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Conspiracy Theories

The Nazis and the secret societies of the global Holocaust

Numerous secret societies arose throughout the history of mankind. While some of them have disappeared, others have remained active until today and live in a cloud of myth and mystery. However, most of the legends gathered around the ideas of the time of Nazism.

secret societies rule the world

The Nazi regime fed on occult ideas that came in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The ideologists of the regime tried to reconcile their vision of the future and sacred ideology. This vision, divorced from reality, made them, in addition to the Holocaust, direct their weapons research program to a superweapon – Wunderwaffen.

To understand the degree of unreality in which the Nazi leaders lived, it’s enough to mention the case of Himmler and his belief in the reincarnation of the hunter Enrique. Based on this, we see that the second influential man in Germany of the thirties gave rise to delusions of a surreal nature of that period: Karl Maria Wiligut.

This madman, literally saved by the Reichsfuhrer from the psychiatric sanatorium where he was admitted, claimed to be the reincarnation of all German kings of the last 228,000 years. According to him, he remembered the lifestyle of the Paleolithic ancestors of the Aryan people. Those judging by the reviews, they were giants that dominated the giant beasts with the weapons of the gods.

Himmler believed in the idea and, based on his claims, developed a series of pagan rituals and worship in order to replace Christianity. As the original sacred point of the Aryan people, he chose a magical place known as the rocks of Externstein. The place itself was in close proximity to the center of power of the SS: Wewelsburg Castle.

Subsequently, the place will become the center of racial theories of Nazism and the “proof” that in the past the pure Aryan race dominated the world. At the same time, theories of Wiligut were supported and supplemented by the ideas of another secret occult society from which Nazism grew: Thule societies.

Thule Society.

It is well known that some authors investigated the relations of German National Socialism with secret societies and initiative organizations. The motivation for this was an occult background for Hitler’s movement. This thesis was first proposed in the famous and very successful book Dawn of the Mages (Return of the Sorcerers), where National Socialism is defined as the union of “magical thinking” with technology.

But much more important for the hidden background of National Socialism is the role of the Thule Society. This racist society arose in Munich at the beginning of the twentieth century. Originally known as a research group of German antiquity, the society claimed that the origin of the Aryan race must be sought in a city called Thule, located in the mythical region of Hiperborea.

Their relationship and ability to influence the beliefs of National Socialism was significant because the founder of the Thule Society, Rudolf von Zebottendorf, generously sponsored the German Workers’ Party, which Hitler later converted to the Nazi party.

The secret society of Thule maintained close contacts with theosophists, followers of Madame Blavatsky. She is considered the founder of Theosophy and the creator of a teaching whose influence has reached our days with the New Age movement, and the author of The Secret Doctrine, 1875.

The book, which combines science and religion, tells about the secret knowledge allegedly acquired by Blavatsky during her travels around the world, especially in India and Tibet (according to her). Some wanted to see anti-Semitic and racist traces in their writings, as the book speaks of Aryans.

Rudolf von Sebottendorf was in the East and published a strange pamphlet entitled “The Practice of Ancient Turkic Freemasonry”. The practices described in the booklet included the repetition of syllables, gestures and steps, the purpose of which was the initial transformation of man. The truth is not clear with which Turkish Masonic organization Zebottendorf was in contact, whether he himself dealt with such issues or simply described them.

They say that the secret society of Thule was dedicated to material, political, social and economic things. While the Vril Society – to the subjects of the “beyond.”

After Hitler came to power, the Thule Society became one of many dissolved organizations. When von Sebottendorf published a book about the Thule Society, he was arrested and the book banned.

However, it is claimed that some members of Thule and their ideas were included in the Third Reich. Some of the teachings of the Thule Society were compiled in the books of Alfred Rosenberg. Many of the occult ideas were also popular with Heinrich Himmler, who showed great interest in occultism.

In 1919, the German Karl Haushofer,  founded a secret society called the “Brothers of the Light” and, years later, became the Vril Society.

Vril Society

Famous medium of Austrian descent, Maria Orsic, along with other young women who claimed to have paranormal skills, separated from the Thule Society in 1919 and founded the Alldeutshe Gesselschaft für Metaphisik (Pan-German Society of Metaphysics), known as Vril.

This group of young mediums, thanks to their long hair, was able to connect with the original Aryan race, located in the star Aldebaran, in the constellation Taurus. At a secret meeting in the presence of members of Thule and SS men from DHvSS (People of the Black Stone), Maria Orshich claimed that she had received a message in the Sumerian language in which the “brothers” gave her technical information and plans for the construction of an aircraft.

There are two curiosities about this. Firstly, Maria Orshich chose the Sumerian language for these aliens, although she was not familiar with it. Secondly, her theories coincided with what we later learn about Sumerian mythology and the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru. But Himmler and his SS men paid tribute to these statements.

Most of his activities in Vril society have been the subject of numerous speculations, including the very existence of society. Vril is a substance named by the author Edward Boulevard-Lytton in the science fiction novel ‘The Coming Race’. Several Theosophical readers believed that this was a true story of the existence of a superior race that lived in the bowels of the Earth and used energy called “Vril”.

Dietrich Eckart, a politician and ideologist who was addicted to morphine and power, a freemason and an alchemist, a racist and Hitler’s closest friend until his death, participated in the creation of the society. Rumor had it that he possessed the hypnotic power of persuasion.

The Vril Society is credited with political killings, calls and contacts of spirits, sexual orgies, and human sacrifice. Many of the disappearances of children in Bavaria will be associated with this society, since the strength of the child in Vril was the most powerful and served as the gateway between the astral and material worlds.

Ahnenerbe Society

The Anenerbe Society (German Heritage Society) devoted itself to the study of this subject and connected it with others, such as underground cities.

The organization was created in 1935 through the National German Socialist Workers Party. The activities of Anenerbe were originally aimed at anthropology and archeology with the goal of demonstrating theories of the superiority of the Aryan race. Among it’s archaeological, ethnological and anthropological expeditions, the countries of the Himalayas, Brazil and other countries of South America can be noted.

In Scandinavia there is a legend about an amazing country in the Great North, where the sun never sets and where the ancestors of the Aryan race would live. When the Hyperborean continent began to plunge, its inhabitants built giant tunnels in the earth’s crust using large machines, settling in the Himalayas. This underground kingdom was called Agarta or Agarti, and the capital was called Shambhala.

In 1938-1939, the Nazi expedition was sent to Tibet under the command of Ernst Schaefer, accompanied by five German sages and twenty members of the SS. Hielscher, the head of the esoteric department of Anenerbe took an active part in this mission.

The mission was to establish ties with the mysterious inhabitants of the caves belonging to the city of Agarta. At that time, a very important conversion of Buddhists took place in Germany, especially in the partisan arena. The idea, which also encouraged the expedition, was to restore the old spiritual tradition associated with paganism and the practice of the Templars, who were said to still live in these regions of northern Asia.

The Anenerbe Society will also be responsible for creating the Wunderwaffen (high-tech military weapons). That is why Der Riese, the SS military complex, was built, in which Himmler and his scientists developed and tested aircraft devices as a mixture of fantastic theories of Vril, Scandinavian legends, Hindu vimans …

No wonder the Nazis tried to create artifacts like Die Glocke machine, Haunebu or the famous Death Ray. They really believed in the power and antiquity of artifacts from a great race – supposedly their ancestors.


Conspiracy Theories

AREA 51, Humans collaborate with Aliens to build “Space Ships”

An American engineer working in Area 51 has decided to speak and affirm what no one or a few could imagine, that Humans work together with some alien races for the construction of Spaceships and antigravity aircraft. Gray-type aliens would be held hostage to collaborate with engineers and other human scientists to develop unthinkable technologies.

Everyone would like to know what is hidden at the mysterious Area 51 in the Nevada desert, where researchers of the UFO phenomenon (especially people who may have conducted investigations such as reporter George Knapp) have always believed it could be a secret military base where they work Alien with Technology.

Occasionally witnesses and insiders come out who have worked at this Top Secret facility. Every alien race is known to be thousands of years older than we are.

But the government long ago came out and said “yes” there is a secret base located in the area of ​​the Groom Lake, the famous Area 51 of the S4 site. This is a military installation without public use, and it’s still off limits. “But yes, it’s there. We know this. Area 51 exists and is still top secret. You can find tons of information about Area 51 everywhere on the internet. What you may not know, to date, is that there are more mysterious things going down in the base of Area 51 than you have been told so far.

In this function, a boy named Bill Uhouse claimed to be an engineer from Area 51 and came out of the closet to expose the truth of Area 51. You say, “Yes, we know, there are Aliens being held there for the study of new aircraft, and secret planes such as the TR-3B are developed with the reverse engineering of technology found by alien spacecraft captured in some accidents (UFO Crash). The structure houses new spaceships built thanks to the collaboration of these Aliens “

Bill says he got help in the facility from an alien being called the “J-Rod”. It was a small gray alien that Bill could communicate with. This gray would guide him in his work. According to Bill, there are many alien species on Earth and they are working together with the governments of this world. In Area 51 there are “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities” known as EBE that work in this Off – limits base, creating new spaceships and anti – gravity aircraft.

Is it something to praise or avoid? Demonstration is always the determining factor, and Bill discusses his relationship with this alien entity, in great detail. Could only Bill’s account of what happened during his time in Area 51 and with “J-Rod” be the smoking gun we are looking for. This testimony corroborates that of physicist Bob Lazar who worked in Area 51, specifically, on the retro-technology of some extraterrestrial aircraft.

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Conspiracy Theories

The United States made a “Secret Agreement” with the Gray Aliens for the Preservation of Humanity

Many researchers endorse the theory that the United States government has signed a secret deal with Gray aliens. The exact date is unknown, but most researchers indicate that the deal was made in 1954. At that time, a team of (gray) aliens would reach Edwards Air Force Base, for the sole purpose of contacting the then U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower.

Former USAF and US Army officers have testified in the past that that pact was known as the Edwards Agreement or as Dr. Dan Burisch defines it as the IX-Tau Treaty (9 TAU) for the Preservation of the Humanity.

A common goal was established following the discussions of the Treaty. The agreement states that the United States government would let the Grays kidnap or withdraw people regularly with the promise that they would return to their homes unscathed, and with the knowledge that the kidnapped people would be erased from his memory, or the memory of the abductions.

But, as many abductees were able to confirm, the situation was slightly different. More often than not, those who were kidnapped by aliens would remember the accident in detail. In return for allowing the Grays to gain possession of human guinea pigs, the government does not have advanced knowledge and alien technology in its hands. Another clause in the contract ‘was the exchange of ambassadors from both sides. However, it is not clear how many have been involved in this exchange program, but the most renowned are the Etherians, the Crills, the Reptiles and the J-Rod Draco of the constellation Zeta Reticuli and finally the Grays of Tau Ceti.

The Edwards agreement was the culmination of a series of events that began in 1947, when the remains of an alien spacecraft were recovered near Roswell, New Mexico. Among the remains, several alien bodies have been found. This incident certainly sensitized the UFO phenomenon and certainly gave rise to modern ufology. In 1949, another accident took place in New Mexico, but this time there was a survivor among the recovered aliens. One of these called EBE, is the abbreviation for extraterrestrial biological entity.

In 1951, the Grays helped build a communications device for the United States and a year later, extraterrestrial communications were underway, paving the way for the 1954 treaty. On the night of February 20-21, 1954, in California, President Dwight Eisenhower had disappeared for a short period of time. He is believed to have gone secretly to Edwards Air Force Base for a meeting with the gray aliens. His official statement was that he had to undergo a dental emergency and then visit a local dentist.

While the meeting did not go as planned, there were some unexpected consequences. The landing was kept secret to see how people could react when faced with a technologically advanced alien race. The hundreds of soldiers present at Edwards AFB (ex Muroc base) during the first contact did not receive any briefings, no preparation before the demonstration.

This approach has become disastrous, since a high percentage of those present began to suffer from various psychological illnesses, ranging from dysfunctional behavior to psychosis, criminal intent and suicide. People who said they witnessed the alien interaction event including Gerald Light, a famous leader of the metaphysical community of the time, said that his participation was to measure the effect of this development. which could have on the general public, or the socio-cultural and psychological impact on the masses during a possible First Contact.

“Just returned from Muroc [Edwards Air Force Base] . Gerald declares – everything was incredibly true, devastating! During the two-day visit, I saw five different types of alien aircraft being studied and analyzed by our Air Force officials – with the assistance and permission of the humanoid alien race called Etherians! I have no words to express my reactions. Yes, it has finally happened. Now it’s a matter of history, Gerald Light wrote.

Other important figures were present at the meeting. Among them was Eisenhower’s chief and economic adviser, Dr. Edwin Nourse, who offered his experience in the potential economic outcome of a first contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life. Gerald Light also said that several trusted religious leaders had attended the meeting.

The leaders all presented their credentials, participating in two types of meetings with different groups of extraterrestrials. According to former naval intelligence officer William Cooper, large objects travel to Earth of which a huge spacecraft was seen in 1953. They were believed to be asteroids in the first place, but it was later determined that they were actually huge. spaceships. Two different missions, Sigma Project and Plato Project have been able to establish contact with aliens through binary code.

Cooper distinguishes between two alien races: the Nordics who are very kind to humanity, the Grays of Tau ceti, who had different goals with humans. According to him, the Nordic aliens contributed to the signing of a non-aggression treaty between humanity and the grays. The Nordics did not offer any technology, but rather the opportunity for the spiritual advancement of our present to the next dimension. The new treaty with the Nordics and the Grays stated that aliens are not always in our business, nor should they interfere with the human race. Their presence on Earth remained a secret. They could kidnap humans on a regular basis for medical and scientific purposes, as long as they were supposed to keep them safe from harm. The kidnapped humans were then returned to their kidnapping point, without any memory of the demonstration. None of the kidnapped have ever been treated badly or tortured.

Their main demands have been that humans must eliminate the arsenal of nuclear weapons. They recalled humanity’s self-destructive potential and also condemned the fact that we are killing each other, damaging the planet and wasting natural resources. The Committee interpreted the requests very suspiciously, in the belief that nuclear disarmament was not in the best interest of the United States, such as that which could have left the world defenseless against an alien threat. Eisenhower finally rejected the disarmament proposal.

Another witness to the meetings was John Lear, son of the creator of Lear Jet, William Lear. According to him, the Nordic aliens offered a hand to build a space defense against the threat of the Grays, but President Eisenhower refused this aid without explaining the reasons. There are many alien races in space, many of them are neutral, many races are available for dialogue and ready to help the human race, but hostile alien races also exist and not all grays are the same. There are various types of grays such as those of the Pleiadians Grays who are a sort of workers at the service of other breeds, therefore performers and that’s it. But then did this meeting really happen? If so, it would seem to confirm the current global UFO phenomenon and the subsequent confirmation by the Pentagon regarding the encounters with UFO TIC-TAC. However, more than 60 years have passed since the alleged First Contact took place, but his official statement is still missing.

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Conspiracy Theories

Frightening conspiracy theories in pop culture and art

Freemasonry, the importance of various symbols, including hidden, secret CIA programs and other organizations, programs for indirect propaganda in television shows, movies and even cartoons, are particularly popular in America, and especially in conspiracy theories.

A rehearsal for a psychological war?

Many people have probably heard the story of how in 1938, while listening to a radio play based on the book by HG Wells’ “War of the Worlds”, thousands of Americans have decided that aliens from Mars really invaded their country.

There was a great panic in the cities. People tried to seek asylum, locked themselves in the basements of their houses, etc.

According to many historians, the panic that has actually arisen was small or the whole story about it was, in fact, a fabrication. There is a theory of conspiracy that states that all this was no accident, but a specially prepared act for the rehearsal of psychological warfare.

This theory is based on the claim that the Princeton University Radio Research Project, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, was conducting a mass survey of residents in the states where the broadcast was transmitted.

This poll found that about 25% of the program’s 6 million listeners believed in invading aliens. That is, if it really was a test for a psychological attack, then it had completely failed.

Was John Lennon’s killer controlled by the CIA?

On December 8, 1980, a John Lennon fan, shoots the singer, near the Dakota Building in Manhattan, where John and his wife Yoko lived in a rented apartment.

Mark Chapman

What prompted Chapman to kill one of the most beloved people in the world at the time, no one really knows. Chapman himself states that he did not want to kill anyone, and that he was to blame for the devilish entity that had infiltrated him and ordered him: “Do it! Do it!“. That voice, the killer began to hear about three months before Lennon’s assassination.

Lennon (left) signs autograph for Chapman (right) shortly before his death

It is curious that three years before this event, information about the CIA’s secret MK-Ultra Project leaked to the press. One of the goals of the Project was to achieve complete control over one’s mind.

Using this technology, the CIA could train its “Manchu candidates” who would do what they were told. Including murder.

A person subject to such influence would behave exactly like Chapman. He heard voices in his head urging him to do this or that, and he could not resist them. In this case, after the execution of John Lennon’s murder, the votes disappeared completely.

But if that happened, the question is: Why would the US authorities want to kill John Lennon?

According to one version, the reasons are that John had too much influence on the people and at the same time opposed the wars, especially the war in El Salvador, which the US led in the same year.

It is alleged that the CIA first became interested in Lennon after he gave a concert in 1971 in support of activist John Sinclair, who had been imprisoned for 10 years on a completely fictitious pretext. Shortly after Lennon’s concert, mass protests began in defense of Sinclair and by December 1971 he was released.

Gangsta rap was created to promote criminal culture and violence

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was a radical change in rap music. Rap is divided into two different sub-genres – the so-called ‘conscious hip-hop’ and ‘gangsta rap’. A few years later, conscious hip-hop almost disappears, and gangsta rap flourishes, becoming the dominant one, crushing all American pop music.

(Frightening Conspiracy Theories in Pop Culture and the Arts)

In April 2012, one of the music blogs published an article on a conspiracy theory explaining why gangsta rap was leading. An anonymous author claims to be one of those who attended a special meeting of a small group of people in 1991. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce a new culture to rap music and pop culture, and the people behind it were from the US private prison industry.

The idea was to use the musical style to promote the attractive side of criminal life among young people. Young people in the poorest areas, especially the ghettos, from an early age were involved in drug trafficking, involved in shootings and actively filled prison cells, that is, providing private prisons with a good income.

Critics of this theory still find many inconsistencies in it, but many more believe it and find much evidence of what is happening.

Movies and animations intentionally “predict” certain events

In 1997, in an episode of The Simpsons, the cover of a New York magazine with the two twin towers of the World Trade Center in the background, big 9, appeared for a few seconds. the dollar sign with two traits next to that nine.

(Frightening Conspiracy Theories in Pop Culture and the Arts)

This image was forgotten by viewers, but after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, one of them, watching the old episodes of The Simpsons, sees this cover and is shocked at how accurately the event was predicted.

The characters and the plot had no logical connection to the cover shown. As if, it was specifically shown, unrelated to the animated movie.

There are many other weird “predictions” in cartoons and movies, like the 9/11 attack and other major events and disasters. What is it? Just a coincidence or a deliberate activity by someone?

Walt Disney Company Animated Movies

The Walt Disney company, for many years, is related to sinister conspiracy theories. Most often, these are conspiracies on the topic of sexual perversion: from secret gay parties that take place in Disneyland involving children, to the introduction of sexual characters in films and animations to manipulate young viewers.

In cartoons such as The Rescuers, The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, and others, people find random objects that, when viewed more carefully, appear intentionally drawn and shaped of the genitals or bare female breasts.

One of the viewers watching the movie Aladdin suddenly heard a gin in one of the scenes saying very softly and quickly, “Good teens, take off your clothes .” The exact scene was not mentioned, but other commentators later wrote that they also heard this strange phrase while watching Aladdin.

Over the last few years, the Walt Disney Company has become a real evil corporation, destroying many smaller companies. Because of this, Americans have become familiar with Disney’s images since birth and continue throughout their lives: on household items, clothing, school, work.

Most of the revenue-generating film production in American cinemas is Disney production. One can only guess what hidden characters and messages are encoded in the new movies and animations.

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