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The “only possible” future we have never dreamed off: An intermediate stage of the project to create humanity version 2.0

The "only possible" future we have never dreamed off: An intermediate stage of the project to create humanity version 2.0 1

Is there a supernatural government security program that no one tells us anything about? Is the entire nature around being used as a weapon? Nanoparticles could well be a key point in the process of creating human being 2.0 through the environment.

We inhale with the air billions and billions of sensors that were launched into the atmosphere, and which settle on our skin, on the ground, on everything around us (“smart dust.” Ed.).

How do they get into the brain? Very simply, using microwave radiation, which breaks the blood-brain barrier.

These sensors have the consciousness of a swarm of bees. They can be controlled using microwave radio frequencies. The most important thing is that they are going to connect us all through the substances that they spray with planes, missiles and drones. 

The effect is enhanced thanks to transgenic foods, medicines and vaccines. Let us note at the same time that over the past ten to twenty years, all tablet, capsule and drug fillers and diluents have been replaced: instead of the usual starch, lactose, cellulose, finely dispersed and colloidal ones are now added forms of silicon dioxide, as well as talc, magnesium stearate and other “benefits.”

“5G technology will become the axis and foundation of the system. Elements of the 5G network will exchange data through the so-called “Internet of Things” with those sensors that are inside our body and brain. And then the electromagnetic fields that are created by all devices around us in our homes, as well as in those satellites that are above us.

We are surrounded on all sides because we are beings that resonate with the frequencies around us. The use of frequencies is an approaching tsunami.”. Elana Freeland, American journalist, researcher, writer

The first in the list – chemtrails 

This is the most taboo topic of all. If there is at least some discussion in the media about viruses, vaccinations, 5G, climate weapons, etc., albeit with the most powerful censorship, then the topic of chemtrails is a complete taboo. The entire Internet is flooded with messages about chemtrails from individuals and bloggers, but not a single noticeable media outlet talks about it. 

It is extremely rare to hear rumors that some official admitted that with the help of chemtrails someone (it is not clear who and on what basis) is trying to protect the planet from the sun so that the climate does not warm. 

Official information is non-existent and direct questions and inquiries are sometimes answered by the contrails of jet aircraft. Have you never seen contrails before?

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So that if it becomes completely unbearable not to respond to requests from the public, then you can, as it were, reluctantly admit that yes, we are pouring this and that out of airplanes, but only to protect you, from the sun. To do this, they even sometimes actually sprinkle some kind of reflective powder, and they even registered patents for it 50 years ago – all for diversion? 

Could it be that in fact, they mainly pour in nanoparticles of metals, graphene oxide, silicates, etc., which through Teslaphoresis and under the influence of microwaves, self-assemble into nanorobots in the human body, which then weave their networks inside the bodies and mount sensors in the brain?

For example, there is a fresh patent from 2022: sputtering graphene oxide and silicon dioxide. The most suitable material for the construction of microcircuits and signal transmission lines.

Let’s think logically. Chemtrails fly exclusively over densely populated areas; no one sees them over the fields, over the mountains, over the seas. But why?

Three-quarters of the Earth’s territory is covered with water, so why don’t chemtrails fly over the oceans? 

After all, it would be most logical to start shielding the planet from the sun from the oceans. The Pacific Ocean covers half of the surface of the globe. So why is it necessary to pollinate over Europe, America and Asia when the ocean is not pollinated? No logic? Of course not, it’s not designed for it.

All this seems to be rained down on people for one purpose: with the help of Teslaphoresis, a parallel nervous system and a parallel brain are assembled inside our bodies. This could be the reasoning behind spraying chemtrails over populated areas.

The same story with cellular stations

No logic can explain the manifold increase in their numbers recently. The available capacity was more than enough for general populations, and the quality of communication was even better. The 4G generation was already redundant, and people should have been wary even then, 10-12 years ago, when the rapid development of 4G generation communications began throughout countries. 

Did they come up with the “Apocalypse” scenario and are working on it with all the details? Everything seems to be prepared for us and put into action: the plague, the wars, the famine that they persistently prepare for us, the “horsemen”, and the branding by the beast’s number – everything is exactly as it is written.

This scenario is also a cover operation, an intermediate stage

What they really have in mind is hidden even from most of their adherents and volunteer helpers. And these adherents and helpers will also receive all the main horror that is being prepared for humanity. It is unlikely that they acquire any antidote from nanoparticles, it is unlikely that they are somehow reliably protected from microwave radio radiation, therefore, the same fate awaits them all. And their bunkers will not save them, if anyone hopes so.

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The main beneficiaries have long fled to their Elysium, and some who remain in plain sight will run away in the near future, the world’s main puppeteers are gradually descending into the spectator box.

Digital profiles

Each of us has long had a digital twin, the so-called “golden record”. The key identifier of each person is a unique personal number. All our characteristics, all conversations, purchases, all thoughts are constantly recorded in the “cloud”, replenishing our “digital profile”. This is precisely why a hunt has been announced for our data, for any and all kinds. 

The more detailed the data, the easier it is to create your “cloud” avatar, which will then live forever in new bodies. Remember the movie “Avatar”? There, the consciousness of the main character is reloaded into a new, specially created body. This is how they have everything planned for us.

Shall we become artificial structures?

The “Apocalypse” scenario is only an intermediate stage of the project to create humanity version 2.0. The main tools for transforming people into asexual, ever-living bio-electronic organisms are nanoparticles and microwave radiation. Vaccines with “messenger” RNA may well introduce matrices that direct the process of assembling artificial structures.

The fact that chemtrails are designed to harm health and the environment is obvious and lies on the surface. But there is a deeper goal: to introduce materials and devices into people’s bodies to create parallel systems inside them that will provide brain-cloud and cloud-brain interfaces.

They just don’t tell us by what methods these interfaces will be built – as if they will simply appear on their own and out of the blue in the near future. We see nanoparticles and microwaves as such methods, which is why this article is written.

These interfaces are already being used to collect data to populate the digital twin. Then they won’t need our bodies at all – they will pump our digitized eternal “I” into new bodies (probably blue and with long tails). Watch the movie “Avatar” again – it’s not for nothing that they came up with the slogan “This is a New World” for it.


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