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The rich seek “immortality”: More than $ 110 billion invested in companies that “promise” it and the Mark of the Beast microchips accompanying the technology “implementing” it

The rich seek "immortality": More than $ 110 billion invested in companies that "promise" it and the Mark of the Beast microchips accompanying the technology "implementing" it 1

Bank of America’s strategic analyst team calls immortality research a mega investment field for the next decade. So far businesses, academics and scientists have invested in this industry more than 110 billion dollars.

When Neuralink presented its latest plans for the brain implant that has promised to revolutionize humanity, Musk even said that he himself would at some point in the future implant such a device in his head.

The goal is to create a device that can be implanted in the human brain as the interface for controlling a computer with brain activity.

The company received a few days ago the green light from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start the first clinical trials in humans. “The FDA’s decision represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people,” the company Neuralink said in a message on Twitter, hastening to clarify that the “recruitment” of volunteers for the “clinics tests’ it will conduct ‘has not yet started’. It is expected above all to help the paralyzed, or those suffering from neurological diseases.

The final phase of the chip’s development envisages that it will be so well connected to the brain that it will be able to store all of a person’s memory. 

“Potentially you could ‘download’ all your memories into a new (human) body or a robotic body,” says Musk.

The multifaceted founder of Tesla and owner of Twitter is one of the heroes trying to defeat death. His companions are Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Larry Page, Oracle’s Larry Ellison and Palantir’s Peter Thiel.

For Silicon Valley, immortality is the Holy Grail. Although the success of these difficult undertakings is far from guaranteed, their hope is that various drugs, treatments and other health technologies will allow people to live beyond their 100s, possibly to 200, 300 or even more.

Bezos has invested in the “revival” startup called Altos Labs. The company is an ambitious $3 billion-backed anti-aging effort to transform medicine through cellular rejuvenation programming. It consists of a community of leading scientists, clinicians and leaders from both academia and industry working to restore cell health and resilience, with the goal of reversing disease and transforming medicine. The company deals with the technology of biological reprogramming and has as an investor the Russian-Israeli Yuri Milner.

More emblematic is the participation in Altos Labs of Japan’s Shinia Yamanaka, who in 2012 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research into reprogramming cells so that an adult cell can regain the abilities of embryonic stem cells, with the addition of just of four proteins.

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Oracle founder Larry Ellison has invested over $370 million in research into aging and age-related diseases. And Google’s founders helped build Calico. Based in San Francisco, the company started with funding from Google. It is now a subsidiary of parent company Alphabet Inc.

One of the most passionate immortality investors is Peter Thiel, who co-founded PayPal and Palantir. In 2006, Till donated $3.5 million in antiaging research through the nonprofit Methuselah Mouse Prize.

“Rapid advances in the science of biology promise a treasure trove of discoveries within this century, including dramatically improved health and longevity for all,” he said at the time. 

Along with Bezos, he has invested in Unity Biotechnology, a San Francisco-based company that wants to “eliminate a third of human disease in the developed world.” In Britain, billionaire Jim Mellon invests in Juvenescence, the company that deals with prolonging human life.

Among the antiaging treatments Juvenescence is investing in is Insilico Medicine, which aims to use artificial intelligence in drug discovery. Juvenescence has also invested in AgeX Therapeutics, a California company trying to create stem cells that can regenerate aging tissue, and LyGenesis, which wants to use lymph nodes as “bioreactors” to grow organs for transplants. Tech investor and Skype co-founder Jan Talin explains that Silicon Valley’s quest to live forever will ultimately benefit all of humanity.

“Early adopters of a new technology always pay more and take bigger risks than the mass market,” he says.

Mood regulator was the catalyst

Elon Musk’s labs have been working on mood-regulating microchips for years. But the new ones regulate much more than mood (from extremely aggressive and suicidal to feeling happy). They even regulate motor activity and are able to restore movement to paralytics, and sight to the blind. But they can also make the paraplegic move in this way, and do what is needed not for them, but for the program. The program to be sent. The blind will see but only what is show to them.

The capabilities of these chips, in fact, border on miracles. They give depressed people a great mood. They make people cyborgs. They put the paralyzed on their feet, open the eyes and ears of the blind and deaf. They can achieve almost what Jesus Christ did. 

The difference is that Jesus’ healing, gave people freedom from the bonds of disease and sin, from obsession with someone else’s will, the will of demons. But Musk’s chips are like a parable about how seven evil, come to the place of one demon. A person gives all control over his body and soul, over thoughts and deeds, forehead and hand – to the power of software developments updated on the basis of the iPhone. Something in this boundless control a person can exercise himself – in the adjustments of the settings. And outside the “safe” settings for a person, it can be sent either by hackers, or, most likely, by the software developers themselves.

In fact, a person with an implanted microchip can simply be programmed and manipulated in much the same way as virtual characters are manipulated in video games. Playing games make their electronic little men, so similar to people, run, fight, kill, die, complete the task. And those who play the Games (with a capital G) will now have the opportunity to do the same with people.

And people may not even notice it as it turns on in a chipped one and batteries are included, for example, a burning love for Elon Musk and a desire to make him president of the United States. It’s all easy to simulate when there is full access to the brain.

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Here, people are waiting for the Antichrist to be born and come with horns, red eyes, born from a harlot or something similar. Today a technology has been developed and is being implemented that makes possible the once “fantastic” statement of the book of Revelation:

And he will make sure that everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, will have a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,

and that no one will be able to buy or sell, except he who has this mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation John 13:16-17.

Mark of the Beast microchips choice

The rich will be the first to rush to be microchipped – because they are deeply unhappy and desperately seek immortality. They do not need the truth – they need power and pleasure. They’ll take the wrong pill and even think that they will gain more control over the poor, who are now completely toys in their hands. But they themselves are puppets in the hands of the one who created the network. 

Elon Musk loves to create networks and really hopes (not without reason) that the whole world will be in his networks. And the world, perhaps, is ready to take Elon Musk’s pill.


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