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The mystery of the Merkaba crystal: the artifact that gives power, strength and glory

The mystery of the Merkaba crystal: the artifact that gives power, strength and glory 1

In the ancient Egyptian language, the word Mer-Ka-Ba consists of three words: Mer, Ka and Ba. In other cultures, it can be found as merkabah and merkavah. “Mer” was considered in Ancient Egypt as two fields of Light, spindle-shaped rotating in the opposite direction relative to each other in the same space. “Ka” refers to the individual human spirit. “Ba” is the “interpretation of reality” associated with the human body. Mer-Ka-Ba meant in Egypt – “union of Spirit and Soul.” 

The famous American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce often received messages about a certain Hall of Chronicles, which stores the secret knowledge of the Atlanteans, applied to crystalline carriers. The Sphinx will show the way to the Hall of Chronicles, the sleeping prophet claimed.

No one knew how to explain these words until in the spring of 1945 the son of the Egyptian king Farukh visited the Giza plateau. The prince sat down on a slab at the foot of the Sphinx, and unexpectedly triggered a hidden mechanism that opens the entrance to the tunnel.

The mine was half flooded and led into a huge hall. There were magic scrolls that confirmed the existence of the magic library and the Merkaba crystal.

The Mer-Ka-Ba has the same meaning in different languages. In historical documents, the Mer-Ka-Ba is mentioned mainly as a means of transportation that allows you to move to the higher or lower worlds.

The Legend of the Nine Unknowns Ruling the World

The Bible contains references to Ezekiel, which mentions the wheels – the Mer-Ka-Ba, through which Ezekiel ascended to heaven. In the Torah, in the Hebrew language, this word sounds like Mer-Ka-Wah and has two meanings: “the throne of God” and a chariot – a means for moving the human body and spirit from one place to another. In ancient Egypt, Mer-Ka-Ba means “revolving light that carried spirit and body from one world to another”.

There is a legend about nine unknowns who keep ancient knowledge and protect the planet from destruction. In their hands is a mystical power over the world, and a whole network of secret societies has formed around them.

According to one of the legends, the union was created during the times described in the Indian epic Mahabharata. It was then that the battle of earthlings with aliens took place, in which the weapons of the gods were used. In terms of its striking effect, it can be compared with modern nuclear or biological.

Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman and elder,  said that his people came to Earth from space on the Mer-Ka-Ba. The cuneiform tablets of the Sumerians speak of NAM-LU-U – the first people in Mesopotamia who were in contact with the Gods, were about four meters tall, possessed telepathy and the ability to move through space through the Mer-Ka-Ba. The ancients believed that the Mer-Ka-Ba field could be “triggered” with the help of certain meditation techniques.

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For some esotericists, the Mer-Ka-Ba is a field of light that affects the spirit and body at the same time, it forms a Star Tetrahedron – a “vehicle” capable of moving the spirit and body from one world or dimensions to another.

Some scientists believe that the Mer-Ka-Ba is the main engine of the UFO, transporting ships from one dimension to another. The view of the Mer-Ka-Ba is identical to the infrared thermal envelope of the Galaxy – the shape of a “flying saucer”.

The rotating Mer-Ka-Ba has a diameter of about fifteen to eighteen meters, commensurate with a person’s height. A person is surrounded by numerous energy fields of different geometric shapes, which are electromagnetic in nature. Geometric energy fields around the human body can be activated through breathing. The Mer-Ka-Ba is created by consciousness and is one of the possible geometric fields of Light, it does not arise automatically, but only as a result of a very long period of evolution.

Five Platonic Solids

In three dimensions, the Mer-Ka-Ba – two interpenetrating tetrahedron , which exactly fit into a cube. The Mer-Ka-Ba field includes five Platonic solids, it is also called the “volumetric Star of David”. In Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing “Vitruvian Man”, the tetrahedron facing up to the Sun is masculine, facing down to the Earth – feminine. The male tetrahedron is called “solar”, the female – “earthly”. Two intersecting tetrahedrons symbolize perfectly balanced masculine and feminine energies  make up the “Star Tetrahedron”.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is the gateway between dimensions, leading to a higher level of consciousness. “Cosmic consciousness” is an alloy of human thoughts capable of interacting with the material world and changing it.  

Masaru Emoto in his book Secret Codes of Ice Crystals writes that research on water has confirmed the influence of the mind on the formation of crystal structures: when thinking about frozen water with love, you get perfectly symmetrical crystals of wondrous beauty, and vice versa – evil thoughts create twisted, chaotic forms of crystals.

The mind is capable of changing the state of matter and has a guiding force. Mankind needs to develop the ability of reason to influence the world around us, it is an acquired skill. Like meditation, mastering the true “power of thought” requires training.

The first mystics knew that the world consists of ten dimensions. Based on the latest scientific observations, it is assumed that the multidimensional universe  consists not of three, but of ten dimensions, interacting with each other like vibrating strings.

The key to the future of science lies in the past. Our ancestors possessed amazing scientific knowledge, modern physics is just beginning to comprehend them. 

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This star consists of two interpenetrating tetrahedrons and resembles the Star of David, with the only difference that the first is three-dimensional. Two mutually penetrating tetrahedrons symbolize perfectly balanced masculine and feminine energies. The tetrahedral star surrounds every object, not just our bodies. We have a physical body, a mental body, and an emotional body, and they all have the shape of a tetrahedron star. These are three identical fields superimposed on each other, and the only difference between them is that the physical body does not rotate in opposite directions.

The mental star-tetrahedron defines the masculine principle, has an electrical nature and rotates to the left. The emotional star-tetrahedron defines the feminine principle, has a magnetic nature and rotates to the right. The connections of the mind, heart and physical body in a certain geometric ratio and at a critical speed are created by MER-KA-BA. The word MER means light fields rotating in opposite directions, the word KA means spirit, and BA means body or reality.

MER-KA-BA is a light field rotating in opposite directions, which encompasses both body and spirit. In fact, it is a machine of space and time. It is also the image that underlies the creation of all things, the geometric shape that surrounds our bodies. This figure begins with us and is microscopic in size, like those eight primary cells from which our physical bodies arose.

Temple of seven shadows

There is an ancient legend about the underground temple of the seven shadows, which was built by humanoid beings thousands of years ago. They were magicians, knew how to travel in time and even flew to other planets.

Ufologists believe that this was a race of researchers who collected knowledge throughout the Universe and hid it on different planets. Tradition calls these creatures Styx, as well as the river that separates our world and the subtle world of the dead.

According to legend, in one of the dungeons of the Styx they kept a magical artifact – the crystal of Life, that is, Merkaba. It is made using alien technology and is a source of cheap energy. Generating the energy of the Sun and the Moon, Styx with the help of this crystal controlled the gravitational and electromagnetic fields of the planet and created space-time funnels through which they moved to parallel worlds.

But the “eternal battery” turned out to be a dangerous weapon. According to legend, if someone finds the temple of the seven shadows and finds Merkaba, he will have to stay there forever and guard the crystal.

There is an assumption that the crystal rests at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the Bermuda Triangle. This place has always been an anomalous zone in which time is warped. There, on the ocean floor, in 1998, the ruins of a strange structure, similar to a huge pyramid, were found. And who said that a crystal cannot be the same pyramid?


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