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The Qliphoth: powers of darkness

Even if the dark and infinite ocean of non-physical reality escapes any attempt at mapping, the Qliphoth offer esoteric landmarks to those who venture beyond the far side of the Moon. This system of progressive self-initiation of the senestral way helps to structure an unknown territory by introducing a form of rationality understandable by ordinary consciousness in an occult domain. Each Qliphoth represents a state of consciousness involving the development of certain faculties through trial, study and contemplation of symbols. Mastering the energies present in each sphere opens access to the next qliphah.

If we refer to Kabbalah to position the Qliphoth on the nocturnal face of the tree of life, domain of the Sephiroth, the tree of death is accessible by Daath, the hidden Sephira making the link between the two aspects of the same reality. Although the night / day, good / bad, life / death duality is not ultimately relevant, it is advisable to start by exploring the tree of life before venturing into the shadow of this knowledge.

Indeed, choosing this perilous and lonely path is not a decision to be taken lightly. Motivated by the desire for dazzling advances and the acquisition of supranormal powers, the follower cannot ignore the dangers that await him. He consciously enters the centers of power, taking the risk of losing what he has, what he is, what he knows. It is a sacrifice where madness, depression, hopelessness and perdition are potentially present.


Silence and darkness reign inviting to the sobriety of emotions and thoughts. Only the one whose inner strength has become unshakable by a preliminary asceticism is able to face the monsters lurking in the shadows who will try to devour him. The terror of annihilation is its guardian, the test that warns and discourages those who are not ready.

Being ready to lose everything is the sine qua non for overcoming obstacles as a master, capable of transforming them into powerful levers towards forbidden knowledge. Equanimity, discrimination, unshakable self-confidence and fortitude are the weapons that will allow the initiate to continue, to go ever further without being destroyed but recreated for the birth of the living demonic god.

The promises of the Qliphoth attract those who desire full realization by integrating light and shadow beyond the primary dualities. Wisdom advises to follow a prudent progression without skipping the stages under the excess effect of an immature pride. The keen senses and intuition detect and analyze anomalies, hallucinatory aberrations of a twilight consciousness in order to realize a potential beyond imagination.

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The 11 levels of the Qliphoth way:

By way of information and in order to give a more “concrete” idea of ​​what the initiation of the Qliphoth may involve, you will find below the translation of a text describing the different spheres. These descriptions are not absolute but rather fall under the subjectivity of the author (Asenath Mason) and in no way constitute a dogmatic truth. What everyone finds on their journey is personal and can take different cultural and symbolic forms. Maybe these descriptions of Qliphoth will speak to you, maybe not. Make your own way, find out for yourself what is hidden in each sphere of power. Only the interior transformation process is universal, but remains in the elusive, eluding definitions and classifications.

LILITH (Queen of the Night): The door to the Unknown. Here, the initiate comes into contact with his first guides and allies on the way, and consciousness opens up to the realm of Night. Lucifer’s ascending flame is lit and Lilith approaches to guide the initiate through the paths of the dark path. The divinity of the first Qliphah is Naamah, dominating the material world. She can grant the magician the desired material goods but she is endowed with a despotic character which is difficult to manage. Naamah is Lilith’s demonic sister, both of whom often introduce themselves as the first guide to entering the dark worlds.

GAMALIEL (The obscene): The astral sphere of dreams. Here the initiate explores the mysteries of witchcraft and sexual alchemy. The goddess of the Moon reigns there, she introduces the follower to the secrets of moon magic. In the sphere of Gamaliel, all forbidden fantasies, suppressed lust and shameful dreams are brought to light. The Goddess of Gamaliel is Lilith, appearing as a sensual woman with a snake body. It seduces the magician and guides him in the dark aspects of our instincts. She is the Queen of Demons, and reigns with Lucifer over the entire Qliphothic Tree.

SAMAËL (The poison of God): The Alchemical poison is ingested by the magician who succumbs to its toxic effects. His conscience must overcome trials in which madness, doubt and disbelief assail him. It is about contact with the personal, deadly Shadow, it teaches the initiate the mysteries of Death and the flight of the soul. Here in the Adramelech Desert, the faith and devotion of the follower are tested. Adramelech is the sovereign entity of this Qliphah under the appearance of a half-peacock, half-human creature. It gives the magician pride and magnificence, which, however, are only illusory and contribute to the initiatory test.

A’ARAB ZARAG (The Crow of Dispersion): The Mysteries of Venus and Luciferian Magic. The initiate takes the path of mystical eroticism and war trials. Aab Zaraq breeds destruction, often through war, conflict and death. The God reigning over this Qliphah is Baal, the god of war. He has the appearance of a warrior with a horned mask and armed with a spear. He instructs the magician in the art of invisibility and teaches him about Luciferian freedom. His wife and reigning Goddess of this sphere is the Dark Venus, initiator of new mysteries of sexual magic.

THAGIRION (The Opponent): The illumination of the dark side by the light of the Black Sun. The initiate experiences the union of god and the beast in him, and realizes the idea of ​​embodied divinity. Thagirion is the sphere of the Daemon, the image of the personal god, and of the beast 666, continually striving to dominate human instincts. The reigning God of this Qliphah is Belphégor, The God of Death. Belphégor was originally a Moabite deity named Baal-Peor, half male-solar and female-lunar. During magic works, it manifests itself in its bestial form but also in the appearance of a young woman. It gives the magician imagination and wealth.

GOLACHAB (The Burning One): The Apocalypse. The initiate becomes the Fire of Destruction. Through SM sexual practices, the initiate is tested in suffering and lust. It is the Qliphah of fire – comprising both the creative flame and the destructive breath. The Qliphah is the domain of Asmodeus, who appears as a winged and flaming god. It represents both the power of fire and the power of sexuality. The incubi and succubi of this sphere are the strongest and most violent of the whole Qliphotic Tree.

GHA’AGSHEBLAH (The executioner): The other side of mystical eroticism. The initiate goes through trials of war and love and becomes the executioner. The energies of this Qliphah bring life or destruction. They destroy the substance of Creation at the base of the foundation of the Universe. The reigning deity of this sphere is Astaroth, the foul-smelling spirit, riding the Dragon and holding a snake in his hand. He sees beyond the past, the present and the future. He is also the patron of the Liberal Arts.

DAATH: The Vision of the Abyss and the encounter with Chorozon, the gatekeeper.

SATARIEL (The illusionist): The opening of the Eye of Lucifer. The initiate faces trials where surrealism and absurdity dominate, and learns to detect the Truth in what is hidden. Appearances are deceptive. Lucifuge presides over this Qliphah, the one who avoids the light. Its description appears in many medieval and Renaissance grimoires on hierarchies of demons. It reveals hidden treasures but can also make the magician lose his mind.

GHAGIEL (The destroyer): The lightning of the Luciferian star. The initiate breaks Divine Law and prepares to enter Lucifer’s Throne Room. It is the Qliphah of rebellion and the shaking of the foundations of the world. The dominant entity in this sphere is Belzebuth, the Lord of the Flies.

THAUMIEL (The Twins of God): Fulfillment of the Serpent’s Promise. The initiate becomes God incarnate. This Qliphah is double with two reigning entities: Satan and Moloch. Thaumiel is the antithesis of Kether. The original meaning of Satan is the Opponent. In the Old Testament he was the accuser and he tried and tested the faith of humans by misleading them. Moloch was a cannaanite deity whose worship involved the sacrifice of children by fire.



“Solomon’s Minor Key” Grimoires to invoke angels and demons

Grimoires that ensure power to invoke angels and domains. One of them named “Solomon’s Minor Key” or “Lemegeton”, which provides instructions to invoke these entities.

Some traditions, rites and beliefs instead of circumscribing to a typically religious context, seem to relate more to the environment of the hidden and within this framework, some objects of great interest are those texts where the methods to be followed are expressed in order to carry out these practices of magical characteristics. They are writings known as grimoires in which the processes to be followed are referred in order to develop these skills and the rituals to be performed depending on the purpose of the one who seeks to put them into practice.

One of the best known works is the one called «Solomon’s Minor Key» or also known as «Legemeton Clavicula Salomonis». A work that includes different treatises on these arts from the s. XVII although, the texts it contains could be from previous centuries, in which instructions are given for the invocation of different entities among them: angels, demons and other spirits, but also the system to elaborate diverse utensils, seals and signs is referred as well as the correct procedure to carry out some prayers and ceremonies.

«King Solomon», author: Simeon Solon. Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

The authors of each of the books that make up this compendium are anonymous and although the authorship is attributed to the biblical King Solomon is thought that this could be wrong given that a terminology was used that did not exist in the times in which the monarch lived and reigned. However, it is contemplated that the information collected in this set of texts could be based on mostly old sources, coming from the Middle East.

Each book in the compendium addresses different information and, despite variations that differ depending on the edition, it is broadly considered to be composed of the following:

ARS GOETIA – The art of witchcraft

In the first book a catalog appears listing the 72 demons supposedly King Solomon invoked and controlled. Their names are given, a brief description of the main characteristics of each one with their corresponding stamps, also indicating how they should be invoked and what words have to be pronounced for it. It is also mentioned that there is a hierarchy between these entities and curiously, one of the editions of this work was made by the controversial Aleister Crowley. An excerpt mentions the following:

These are the 72 powerful kings and princes to whom King Solomon sent to bronze vessels, along with his legions. Of which Belial, Beleth, Asmodeus and Gaap were the leaders. And it should be noted that Solomon did this because of his pride, since he never declared another reason for attacking them. ”

Ars Goetia – Aleister Crowley Edition

The 72 stamps corresponding to each of the demons mentioned in the text. Authors: MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley. CC 4.0 License

ARS THEURGIA GOETIA – The art of the invocation of spirits

The second part focuses on different entities providing similar information about them to that referred to in the previous treaty: how to invoke them, control them and who they are.

It indicates that their nature could be malevolent or benevolent and reassigns them a hierarchical rank as follows: there would be 4 cardinal emperors, 16 fixed princes and 11 wandering princes.

This treaty narrates the names of the Lords of the Spirits, with their respective Spirit Ministers who are under their mandates, with their respective Seals to be used as Lamen on the chest, without which the spirits will not obey the will of the operator. ”

Ars Theurgia Goetia

Bael Author: Louis Le Breton. Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

ARS PAULINA – Pauline art

Upon reaching the third section of the compendium, the reader will find a catalog similar to the previous two, although in this case the information refers to angelic entities of which in addition to, offering their names, ranks, descriptions on them and even mentioning how many servants would be under their orders.

But in this case, the invocation procedures would increase in complexity since it is expressed that each entity should be called at a specific time and each of them would be related to one of seven celestial bodies of the solar system as well as with the zodiac signs, creating a series of precepts related to astrology that would have to be taken into consideration to carry out the described rituals.

(…) Some of these signs and degrees correspond to each man who was born, so if he knows the minutes of his birth, he can know the Angel that governs him, and in this way he can use all the arts and sciences, of all the wisdom and knowledge that a mortal may wish to possess in the world. ”

Ars Paulina –II chapter

Magic circle with the cardinal points that appears in one of the earliest manuscripts. Anonymous author Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

ARS ALMADEL – The art of the soul

In the fourth part instructions are given to carry out the almadel ritual for which it is necessary to create with wax the object that gives name to the ceremony. On this device, different stamps and symbols associated with the entities to be invoked, as well as some related to God, must be engraved.

Once present, you will communicate your wish as if they were your loyal soldiers. ”

Ars Almadel

Credit: Pixabay / Myriam Zilles

ARS NOTORIA – Notable art

The last book appears or disappears depending on the edition and it promises the reader that following the techniques described will acquire or significantly improve some useful capacity how to develop perfect memory or achieve eloquence.

It is indicated that the proposed procedures are the same as the biblical monarch followed and generally consist of reciting a series of prayers complemented with the use of some Magic words. Although, in some cases, the method is somewhat more complex.

In this writing, the words are markedly important, indicating the following:

(…) He suddenly instilled them in him, and also filled himself with wisdom, to pronounce the Sacred Mysteries of most of the holy words. ”

Ars Notorious

Credit: Pixabay

A set of instructions to carry out some magical practices that are sometimes simple but in other cases mostly complex to invoke entities of all kinds: spirits, angels and demons that the summoner indicates. Also, methods to keep control over them, as it is said that King Solomon himself did in his time.

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The hidden treasures of the mythical worlds

Mythical civilizations are a potential source of esoteric knowledge in the service of man’s designs. They float as if suspended in a space of the mind accessible to those who dare to believe it, to those who ignore appearances which have crossed the interior door beyond the abyss.

Has not surpassing the limits of materiality always been the secret wish of man? This is not about exploring historical civilizations, although terrible secrets are certainly buried in the necropolises and underground mazes of large cities such as Babylon, Damascus, Alexandria or Jerusalem.

Jean Delville The head of Orpheus

Legends, ancient texts and occult teachings abound in descriptions of supernormal powers emanating from mysterious lands. These fantastic worlds seem perceptible due to their energetic radiance in the space that some call them Akashic records or astral light. A concept mentioned in Theosophical works of Helena Blavatsky, and later in the extravagant adventures of Lobsang Rampa, before appearing in many fiction works.

Astral projection and the lucid dream are two essential elements of all occult work, instruments of a perception of a multidimensional reality. The adept, in search of hidden knowledge, prohibited or of non-human origin, must extract himself from the tangible and project consciousness into other dimensions to lead his quest. Psychic maps or systems exist in most occult orders to guide psychonauts on their journeys. Rituals and methods of projection are determined in order to get in touch with the higher beings likely to light our lanterns, whether it is the guardian angel, the Great Elders, voodoo spirits or extraterrestrial entities. The accounts of those who brought back substantial information very often constitute a basis for the lessons given, a reference and an inspiration for the novices.

The perspective of the Nietzschean superman

The occult research of the origin of man or of alternative archeology is only of interest to the extent that it reveals a more advanced civilization than ours, and not just because they lived thousands or millions of years in the past. Having the key to the origin of man with certainty (subject of the film Prometheus) would make it possible to decide and apprehend the religions of the world from a new angle. It is for this reason that the stories of Atlantis, the Nephilims or Vril holders are much more interesting from an esoteric point of view than the discovery of primitive burials of Homo Sapiens or Neanderthal man.

Man does not only wonder if he is the only one in the universe but especially if there are other intelligences superior to his, embodied or not. This is the principle of all spirituality, the search for a state with superhuman possibilities and fantastic perspectives. Transcending time and space, communicating at a distance beyond the limitations of matter, going beyond death and old age, manifesting and creating reality like a god, these are all legitimate motivations to launch into the exploration of the inner worlds . The wisdom or the liberation of ignorance, very often at the origin of an interior quest are only the natural consequences of access to a state of being inconceivable.

Hyperborea, land of a paradise lost under the sign of Apollo, magnetizes the attention nourishing the most diverse theories on the origin of European people. A golden age would have reigned there, an Edenic state before the fall where death, old age and illness are unknown. No proof of this mythical civilization exists formally even if many signs seem to point to the Arctic Pole as a source of lost knowledge. Hyperborea, is it a tangible place abandoned by its people due to a cataclysm or is it a spiritual land whose treasures are still to be discovered by the inner journey? Global warming may allow us to answer this question when the melting of the ice reveals, or not, the ruins of a forgotten world …

Atlantis, another legendary land claimed by the new age as a high place of higher knowledge, whose civilization disappeared on this plane of existence would continue to infuse their wisdom into certain elected officials through intuition, inspiration and astral journeys.

Mu a land of the Pacific submerged just like Atlantis, whose population with the developed technology would have built the pyramids and would be responsible for the colossi of Easter Island and many Cyclopean constructions. The book “Mu, the Lost Continent” by James Churchward is a rich source of information and speculation which, if not irrefutable, makes it possible to dream and imagine another reality.

Shambhala, spiritual city mentioned in Buddhism and the writings of Helena Blavatsky, would be located in the Himalayas without appearing on a map. A refuge for pure spirits freed from ignorance, it would be accessible to them through various crossing points, as in the Gobi desert and more recently in Romania. A place of knowledge and spiritual realization, it would only open its secrets to those who deserve it after a long work of improvement.

Nicolas Roerich Songs of Shambhala

Agartha, or the hollow earth which inspired the novel of the Rosicrucian Edward Bulwer Lytton “Vril”, the power of the coming race, describes the existence of people with higher powers living inside the ground, owners of Vril, an inexhaustible and fabulous energy as well on the psychic level as physical. This book was accepted as a thesis based on an occult truth by Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner to name a few. In “The King of the World”, René Guénon examines the notion of Agartha through the ages, and its spiritual significance.


The occultist Joseph Saint-Yves d´Alveydre (1842 – 1909) precursor to the principle of the Agartha Synarchy (meaning inaccessible or inviolable) refers to an underground universal kingdom created by an eastern elite during the advent of Kali Yuga in 3200 BC. This place where the king of the world reigns would preserve ancestral wisdom and watch over humanity in this destructive era.

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A children’s book on demons with summoning instructions

In July 2019, the so-called ‘A Children’s book of demons’, aimed at readers aged 5 to 10, was released for sale in bookstores in the United States.

The book, written in an entertaining style and with caricatured illustrations, nevertheless contains quite frightening information.

Including a call to summon demons to help the child with homework or to save it from bullying at the harassing school.

The book was published by Koyama Press with drawings by artist Aaron Leyon. The title page calls “Take your colored pencils and draw demons and their signs. ”

Recently, information about this book reached Catholic priests and one of them, Father Francesco Bamonte, president of the International Association of Exorcists, spoke very keenly about this affair.

According to Bamonte, the book not only calls to invoke demons in our world, but also essentially describes Satanism as “a normal alternative to other religions”.

Father Francesco Bamonte wrote on their website that “you are not joking with demons. Whoever invites a child to summon a demon is like a person who puts a grenade in his hands to play with. Sooner or later, the child will pull the pin and the bomb will explode in his hands. ”

More specifically, Bamonte asked how the book presents a variety of symbols that encourage children to draw in order to invoke various demons. These are surprisingly similar to those found in authentic magic books, known as grimoires, according to the exorcist.

As such, Bamonte berated the author of the book for “simplifying a grimoire as much as possible” and “turning it into a fun game: demonic seals serve as a” phone number “to reach evil spirits.”

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