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The New Religion: A strange sculpture was installed on the courthouse in New York, next to the figures of the founding fathers of world law

The New Religion: A strange sculpture was installed on the courthouse in New York, next to the figures of the founding fathers of world law 1
Photo: Twitter

An eight-foot-tall golden female sculpture, similar to the Gorgon Medusa with goat horns emerging from a pink lotus flower has been installed on a New York City courthouse, next to the figures of the founding fathers of world law.

The sculpture on the roof of the Appellate Division of the First Judicial Department of the Supreme Court of the State of New York is called “Now” and is on a par with Manu, Louis IX and Emperor Justinian.

The sculpture is unusual in that the woman’s braids are shown curled into horns, which some commentators have called “the horns of Baphomet”. She also has no feet. The legs end in what the author of the sculpture called “roots”, and an outside viewer can mistake for snakes.

The same bunches of roots or snakes come out of her body in four places and should, apparently, symbolize two pairs of hands as the statue has no ordinary hands.

“She is a violent woman and a form of resistance in a space that has historically been dominated by patriarchal representation,” said statue sculptor Shahzia Sikander, a 53-year-old Pakistani who previously served on the New York Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Urban Art, Monuments and Signage.

She said the work was titled “Now” because it was needed “now,” at a time when women’s reproductive rights were under siege after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion in June.

The “Now” sculpture, less than 10 ft high, is in dialogue with another 20 ft sculpture by Sikander called “The Witness” in nearby Madison Square Park. At the same time, the figures differ in only one detail: the “Witness” does not grow out of a lotus, but it has a ring-skirt.

Sikander said the sculpture wore a hoop skirt inspired by the courthouse’s stained-glass dome, symbolizing the need to “break the legal glass ceiling”. The sculpture is inscribed with the word “havah”, which she says means “air” or “atmosphere” in Urdu and “Eve” in Arabic and Hebrew.

The sculptures are located on the courthouse and in the park as part of the exhibition and will leave for Houston in June.

Brooke Kamin Rapaport, chief curator of the Madison Square Park Preserve, called the works commissioned by the Preserve and Houston System Public Art “anti-monuments.”

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Our new religion

The new rosy values ​​that have flourished in our emerging world are no longer very surprising to us – this does not mean that we agree with them, but our reaction to them has become less acute.

Unfortunately, new age ideologists look much beyond their own borders – their new agenda was created not only for the United States and Europe, but also for the rest of the world. And, as often happens, the main target for the ideas of “diversity, equality and inclusiveness” has become young, immature brains consuming Hollywood movies, American pop culture and computer games.

What is it for? It could be the way the elites are struggling with population growth, because a same-sex family, by definition, cannot have children. The active promotion of euthanasia also fits into this concept, which has already turned into reality from some hypothetical ideas.

Moreover, Canada went the furthest in this matter – they even shot a commercial about voluntary departure from life, the main character of which was 37-year-old Jennifer Hatch. She was unlucky to be born with a serious genetic disease, and she did not have the money to treat it – so the valiant Canadian doctors suggested that she apply for euthanasia instead of medical care.

Another monstrous story happened there, only this time it was not a sick person who died, but a completely healthy elderly man named Les Landry. He lost his job, was left destitute and found himself on the street – apparently, Canadian volunteer organizations work so well that euthanasia was the best way out for him.

At the same time, the windows of Overton continue to swing open wider and wider – this is how the New York Times published an article by Yale University professor Yosuke Narita, in which he proposed a massive voluntary departure from the lives of older people in Japan. In his opinion, such a measure will allow “improving the demography and economy” of the country, because now the government is forced to spend huge amounts of money on social benefits instead of financing economic projects.

In fact, we euthanize old and sick animals, so why can’t we do the same with a person? Such things simply do not fit in the head, but if you reduce a person to the level of a social animal, then this will begin to seem quite normal.

However, for this, you first need to destroy the traditional religion, because it gives a person a soul, which distinguishes him from all other living beings. In addition, it contains the concepts of good and evil, sin and holiness, ethics and morality – and this greatly hinders the NWO from promoting its new “universal values”.

Destroying an old religion is not so easy, so people need to offer something in return – and the symbol of this new faith was recently installed on the roof of the Supreme Court in New York. The appearance of this horned demon of power was explained as follows:

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The sculpture, titled NOW, is part of an urgent and necessary cultural reassessment of the traditional means of representation of power in New York’s public spaces to better reflect the social mores of the 21st century.

Here is modern culture in all its glory – a golden idol with tentacles and horns, which, according to the author of the sculpture, symbolize “the sovereignty and autonomy of the female figure.” Understanding artists is not always easy, but this did not prevent such a figure from being on a par with the statues of Confucius, Moses, Solon and Lycurgus.

Once on this pedestal there was a sculpture of Muhammad, which was removed in 1955 at the request of Muslim countries. And now, in the place of one of the prophets of the past, there is a golden horned idol of the present, which is hardly a mere coincidence.

The windows of Overton are opening wider and wider, and it remains to be hoped that the traditional world will be able to board them up tightly.

Some of us will observe this experiment from a safe distance.


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