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The production of artificial meat is reaching an industrial level

The production of artificial meat is reaching an industrial level 1

According to, Israeli alternative meat startup Redefine Meat has unveiled a new 3-D printer that produces 13 pounds of artificial meat per hour:

The printer is currently a demo printer, but its next version will already be industrial and will produce 44 pounds of meat per hour, which is comparable to the capacity of a small enterprise using traditional technologies.

And although the industry is new, Redefine Meat is already full of competitors, in particular the Spanish company Novameat, which has long been working on 3D-printed steaks and recently even developed a whole-muscle version of pork. There are also large companies such as Tesco and Unilever that develop plant-based meat.

According to Allied Market Research, the global market for artificial meat will reach $ 8.1 billion or even more by 2026, as consumers are still very reluctant to take such meat, but, as manufacturers hope, consumer preferences will change.

Speaking in abstract and abstract terms, the idea of ​​making artificial meat is just a wonderful idea, since it can put an end to the bestiality that people create on animals. For example, few people know, but 2/3 of the world’s tiger population live in China on farms and the Chinese eat them. Therefore, it would probably be better to feed the Chinese with artificial meat steaks.

In addition, the killing of animals leaves a certain imprint on the energy of the product, which entails certain consequences for people who then eat meat. There are, of course, various vegetarians who say that you can avoid these problems by eating greenery, however, as practice shows, people as a species should eat meat purely for reasons of physiology.

So, abstractly, artificial meat is great and will solve a lot of problems. But, if we talk specifically, the question arises: why did this miracle of technology not appear earlier? People have been developing such products since the middle of the last century at least and there have been great successes.

In particular, back in the late 1940s, in one of the Leningrad research institutes in Russia, a simple technology was developed for the production of essential amino acids from bacteria. There, they poured into the tank some kind of microorganisms that feed on light, planted a colony of other amoebas that devour herbivores and supplied electricity to the tank. The result was a high-quality protein at the cost of coal.  In addition, this protein could already be added even to milk and bread – and everyone would be happy. But the technology has been hacked to death – like so many other technologies of this kind around the world. Now, they suddenly remembered everything. Why would they? Has everyone grown wiser?

This is extremely unlikely and rather it is about the spirit of the times, in which people began to be stuffed with GMOs, thereby controlling their behavior and even genetics. It is more or less easy to change genes with vegetables, but with a GMO cow it is already quite difficult, because if her DNA is strongly changed, then the cow will not be viable. At the same time, artificial meat allows such tricks, and as a cell culture on which the meat will be grown, it is possible to make a culture of human cells. And who is there to check and prove what?

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Therefore, the new technology in itself is a good and correct thing, but given whose hands it will ultimately be in, there will be little good from this.


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