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Conspiracy Theories

The Probable Mysterious Connection between Coronavirus and 5G Technology

Why does the virus suddenly massively kill stars, actors, footballers, managers, ministers, politicians and is already getting close to the top officials of states? According to probability theory, this is hardly possible. This is some indicative flogging.

Trump was surrounded by an infected person. Brazil’s president (rumored) is sick, and yesterday the news said it in plain text. Bashir al-Assad with his wife in quarantine. Why?

The wife of the Canadian Prime Minister is also infected.

Why close the most important and largest commercial mass events – football matches, car dealerships, symposiums, fashion shows, etc., but allow schools to remain open? Are they not sorry for the children?
We are not talking about Italy. There, yes, everything is quarantined. But in Europe, where statistics are growing like a snowball, why does everything work? Children go to school as usual.

The British government says it’s impractical to close universities, where do we get foreign students from dormitories? They have nowhere to go.
Strange logic. If there’s nowhere to go, it’s better to get infected with the virus in these hostels, but at the same time they will infect the local ones?

Trains, planes from Italy to Europe arrive on schedule. No one is quarantined. What is it like?! Yesterday 17 (!) Planes landed at London airports from Milan, affected by coronavirus plague. And nobody checked anything, neither temperature, nothing. Passengers were advised to self – destruct themselves to isolate for two weeks and, on parole, they were released on all four sides. Did they all went crazy there?

Or maybe because of such a nonsense that they know that coronavirus is something else ?

Well, in China, Iran, we saw all these scary videos about people falling on the streets, bags of corpses, walled up houses, police arbitrariness, pits for mass graves … Mobile crematoria, sulfur smoke over Wuhan, visible from the satellite …

Was it? But the cause of death in China could be completely different. What about the mass test of the 5G system, which was carried out exactly at that time in Wuhan?

Some call it “galloping schizophrenia” and connects the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan with a mass test of 5G technology (genetic weapons, killer rays) in the population. At the same time, all other countries are forced to “sing along” and show their domestic epidemics, harm their economies by canceling major commercial events, even such as Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Otherwise, they can be hacked through 5G towers with radiation tuned to their own genetic code.

And most importantly, why invent 5G and spend so much money, with the goal of just killing the population? For sure, there are more economical methods than that.

Well, here’s Dana Ashley from California and she talks about the same thing, only cleverly:

“Is coronavirus really a disease, or is there a connection with the 5G technology company (60 GHz in China) using Wuhan as a pilot city . Testing ground for its system? Incredible coincidence of coronavirus symptoms with symptoms of 60 GHz waves in humans, namely the effect on oxygen uptake through hemoglobin. This particular frequency is absorbed by oxygen in the blood. A frequency of 60 GHz causes the electrons to rotate around the oxygen molecule, which inhibits the ability of hemoglobin to yl absorb oxygen molecules.”

In the video, Dana provides a detailed technical explanation. But the bottom line is that some of the symptoms of coronavirus surprisingly coincide with the symptoms of oxygen starvation. People choke, they are tormented by dry cough without any sputum, dizziness, pallor, weakness, shock, muscle convulsions, diarrhea …

High fever, however, is not included in this list.

Perhaps 5G and a bunch of real viruses are launched simultaneously.

In Wuhan, there really was a 5G mass test. They installed 3 thousand large and 27 thousand small transmitters. The test time coincided with the spread of the coronavirus.

Dana notes that the Diamond Princess cruise ship was also equipped with the latest 5G satellite-related system, which allows uninterrupted high-speed internet, despite the fact that the ship is constantly surrounded by water. This innovation was especially emphasized in commercials. Passengers were exposed to massive radiation, 24 hours a day, even during quarantine!

Partial connection to the 5G system was also carried out in many other cities and countries that are now suffering from an elidemia – Hong Kong, South Korea, some cities in Italy, Germany, Britain …

Dana says about another interesting point: China recently completed the construction of a giant antenna, 5 times the area of New York City !

The official purpose is to detect earthquakes and minerals, other sources call the implementation of communication with submarines. The exact purpose of this mega plate is not known. Wuhan is located in the antenna radiation propagation zone!

Yes, the virus is most likely real.
Perhaps there are several.
Perhaps it is manageable.
Perhaps mutated or out of control.
It is possible that other programs are being implemented in parallel, with the support of 5G technology.
Perhaps something went wrong with the Chinese during the tests.

We believe the virus was planned. Who are the authors and architects? Could a third force intervene?.

We see what is happening as a global “dismantling” of elites for world domination.

A ball of intricacies, mutual attacks, retaliatory actions and related errors.
There is no and cannot be a simple and clear picture. This is a multi-layered pie of truth, half-truths and lies, where one simple and clear fact is depicted on the surface for the public, but under it lies a whole series of others that contradict the main one. A sort of Napoleon from geopolitics and the struggle of the various parts dividing this world cake.


Conspiracy Theories

The possibility of Planet X being a ship planet

On September 8-10, 2020, several new videos were posted online by different accounts, in which people captured, as it seemed to them, Nibiru:

Unfortunately, the authors of such videos do not always indicate the exact time of recordings, which makes them difficult to be verified, however, will base them on the date of September 8 and see what the telescopes showed on that day. 

The first service we will turn to for verification will be George Mason University, which kindly introduces the public to photographs of the Lasco C2 telescope:

 As you can see, to the right of the Sun (from the point of view of an observer on Earth), a coronal mass ejection slightly illuminated a round object. Perhaps, of course, we have seen this, so let’s turn to another source – the CACTus software, which was created to track solar flares:

Something round actually dangles near the Sun

Unfortunately, all telescopes are controlled by officials, and the officials, as we know, are tricky – this is clearly seen from the videos that they post to the public. The frame rate is one frame per hour or so – that is, the frames are carefully selected and filtered to those that can be shown to the masses, and those that should not be shown in any case. 

Fortunately, Mr. Planet X News, a nybirologist with twenty years of experience, has some kind of contacts with light adepts, and from time to time they leaked deleted frames to him. For example – frames for the same on September 8, time 12:24 or so:

Thus, it seems that there is now some kind of round object around the Sun, which makes a full revolution in aproximately 7 days. Therefore, one week it is seen to the right of the Sun, one week – to the left of the Sun. Therefore, everything seems to be clear. Nevertheless, both our readers and we, as honest researchers, have some questions. 

The first question is, why can’t we see Nibiru? Why is it not seen by billions of people? Why is it only seen occasionally? The answer to this question is obvious:

This is already a secondary question and is not the subject of this material, so we turn to the second question – Kepler’s laws. 

According to these laws, the planet under consideration, revolving around the star, moves not in a circle, but along an ellipse, in which two points are distinguished: perihelion is the point of the orbit closest to the Sun, and aphelion is the most distant point of the orbit.

 Nibiru, in theory, as if at perihelion

If we consider celestial mechanics, it is completely incomprehensible: how can Nibiru be in a circular orbit if it should rotate in an ellipse? The planets do not change their orbits – this is the law of astronomy. If Nibiru changed its orbit to a circular one and is now wandering somewhere between the Sun and Mercury, then it will not be able to return to an elliptical orbit and leave the solar system. Meanwhile, according to the legends, the mystery planet must leave us for five hundred years. It’s a direct, insoluble paradox. 

This kind of paradox can be resolved very simply if we assume that Nibiru is not just a planet, but a planet that has been turned into a spaceship. Once in a while, the Anunnaki visit the solar system – they slow down, descend from an elongated orbit to a circular one, fill their batteries from the sun, harvest on a farm, and then fly away on their own business – until the batteries are exhausted and the refrigerators run out of food. Then the cycle repeats. 

In the light of these considerations, a third question arises: when will the Anunnaki bask in the sun enough and begin to harvest? 

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Conspiracy Theories

The twin-sun phenomenon is becoming a frequent occurence

One of the strangest and most inexplicable phenomena of recent times has become the phenomenon of “two suns” that people see today so often that special tags were even allocated for the topic on video hosting sites.

One of the newest videos on this topic was a video shot in Colorado around August 23, 2020:

Another video shot on August 20 and deleted from YouTube for some reason, only screenshots remained:

You can have guesses whether it was a glare on the window, photoshop, Nibiru or something else, so we turn to the source where you don’t need to guess – to the NASA satellites, which show the following:

This photo baffles even the most famous Nybirologists, because the picture captures three hefty round objects at once, dangling around the Sun.

If the spots were monochromatic, one could say that these are some kind of artifacts. But on the objects, the illuminated side and the shadow side are clearly visible, with the illuminated sides turned towards the Sun. But what is this ?!

The first thing you can think about is that the Nibiru system is now somewhere relatively close to the Earth, between us and the Sun. The planets there are large, one of the satellites is assumed to be generally the size of Jupiter, so this system may have been captured by a satellite at close range.

The full video with a set of new photos from the solar observatory is given below:

We will not prove that all this is Nibiru and nothing else, since we are not interested in proving our rightness, but in the truth. And this truth can be very different from the generally accepted ideas about space:

Amateur astronomers have been looking at the Sun for a long time, finding from time there a lot of different wonderful things, but no one has yet seen the “flying horseshoe” there.

The horseshoe looks a lot like a ship with a very strange design that the directors came up with for the Alien trilogy and the movie “Prometheus”. The only thing that confuses is the size of the ships: they are simply gigantic, there are no such spaceships even in the movies.

Therefore, there are only two explanations for what is happening: either there is no “solar system” and the Earth is some kind of an asteroid fragment covered with a glass dome, under which people of microscopic size live, or this horseshoe-like alien ship flew somewhere relatively nearby and just got caught into the frame that turned out to be against the background of the sun. If we follow that theory, its dimensions are quite acceptable.

Which of the explanations for what is happening is more correct – you decide.

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Conspiracy Theories

A battery that can last 28000 years reports on August 25 that the Californian company NDB announced the creation of a truly revolutionary battery, which can hardly even be called a battery: it can last 28,000 years. 

At the heart of each energy cell is the isotope of carbon C-14, aka Carbon-14, aka radiocarbon or radiocarbon, pressed into a diamond. Beta decay produces nitrogen, an electron, and an electron antineutrino from radiocarbon. The electrons are captured by a local capacitor built around the cell, after which the electricity is led out into a common circuit.

Carbon-14 is radioactive and its main source is graphite from nuclear reactors, which for decades was considered a hazardous nuclear waste that cannot be disposed of. However, there is little graphite inside the energy cell and its radiation is comparable to Carbon-14, which is full in the body of every living being.

Nevertheless, the diamond cell itself is sealed in another layer of artificial diamond made of ordinary carbon and its radioactivity is reduced to zero.

NDB batteries will be the same size as lithium batteries. That is, to power the microcircuit, the battery will be the size of a microcircuit, to power the phone – the size of a phone, to power the car – the size of its trunk.

The news, of course, is sensational, however, so far no one has seen these miraculous batteries in the store and there is a likelihood of a divorce of investors for the loot, since the faces of the inventors do not inspire confidence:

Scientific teams of much larger size have been unsuccessfully fighting over the topic of such devices for decades. It is believed that they received such batteries back in the Third Reich, but the allies did not give them a go, since they prevented them from making money on oil. Of course, no one from the general public saw these Nazi batteries themselves, but everyone saw a photo of one of the German shipyards taken from an airplane in 1944. There were six submarines there, much like what we today call nuclear submarines: the shape and size there were about the same.

There are also several testimonies of sailors who met these boats in the ocean and tried to chase them unsuccessfully. None of this worked, since at the end of the 1940s, their speed and depth of diving were impossible – the USA, USSR, Britain and France learned to make such boats only in the 1960s.

The Third Reich did not have nuclear propulsion systems, otherwise they would have already appeared in the allies in 1947, therefore it is assumed that there were high-capacity batteries, which made it possible to build such huge boats. The Germans themselves made them or someone helped them – the researchers do not know.

Rumors about the imminent appearance on the market of some new super-duper-batteries have been circulating for at least ten years, but, for some reason, the presentation has been postponed.

However, if this time they are nevertheless merged, the world will face a real energy revolution. Although not only energetic. There is also a fairy tale about aliens who steal people, make diamonds out of them, and these diamonds then serve as a source of energy for UFOs.

Since such a concept of the engine somehow did not properly fit into our heads, many considered these words as unrealistic. However, as we can see, diamonds are already being made of people, and now there is also a technology to turn these diamonds into batteries with a life of 28,000 years.

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