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The pandemic will end in a big war: Baba Vanga’s “erroneous prophecies” began to come true

The current aggravation of world tensions gives new meaning to the predictions of the legendary Bulgarian clairvoyant.

“The war will begin in November 2010 and end in October 2014,” these words of Baba Vanga have been known for 12 years. They were published by her assistant, who helped the Bulgarian mystic with the housework.

According to him, in August 1996 – shortly before her death – Vanga asked to write down literally everything for her – even incoherent speech. What he did document, was her prophecy. He hid it for almost 14 years – for some reason, the old woman ordered her words to be made public in early 2010.

People breathed a sigh of relief when nothing serious happened in the world at the time she indicated. Well, Baba Vanga was mistaken, everyone thought, its common with prophets.

And now it’s time to remember these words, because in reality, prophets are mistaken in dates, but not in essence.

Mystical suspicions are aggravated by the fact that Vanga’s prediction about “five deuces” came true with amazing accuracy. Two years ago, a journalist who called himself a close acquaintance of the Bulgarian seer, spoke about her. Allegedly, he himself heard in the early 80s of the last century how she said that the “day of five deuces” was coming, in which something terrible would happen. What exactly, she did not say.

It turned out that the old woman was mistaken again. After all, there were many days with five “twos” – both in 2020 and in 2021. The year 2022 that began has become especially rich in “deuces” – there are five of them in each month.

In other words, the “deuces” went on as usual, but nothing serious happened. Until the day 02/24/2022 came. Count twos. Are there five of them? It turns out that Vanga was not mistaken.

If you follow the events, you will see that the forerunner, the sparkle which initiated the turmoil in Ukraine was two days before, the mirror date of the year – the day of six deuces. 02/22/2022 – this combination of numbers occurs once every 180 years. But it was precisely about this date that the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga could have also spoken of as “the most dangerous day”, because February 22, 2022 also falls on Tuesday – the second day of the week. This day will divide the world into before and after, she warned.

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According to numerologists, the number 2 has the properties of symmetry. On February 22, 2022, all qualities increased six fold. And the zeros, which are also present in the date, are filled with creative and destructive energy at the same time. Events that took place on this day will certainly be reflected, with dramatic consequences in the future.

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The frightening predictions of the seer are already coming true. So, Vanga’s most terrible prophecy says that “a black, hopeless day will come.” Some interpreters, in the light of recent events, associate February 22, 2022 with a war in which nuclear weapons will be used.

“Ashes will cover the earth, water will overflow the banks,” Vanga said.

She warned that “if a miracle does not happen and people do not wake up, but still escalate evil, chase money and fight, then a catastrophe may happen, after which people will not see the sun for six months.”

Surprisingly, among Vanga’s words written down by her assistant, there are the following:

“What was united will crumble into pieces. It will be next to Russia.” And again: “brother will fight brother …”

Interpreters argue. Some believe that it was about the impending collapse of the European Union. But there are more of those who believe that the mystic meant Ukraine.

We add that many world-scale events predicted by Vanga came true. Take September 11, 2001, for example. Vanga spoke about it back in 1993:

“I see fear – iron birds are pecking at American soil.” 

She also predicted the coronavirus epidemic:

“If humanity does not come to its senses, continues to chase money and arrange wars, then the world may be engulfed by an epidemic of a serious illness.” 


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