The Queen is about to return in 2030: consciousness transfer for the powers that be, the Master and the Last Judgement

The farewell to the Queen of England on September 2022 was accompanied by many signs filled with symbolism. Many people noticed this. And for many, all these symbols and signs, and at the same time the strange multi-day funeral ritual, raised many questions.

We are in a dual world, which greatly complicates the transfer of information from the subtle worlds. But there are people who can communicate with Higher Beings and learn the Truth from them.

Sheep, shepherds and gourmets

The degradation of almost all layers of the Earth’s population has reached its climax. People are ruled by a few ruling families who do not need evolution, they need an obedient and easily controlled herd. But they are not the main ones on Earth – they are also puppets.

The people are controlled by humanoid entities that came from other worlds. The Chief Inspector stands above them.

A mutually beneficial agreement was concluded between people (the ruling elite) and alien entities. The Master and his henchmen provide the human elite with power, wealth and unique technologies, thanks to which they can live forever. In return, they receive as much energy for nutrition as they want.

It has long been known that humans have been used as a source of food. We are raised like cattle on pastures. They groom, nurture, feed, entertain. Everything in order to receive the required amount of energy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, it’s all food.

The most energy can be obtained from negative emotions – fear, hatred, aggression, resentment, panic. This is why wars and all kinds of disasters are organized. The more suffering, the more food.

We are sheep. The ruling elites are our shepherds. Well, alien creatures are the owners for whom manipulative shepherds prepare delicious dishes. People are suffering. Gourmets enjoy food. What do the shepherds get? Oh, they didn’t go to waste. Moreover, they even manage to flaunt with impunity what the Master has awarded them.

Ritual of consciousness transference

The ritual burial of the Queen of England was a planned event with a transfer of consciousness. The preserved personality will be unpacked and implanted into another body in about 5-6 years.

Such manipulations have been carried out before. Consciousness was preserved, then a specific individual was selected that matched the psychoenergetic content of a certain genetic set, and consciousness was inserted into the body at a certain age segment of life.

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Rehearsals for the queen’s funeral took place more than once, from different projections. And they were quite successful. The dates were chosen many years before the actual burial. Consciousness is now in a conserved form, and over time it will be implanted into a female body, into a girl who has barely reached adulthood. It was planned that way. But now all plans will crumble and collapse.

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Rituals at funerals were carried out openly, and all deities were worshiped. If you carefully review the entire ritual, the ceremony, which lasted more than 10 days, you will notice that not a single extra word was said, not a single step to the side was taken. Everything is rehearsed point by point and has a deep semantic meaning.

An incredible amount of human energy was given voluntarily to the Master. The entire ceremony was supervised by three senior Inspectors. This was not a funeral procession in the full sense of the word, but a ceremony performed at the official level.

An inverted cross was shown more than once. The hearse was carried on chains by 150 sailors. The chains symbolize slavery. And the number 150 was not chosen by chance – these are the main points and spheres of influence of the ruling House. This ritual demonstrated the power of power and divided people into flock and elite.

Elite families do not even hide who they serve and what goals they pursue. It will be very difficult for people to throw off the shackles of slavery. Many are under the charm of the reigning persons, not noticing that they bring fear, suffering and aggression into the world, generate energy that goes to the Master, to the one who feeds on it.

He has clung to our planet, he has little energy – the more he grows in volume, the more food he needs.

I’ll be back – the queen doesn’t say goodbye

Among those in power there are very few human souls, mostly humanoid entities from other worlds. They have no standards of ethics and morality. They have completely different goals and objectives of incarnation, different laws of being in life. And essentially no one hides them.

As she left, the queen said, “We will all see you soon.” There is no need to look for any meaning in this phrase; it is direct, honest and truthful. This is true – she will see everyone soon. A different body, but the consciousness will be the same. Ruling circles have been trying to maintain consciousness for a long time; this has been happening for more than one generation.

One of the main goals of elite families is to retain power and accumulate wealth. Since they have learned to be almost immortal by changing bodies, then money is very important. Physical old age does not frighten them; they think that the deal with the Master will last forever.

But the Higher Powers decided to destroy the Master and his henchmen. On the subtle plane, something reminiscent of the Last Judgment will take place. A cleanup will be carried out, because such lawlessness as on planet Earth has not happened and does not exist anywhere.

There are claims that the universal laws of life will be restored this year. The queen will not return, no matter how much she wants it.


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