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The prediction of the “New Nostradamus” gives the exact date of the beginning of the Third World War

The prediction of the "New Nostradamus" gives the exact date of the beginning of the Third World War 1

It would not be an overstatement to say that in terms of predictions at the onset of the Third World War, we are top-ranked. For years, we have been amassing a variety of prophetic insights, vigilant reports from sensitives, conspiracy theorists, and more. This method has proven fruitful.

The next significant date is June 2, the day of the great planetary opposition. Aside from the prediction of a renowned Indian astrologer, there are no other indications that the world will end on June 18.

Planetary alignment on June 2

From June 2-4, 2024, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus will align in the sky, forming what is known as a planetary alignment. Although not physically in a straight line, they will appear aligned to observers on Earth.

Additionally, if one includes the Sun, the currently invisible Venus (positioned near Jupiter), Earth, and the Moon, the alignment comprises ten celestial bodies.

Astrologers, numerologists, and conspiracy theorists often speak ominously of such alignments, leading to a rivalry in the conspiracy blogosphere over who can predict the worst outcomes.

It’s worth mentioning that Michel Nostradamus penned a line in one of his quatrains:

An earthquake will strike the New City when the planets align.

This particular quatrain is well-known in the United States, not because Nostradamus’s quatrains are a common educational subject, but due to Orson Welles’s 1981 documentary “Nostradamus: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow,” which featured the medieval seer.

The film delved deeply into the analysis of a quatrain. The filmmaker suggests that it refers to New York or another ‘new’ city. Following this, every significant celestial alignment has prompted newspapers to predict apocalyptic events in cities like New York and New Orleans.

This continued for an extended period until the new millennium arrived, leading to the retirement of newspaper editors, film watchers, and those who memorized the quatrains. Consequently, the media’s editorial teams and the public underwent changes, and the memory of the dire planetary alignments faded. Planetary alignments are relatively common, which explains this shift in focus. However, there is a subtle detail to consider.

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Renowned astronomers have noted that planetary alignments vary in density. Typically, planets align in groups of three or five. The upcoming alignment from June 2-4 is exceptionally rare, with the last occurrence dating back to the era of Michel Nostradamus, over 400 years ago. It raises the question – perhaps the medieval seer predicted this very alignment.

The Indian “New Nostradamus”

Nicknamed the “New Nostradamus,” Kushal Kumar has disclosed his prediction for the exact date when the Third World War will begin. Kumar employs a Vedic astrological chart that relies on the positions of planets and stars to forecast future events.

He suggests that the diagram previously shown, indicating escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas, North and South Korea, China and Taiwan, as well as Russia and Ukraine, is significant.

While some may argue that astrology is unnecessary for such predictions, he has nonetheless pinpointed an exact date for the potential start of the Third World War.

It appears to be imminent

According to the individual referred to as the “new Nostradamus,” when will the Third World War start? The Daily Star reports that Kushal believes there is a significant chance that World War III could commence as soon as next month, on June 18.

He also mentioned that this date represents “the strongest planetary influence to trigger World War III, although June 10 and 29 could also be pivotal.”

First, the current global situation is so precarious that a crisis could erupt at any moment, a sentiment echoed by numerous prophets.

Second, the Chinese leadership has been acting with unusual seriousness, circulating animations about how President Xi plans to approach Taiwan.

Thirdly, it is said that American arms manufacturers are working around the clock. This effort is not only for producing shells for Ukraine but also for creating costly and sophisticated weapons systems for significant purposes.

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Fourthly, the Indian astrologer is now a topic of discussion from all quarters. Many notable mentions are emerging in the south and in countries around the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps it serves as a warning to the people? Or maybe it’s a prelude to shaking the collective nerves before an actual event?

In essence, there are ample indications that something significant could happen at any time, and if a certain enlightened guru predicts that it will occur on June 18, it could indeed happen, so we should keep an eye on how events unfold.


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