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The riddle of spontaneous fires on the island of Sicily. Locals blame the aliens

The riddle of spontaneous fires on the island of Sicily. Locals blame the aliens 3

On one of the most famous islands of Italy, in one coastal town, very strange things happen. Periodically, without clarification of the reasons, ordinary household appliances begin to flash, while being disconnected from the power supply at that moment.

Surprisingly, what exactly is happening cannot be explained by scientists. Sometimes objects that are completely unrelated to electrical appliances also begin to ignite. For example, sofas, mattresses.

The most common version is aliens, but the version is not supported by anything, but it is not possible to explain in another way when a completely inexplicable occurs. In this regard, families even sleep in turns, in which case to wake up and warn relatives and friends. People turned to priests and sorcerers, but they doubt whether this will help or not.

The riddle of spontaneous fires on the island of Sicily. Locals blame the aliens 4

There is also no answer from the authorities, however, locals say that everything began in 2004. It was then that in a strange way, sea fish, vegetables began to erupt, and various electromagnetic flows appeared. Subsequently, amazing objects began to appear in the sky, which most mistook for UFOs.

The flight caused curiosity in 2006, when the helicopter, making a private flight, was forced to make an emergency landing, due to severe damage. However, there were no collisions with the helicopter, and there were no organic traces of damage. What was the cause of the damage was also not clear. So most people living in Canetto believe that all random accidents are the work of aliens.

At one time, Enel conducted an experiment by turning off all electrical appliances, but the fires did not stop.

However, this did not provide answers to the scientific world, and as a result, employees of the National Research Institute conducted a study that led to the conclusion that fires were triggered by strong electromagnetic waves, whose power was more than 12 gigawatts, and the most surprising is that these signals came from which radar.

The official response of the researchers contained information that the city is covered by a sharp extraterrestrial electromagnetic wave and that’s it. According to the Vatican, these are tricks of the dark forces. But the authorities, in particular, the prosecutor’s office, having not found rational explanations, made a simple conclusion: the human factor, and closed the case of strange fires. There are still no answers, but periodically something else flares up.

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