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The owner of the largest lips increased them even more

The owner of the largest lips increased them even more 1

Andrea Ivanova, a 22-year-old student from Bulgaria, made at least 20 lip injections for the sake of resembling the appearance of a Barbie doll. It is reported by Daily Mirror.

The owner of one of the largest lips in the world said that on April 28 she again injected hyaluronic acid into her lips. The girl admits that she wants to continue to change her appearance, including to increase her lips. She shares pictures of her transformation with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram account under the nickname @ andrea.andrea345.

“Doctors think it’s time for me to stop, but I want my lips to get even bigger. My doctor agrees to give me more injections, but I need to wait at least a couple of months before the next procedure. “I really like my new lips, even though it’s hard to eat after injections,” says the Bulgarian. 

“I’m not sure that I have the biggest lips in the world, but I think they are one of the biggest.”

Ivanova began the transformation in 2018 and went to the procedures at least once a month. She regularly enlarged her lips, and also had breast enlargement surgery. She claims that since childhood she dreamed of looking like Barbie. 

However, netizens claim that the girl is more like Duffy Duck from the Looney Tunes or the Loch Ness monster.

Andrea is pleased with her choice and believes that people have the right to look as they want, even if their appearance does not meet generally accepted standards of beauty.


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