The Red Horseman of the Apocalypse is approaching and being promoted

Vogue magazine began its history in the 19th century and has been the number one magazine for many decades. Beyoncé, who has been associated with promoting various occult symbols, was photographed for its latest cover.

Photographers and graphic designers in turn, work on projects with influential, under the hood mysticism power and now, a horseman of the Apocalypse suddenly appeared from a very unexpected side.

Beyoncé is serious in what she always does and understands all proceedings. At the same time, if ordinary show business figures most often simply copy the Illuminati gestures, thus gaining their own value among simpletons, then Beyoncé incorporates everything in an adult way so some kind of a serious Masonic degree symbolism is on media display. 

The biggest buzz around Beyonce was at the 59th Grammy Awards, where the singer appeared in some strange antique clothes:

After that, not only conspiracy theorists were in awe, but also tabloids and everyone asked each other: what are we waiting for now and what does this mean? Some conspiracy theorists saw the African goddess Oshun, part of Hekate in the outfit, but everyone agreed that this was some kind of ritual. 

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And now the singer, a 22-time Grammy winner, has been dressed as a red horseman for the cover of the world’s top women’s magazine. Coincidence? An artist’s perception?

As it turned out, there is another rider, featured on the cover of Renaissance, Beyoncé’s new album:

Photo: Instagram@Beyonce

The horse is transparent, on a black background, so either this is a hint of the Third Horseman, who will be black, or a hint of some future problems with electricity, since the horse is riddled with lightning from the inside. 

In general, many analysts have no doubt that both the Vogue cover and the album cover are part of some kind of ritual. A ritual most likely associated with the approach of a terrible war. 


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