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The Nimitz incident strikes back: A “Tic-Tac” UFO was spotted in Britain, which US pilots recorded 20 years ago

The Nimitz incident strikes back: A “Tic-Tac” UFO was spotted in Britain, which US pilots recorded 20 years ago 1
Photo: Karen Brown's personal page on social media.

Karen Brown, from Stockport, was looking out of her kitchen window when she spotted the UFO. Her photos show the long, bright object – which, at first glance, looks like the famous white candy flying over the trees on this year’s September night.

Karen Brown immediately armed herself with a smartphone and took a photo as proof that she had not imagined the “flying saucer”. Her example is a lesson to other observers of all sorts of devilry, who are offended if they are not taken at their word.

The Nimitz incident strikes back: A “Tic-Tac” UFO was spotted in Britain, which US pilots recorded 20 years ago 2
Photo: Karen Brown’s personal page on social media. She saw a glowing oblong object right from her kitchen window.

A similar UFO, possibly the same one, was seen by another Stockport resident the following month.

Experts are interested in the phenomenon of the presence of aerial entities resembling the first ‘Tic Tac’ shaped UFO seen in 2004 and recorded by pilots of the strike group of the American aircraft carrier “Nimitz” in 2004.

It happened during an exercise that took place in the Pacific Ocean near the border of Mexico and the United States. The pilots not only observed a small glowing “dish” ranging in size from 30 to 45 feet, but also recorded video using the camera of the sighting module of the F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter.

Moreover, the UFO was detected by the radar of the US cruiser Princeton, which was accompanying the aircraft carrier. The UFO got its name – “Tic-Tac” – due to its external resemblance to refreshing candies from the well-known manufacturer. The object was far superior to American fighters in its speed and maneuverability. And when the pilots tried to get closer, it went beyond the horizon in a matter of seconds.

The incident was classified, but in 2017, due to a video leak, the alien encounter with the military pilots became public knowledge. The story turned out to be so loud that even President Donald Trump commented on it.

The Nimitz incident strikes back: A “Tic-Tac” UFO was spotted in Britain, which US pilots recorded 20 years ago 3
“Tic-Tac” UFO was recorded by pilots of the of the “Nimitz” aircraft carrier in 2004. Photo:

He spoke in this spirit:

“I had a meeting with experts on this issue, the US Navy confirmed that the pilots were telling the truth. Do I believe in UFOs? Not really.”

20 years later

20 years later and on New Year’s Eve they appeared in provincial Britain. It must be said that even before Karen Brown’s observations, very strange things were happening in Stockport. Unidentified flying objects of various styles have been frolicking there for several months now.

One eyewitness described it as a square or triangle, it had a hazy appearance, constantly changing its external shape and “darting across the sky.” Another object, also white, but much brighter, was shaped like the Tic-Tac UFO. It performed various maneuvers in the sky at speed, then appeared in one place, then disappeared and appeared again.

Ms Brown said she was “really excited” by the mysterious sight she saw on September 6th.

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“I was looking out my kitchen window and noticed this thinking it was a star,” she told MailOnline.

“But when I looked closer, I noticed it was round with little circles on its edges”

“I took these pictures, but the shapes were changing.”

In September, another Stockport resident who preferred to remain anonymous spotted two strange objects in the night sky.

The first, described as looking like a square or triangle, had a blurry appearance and was changing shape and “flying like crazy in the sky.”

Meanwhile, the second object, a much brighter white color and “Tic Tac-shaped” was disappearing and reappearing.

It is not clear if these sightings made in the same city by different people are of the same “Tic Tac”.

Mrs Brown told MailOnline:

“It was very strange that a lady in Stockport saw something at the beginning of October and I saw a similar sight at the beginning of September.”

All these mysterious objects were photographed, but experts could not explain their origin. However, they were powerless to reveal and associate the Stockport incident with the Nimitz Tic-Tac’s encounter, although in addition to photographs and personal observations, data from objective technical control were studied.

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