The new Economist cover: transcript of “The World in 2024” issue hinting that everything will depend on some kind of choice

The Rothschilds brainchild, the British magazine “The Economist” published a cover with a forecast for 2024. Traditionally, the publication presented the cover in the form of a geopolitical puzzle.

At the top of the “World in 2024” picture are Zelensky and Putin. They look into each other’s eyes. Which may hint at imminent inevitable negotiations.

Below – Biden and Xi Jinping turned away from each other. Which hints at an imminent conflict between the United States and China.

The Economist writes about the Artemis rocket and the Paris Olympics. Do you see Paris in the picture or Olympic symbols, for example the Phryge duo? They are absent. 

We see the Saturn 5 launch vehicle, the Apollo rocket and the lunar module. This looks like some kind of hint at the cult of Saturn, but not at all like the Artemis mission. 

In the middle is a ballot box, as a symbol of the central event: presidential elections will be held in Russia and the United States in 2024. Elections should also be held in Ukraine, but it has not yet been decided on their holding.

Zelensky and Putin are separated in the figure by an hourglass, whose lower half is more filled. Apparently, this is a hint that time is running out for the Russian-Ukrainian war in 2024 (or time is running out for one of the parties). 

Trump with a question mark and a dove of peace are depicted above Putin’s head. Zelensky has an unknown female figure and missiles above his head. Perhaps this is a hint at the aspirations of the two leaders: Zelensky wants to continue the war, Putin – on the contrary or the time to choose between Zelensky and Putin is running out. And this choice will be the beginning of something new.

Regarding the mystery woman, some associate her with Zelensky’s wife, allegedly with the next president of Ukraine. However, she can most likely be associated with US Vice President Kamala Harris, as a possible Democratic presidential candidate.  

In the center of the conudrum on the right we see a hint of the crash of currency markets (US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and British pound), a logistics collapse with container ships sagging from excessive cargo, a solar flare followed by a blackout of all electrical power, rising temperatures, hurricanes and some other impact on human psyche. We also see two solar eclipses, about which there is not a word in the trends for 2024. There may even be a new red planet and/or blue star arriving in the solar system. 

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In the center left is a hint at the further development of AI and the introduction of microchip transplants into the human brain. The all-seeing eye, to which more and more minds/knowledge are connected.

In the center at the bottom of the rebus there is an emphasis on Asia, Australia and South America.

In addition, the puzzle cover hints at the intensification of the space race between the United States and Russia, as well as the deepening of the topic of “green energy”. Minerals are depicted at the bottom, hinting at the battle between major geopolitical players over nickel and other rare earth minerals.

Another interesting aspect is the colors. In addition to black and white, there are two more colors on the magazine cover – blue and red. Blue – Democrats. Red – Republicans, China. In addition, white, blue and red are the Russian tricolor.

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In terms of color, it is also interesting to note that Zelensky is depicted against the red color of the Republicans, and Putin against the blue color of the Democrats. Perhaps this is a hint at the forces that will oppose them in 2024.

It is strange that the enigmatic illustration does not even hint at the development of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is more than relevant now. Either the creators of the charade believe that it won’t last until 2024, or in general, it’s not clear.

And this is how the riddle looks like in the context of gematria (in the Jewish tradition, one of the methods for analyzing the meaning of words and phrases based on numerical values):

On the right is Vladimir = 88.

On the left Vladimir = 88.

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Trump = 88.

Blue + red = Purple = 88. This is the color for the inauguration of Kamala Harris and Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth = 88).

Kamala Harris = KH. 11 and 8 letters of gematria, 118 = 88. She is from California, California = 88.

Clock in the form of 8.

Below are two parts of the globe in the form of 8.

White and black = gray (gray, gloomy). It is encoded in HEX as 808080.

2024 is 2 + 2 + 4 =8.

8 – infinity.

To summarize, let us note the main thing. To be completely frank, the cover of The Economist depicts not so much what will actually happen in 2024, but what representatives of the banking-aristocratic circles would like to see.

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