyramid would be decidedly more “credible” because governments are known to hide some things from the public eye. It is enough to mention the secret CIA bases in Poland, which for many years were ridiculed by the Polish media until they became aware of their existence. Naturally, as in any such case, until convincing evidence appears, it exists only in the field of speculation, which may or may not be true.

According to journalists from one of the leading publications in Alaska, they conducted an investigation in which it was possible to find out that the territory of the entire Bermuda Triangle is under the supervision of the Pentagon. Someone even claimed to have seen military bases on the territory of the anomalous zone. The entire Brmudan triangle of Alaska occupies as many as four states!

The “Second Bermuda Triangle” is located in Alaska. The media and the government bypass this topic 92

Locals claim that ancient evil spirits, or shamans, live in the forests of the anomalous triangle of Alaska. But scientists have long identified the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle of Alaska as an area of ​​increased electromagnetic radiation.



Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can’t take water from this African lake

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 105

In the northeast of the Republic of South Africa is the picturesque, but mysterious and ominous Lake Funduji. The local population considers the lake sacred and tells legends about it.

Despite the problems with fresh water in Africa, the tribes never settled on the banks of the Funduji, did not fish there and did not even replenish the water supplies from this lake.

This is because, according to local legends, it is impossible to take a drop of water from Lake Funduji, and anyone who touches the water, or even more so drinks it, will soon die. Also, people made sacrifices to the mythical monster Funduji to appease him.

The general public learned about Funduji at the beginning of the 20th century, when deposits of chrome ore were found in the vicinity of the lake. When expeditions from Europe began to come to this area, the lake was finally mapped.

Scientists listened to the stories of the locals about the ominous lake and the monster, but in the course of geological research, nothing mystical was found.

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 106

In 1955, Professor Henry Burnside and his assistant Thacker decided to check the legend about strange water that cannot be carried away from the lake. Scientists collected water in several containers made of different materials – glass, porcelain and plastic, and walked several kilometers, intending to examine the samples.

But it was not possible to carry out the analysis: in the morning all the containers were empty. Then the scientists decided to return to the lake and take new samples. This time, Burnside dipped his finger into the water and tasted it: the taste of the water was bitter-rotten.

Throughout the day, scientists observed the containers, but no changes occurred, and by morning the vessels were empty again. Burnside intended to go back to the lake and examine water samples on site, but the plans were prevented by a sudden deterioration in his health: the professor was hospitalized, and a week later he died – as it later turned out, from intestinal inflammation.

It would seem that there is evidence of sinister legends, but there is still a scientific explanation for the phenomena of Lake Funduji. In fact, chromium ore deposits are the cause of the anomalies.

Chromium salts are very toxic to humans, and the concentration of chromium in the lake was so high that a couple of drops killed Professor Burnside.

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 107

The disappearing water phenomenon is also explained by the high chromium content. At temperatures below 19 degrees Celsius, chromium particles in water crystallize (therefore, the water “disappeared” at night, when it was cooler). In fact, the liquid from the vessel does not go anywhere, but turns into a solid state, scattering along the bottom and walls of the vessel.

To be fair, some of Funduji’s riddles have not yet been solved – for example, it is not clear why a large number of crocodiles live in the poisonous lake. It is also unclear what these reptiles eat, because there are no fish in the lake, and other animals do not go there to drink.

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Descent into the Unknown: Blogger revealed the secret of the mysterious tunnel in the pyramid of Cheops

Descent into the Unknown: Blogger revealed the secret of the mysterious tunnel in the pyramid of Cheops 108

The pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven wonders of the world. This is one of the largest ancient buildings, which contains many secrets. Recently, some experts have been worried about what hides the blocked tunnel near the underground chamber.

Blogger Ben van Kerkwick, who hosts the UnchartedX YouTube channel, managed to get into the tunnel. The video is two hours long and shows the entire journey. Ben was surprised that the tunnel helped to find the descending and ascending passages, although, according to the idea, they cannot be found.

The blogger explored the Cheops pyramid with his team. All passages were covered with granite blocks. The group followed to the Great Gallery, and Ben van Kerkwick – to the underground chamber. 

Archaeologists noted that the mysterious passage crosses the rock on which the base of the pyramid is located. The blogger was struck by the skill of the engineers: the discovered 87-meter passage turned out to be perfectly straight.

The underground camera was incredibly deep. There was a mysterious door there, where it led is still unknown. This confirms the opinion that the structure keeps many secrets.

The pyramid was erected 4.5 thousand years ago for Pharaoh Cheops, who was the ruler of the 4th dynasty.

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A giant pink ball cloud appeared over the site of a meteorite in China

A giant pink ball cloud appeared over the site of a meteorite in China 109

A giant pink ball appeared near the place where a cosmic body fell in China. It arose immediately after the collision of an asteroid with the Earth and a powerful explosion. A giant spherical cloud formed over the meteorite impact site. 

The meteorite fell on December 23 in Qinghai province (PRC). According to eyewitnesses, immediately after the explosion of the fireball, a giant spherical structure appeared over the crash site, which hovered over the Dealing highway.

The strange pink formation hung in the air for about 40 minutes and then evaporated. Locals used various metaphors in their descriptions of the sphere, for example, someone compared this phenomenon with a “bright pink moon”, while others called it “a leisurely round cloud”. Someone remembered that a meteorite had already fallen in China last fall, and then a coronavirus pandemic began around the world. Moreover, its distribution began from the PRC.

The first thing that ufologists-conspiracy theorists immediately start thinking about is the appearance of Nibiru, which is hidden from us almost all the time by chemtrails, but from time to time the wind blows the fog away and strange appearances begin in the sky:

What is noteworthy is that the temporary distance between the meteorite that fell on Tibet on December 23 and this pink object was only 12 hours and the observation sites were relatively close by the standards of China – that is, everything happened somewhere in the northern part of Tibet. Therefore, maybe in the morning not quite a meteorite fell there. 

If it was Nibiru, then its appearance as a separate astronomical object suggests that its trajectory has slightly changed and it will now begin to appear in different places in the Solar system. Something similar is predicted in a number of ancient and not very apocalyptic prophecies of Christian mystics.

Nibiru itself is not directly mentioned there and, perhaps, this fragment was simply removed by the censor at one time, but the prophecies say that before the End of the World “there will be two winters and two summers”. That is, the arrangement of seasons in a year will become quite dense. One of the possible explanations for such strange changes involves the appearance of another star in the solar system. 

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