The oldest fraternal organization in the world: the largest gathering of Masonic Lodges in Haifa, Israel

For the first time, media network “i24” published images from the meeting of the largest gathering of Masonic Lodges in Haifa, Israel. Freemasonry is Occultism with an amalgam of syncretism and a framework of religion since it has both a credo and a ritual even though it defines itself as a Philosophical Society.

All wear the diadems, uniforms of the Lodge, insignia of their Orders and aprons as builder masons constructing the new architecture of the planet.

In the centre there is a huge drawing compass, a sacred instrument which refers to the Great Architect of the Universe (the Sacred Tetragrammaton Name of God of Freemasonry in contrast to the sacred tetragrammaton of the biblical God in Old Testament). 

The sacred drawing compass symbol is referring to the Great Geometer of the Universe and their sacred letter G referring to Geometry and God.

When lights go off and darkness falls in the multi-storeyed lodge with the crowded balconies, the All-Seeing Eye also appears.

The Freemasons adopted this symbol and made it one of their most famous ones, to carry a different meaning than the explanation referred to in the ecclesiastical sense. The eye inside the pyramid first appeared as a Masonic symbol in 1784 when the Freemason Marquis de Lafayette gave an embroiderer’s belt to General George Washington, the founder of the United States of America, with this symbol on it and other Masonic symbols.

A few years later, specifically in 1797, Thomas Smith Webb founded the Masonic Press in New York and published his famous book, The Freemason’s Monitor, in which the Eye in the Pyramid within the pyramid appeared as a Masonic symbol.

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The “Eye in the Triangle” refers to the All-Seeing Eye of the “grand architect” of the universe. As for the rays emitted by the Eye, they indicate the Masonic Panopticon, the influence of Freemasonry which must reach all aspects, institutions of human activity.

The drawing compass, the hammer and other, are sacred symbols for Freemasons because of Hiram, the architect of Solomon’s Temple who was murdered by workers for differences related to their pay, and according to the Masonic narrative, he was martyred with them. 

As for the legendary acacia symbol, the sacred phrase “I know the acacia” during the initiation refers to the acacia that grew at the burial place of the architect Hiram.

Equally important are the 3 S’s in Masonic Symbolism which come from the initials of the words Secret Sacré.

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According to the British Anderson’s Constitution, which is the Charter of Freemasonry, one of the original articles mentions that one can be initiated into Freemasonry regardless of his religion of origin and it is not necessary to deny it. This gives the Organization penetrating capacity and versatility on a global as well as institutional scale.

Thus, the Bible, Koran and New Testament are displayed at the ceremony to emphasize that everyone in society is equal. It includes Jews, Muslims and Christians. Along with Palestinians from East Jerusalem, one can find both left-wing and right-wing Israelis.


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