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Fact or fiction

The mystery of the death of Adolf Hitler

Fifty years ago, on April 5, 1970, by decision of the leadership of the Soviet Union, the remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were exhumed and destroyed 11 kilometers from Magdeburg.

The deadly virus is Hitler’s last revenge on humanity! You do not believe it? Five years ago, on one of the Russian television channels, the film “Hitler’s Exhumation” from the series “New Russian Sensations” was released. The investigation film says that Adolf Hitler arrived in Argentina after the defeat in World War II, from where, constantly hiding and changing names, he moved to the Brazilian outback. 

During his wanderings, Hitler received from the representatives of the Vatican the coordinates of the cave with the treasures of the Jesuits. While looking for gold, he broke his leg, was bitten by a bat, and after some time died. Already in our time, a Brazilian researcher and a Russian journalist exhumed the bones and sent them for examination. Is it not from there that an infection arose that today threatens the whole world? After all, aren’t they claiming that the deadly virus is said to be associated with bats?

Such fantasies are good for tickling the nerves of the average man. Or compose scenarios for science fiction films in which the leader of the Third Reich, after the defeat of Germany, goes by submarine to the Polar Reich or on a flying saucer to a lunar base.

Nevertheless, the history of National Socialism leaves room for the most exotic assumptions and speculations. From the very beginning of the Hitlerite path to power and until the spring of 1945, the German Nazis paid considerable attention to unusual, occult studies. Adolf Hitler was a member of the Thule Society, whose activities were then continued by a special unit of the SS Reichsführer’s Personal Headquarters – the Anenerbe Society.

Nazi scientists, in and without SS uniforms, dealt with a wide range of issues – from historical theories of the origin of the Aryan race to human experiments and attempts to invent unprecedented examples of fundamentally new weapons. Hitler researchers sent scientific expeditions to Scandinavia and Tibet, the Middle East and Latin America. The Nazi military expeditions sought to find a connection between the Reich and the mythical civilizations of antiquity, they were seriously looking for Atlantis and the entrances to the cavities of planet Earth in the region of the North and South poles.

You can ironize as much as you like about the research of scientists of the Third Reich, but the fact remains that the science of Nazi Germany has advanced quite far in comparison with other countries participating in the Second World War. Especially with regard to the military application of knowledge. The Germans were the first to create jet aircraft. They came closest to creating an atomic bomb. The German FAU-1 and FAU-2 rockets laid the foundation for the space programs of the USSR and the USA.

By losing the world battle, the Nazis could not realize most of their innovative projects prepared for the end of the war. There were not enough materials to create an atomic bomb in the territory controlled by the Reich. Industry could no longer produce the right amount of fighter jets and heavy tanks.

After the war ended, the leading victorious powers launched a real hunt for Nazi secrets and their carriers. Intelligence of the USSR and Anglo-Americans competed for the right to open and remove as many storages, scientific laboratories and scientists from the territory of the Reich as possible.

Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer and the Reich Chancellor, a man who had absolute power in the Reich, naturally, was a key figure for everyone. He was not only a symbol and embodiment of the state and its policies, but also the main bearer of military secrets. Therefore, it was very important for his opponents to capture the Fuhrer or to make sure of his death.

However, the history of genuine events that took place in the Fuhrer’s bunker at the end of April 1945 and after, indeed, contains a number of dark spots. Starting with the fact that the witnesses of the last days of Hitler – the guards and employees of the Reich Chancellery, gave conflicting testimonies.

According to the official version, Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide on April 30, 1945. The Führer himself took an ampoule of potassium cyanide and shot himself in the head, and Eva Brown was poisoned. Following Hitler, on May 1, 1945, Joseph and Magda Goebbels and six of their children committed suicide. According to Hitler’s death order, his body, along with the body of his wife, was doused with gasoline and burned in the courtyard of the Reich Chancellery.

During the capture of the government quarter of Berlin, Soviet military counterintelligence paid special attention to the seizure of all those associated with the Nazi elite, as well as the seizure of documents of the Nazi headquarters. It was they who detained those on whose testimony of the official version of Hitler’s death is based: corporal of the SS combined battalion Paul Marzers and Fuhrer’s guard Erich Haberman, garage technician Karl Schneider and cook Wilhelm Lange. From them, counterintelligence officers learned that Hitler was in a bunker until April 30, and after that his body was burned in the yard.

On May 3, Soviet soldiers found charred bodies in the garden of the Reich Chancellery, in which the corpses of the Goebbels couple were identified. Only two days later, on May 5, two more charred bodies belonging to a man and a woman were found in the funnel from the bomb. Next to them were two dog corpses. Reich Chancellery officials reported that the remains belong to Hitler, Eva Braun and their dogs. The identification of corpses was handled by a specially created commission.

The main documents on which the conclusions of the Soviet commission are based are the records of the dental office of the Reich Chancellery and the testimony of Hitler’s dentist, Professor Blaschke and his assistant, Kette Goiserman. Based on the evidence gathered, the Soviet, British and American counterintelligence agents concluded that the remains found in the garden of the Reich Chancellery belong to Adolf Hitler and his wife. The conclusions of the Soviet examination at the end of May were sent to Joseph Stalin, but were never made public.

The mystery associated with the death of Hitler, made many to doubt the official version. The fact is that the bodies found in the funnel were extremely burned. It’s impossible to pinpoint their affiliation by the shape of the auricles or by fingerprints. The testimonies of the witnesses contradicted one another. In addition, on May 4, 1945, the corpse of the Führer’s twin, Gustav Weller, was discovered.

The only evidence that the bodies belonged to Hitler and his wife is a fragment of the jaw. Interestingly, even a fragment of the skull with a bullet hole was found only six months later – in 1946, when the NKVD conducted an additional investigation. Interestingly, Stalin, until his death, instructed intelligence to look for traces of Hitler.

In June 1945, the alleged remains of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Joseph and Magda Goebbels and their children, with the exception of fragments that identified the remains, were buried in a forest near Rathenov. In February 1946, they were reburied in the territory of the counterintelligence department in the Soviet military town in Magdeburg.

In 1970, when the military town was transferred to the German side, the chairman of the KGB of the USSR, Yuri Andropov, proposed to the Central Committee of the CPSU to destroy the remains of Hitler, Brown and Goebbels. The KGB chief motivated his position by the fact that the remains could be the subject of worship of neo-Nazis. They burned the remains, pushed together with the ashes to a state of uniform mass and threw them into the Biederitz river.

Nowadays, the reason for the destruction of the remains seems far-fetched. No one interfered with the employees of the Soviet state security to take them to the territory of the USSR. In fact, today the KGB special archive has only a fragment of the jaw and cranium, which supposedly belong to Hitler and acts of inspection of the place of discovery, as well as the destruction of the remains in 1970.

Are there enough reasons to be 100% sure of Hitler’s suicide? As we see, they did not convince the head of the Soviet state Joseph Stalin. Could the Führer leave his bunker and leave the body of another person or people in his place? Surely he could, given the fact that representatives of the Nazi elite, for example, Martin Bormann and large SS officials, did so until the end of April.

It was much more difficult to get out of Berlin, through the barriers of the USSR armies and allies, to get to a safe port, from where it would be possible to leave Europe. In addition, it must be borne in mind that Hitler’s health in the spring of 1945 was already undermined. The life in the body of the Nazi leader was supported by injections of Dr. Theo Morell. Hitler, 56, would hardly have survived a long journey through war-torn Europe and then by submarine to Argentina. And, given the particularly stubborn searches of the Nazis in Latin America by the Israeli secret services, it is unlikely that he could have been hiding there for a long time, even by changing names.

So, if the secret base of the Third Reich at the South Pole does not suddenly appear, talking about the surviving Hitler will remain literary and fantastic assumptions and material for creating sensational reports. Is it so important that Hitler died on April 30, 1945, or several years later, if the Nazi Reich was defeated in the spring of 1945 and the main business of the life of the Nazi leader ended in complete failure?


Fact or fiction

Is COVID-19 a direct proof of the existence of the Matrix?

The COVID-19 pandemic since its inception is full of mysteries, however, the biggest of them is the name of the pathogen itself, which does not fit into the framework of the generally accepted taxonomy of viruses.

Moreover, the name of the virus changed several times and there was even an attempt to rename the current COVID-19. Nevertheless, the name has remained the same and therefore many conspiracy theorists think that the name COVID-19 is fraught with something. But what?

In an attempt to answer this question, with a nickname Clawspiracy on May 25, 2020 he laid out his view of the situation for general discussion and invited all conspiracy theorists to follow the traditional path of Freemasonry and lay out the so-called “magic square” from an incomprehensible word:

The square is selected with a size of 5X5 characters, the numbers are discarded, and the word COVID is sequentially written five times in the forward and reverse sequence. And to the great surprise of the author, the picture was surprisingly symmetrical.

The center of symmetry of the square is the sequence VVVVV, which, obviously, stands for Vi veri universum vivus vici or, in Latin: “By the power of truth, I, the living, have conquered the universe.” The original quote is Dr. Faust, but it is better known for Aleister Crowley, who chose VVVVV as his magical motto. 

The next element of the square is the obvious digital sequence 01010/10101 – that is, an explicit binary code that clearly indicates something and, as it were, hints at the Microsoft digital identifier, patent application for which has the number 060606:

Continuing experiments with this binary code, Clawspiracy first translated the resulting sequences into English text, receiving the letters F and K, which can be understood as a hint of the word “f *** k”, and then tried to convert the binary string to Windows-12- code 52, as a result of which he received the symbol ™ … that is, a trademark.

The third side of the magic square contains a DCD sequence. Most often, this abbreviation stands for Developmental Coordination Disorder. This is also called dispraxia – impaired movement in children in the absence of impaired muscle tone and paralysis. At the same time, children experience difficulties in performing various complex movements, they have a violation of coordination, therefore one of the names of the pathology is “clumsy child syndrome”.

DCD can also be understood as the Compulsory Declaration of Disease System or as Donation after death from circulatory arrest   and involves the removal of organs for transplantation from patients whose death has been diagnosed and confirmed using cardiorespiratory criteria.

At the moment, the study, of course, is not the most profound and not exhaustive – the author only drew the attention of the public to things that are obvious and striking. Nevertheless, even a cursory acquaintance with the subject is enough to see some hidden meaning in the word COVID-19 – there is more than enough symbolism there and for sure conspiracy theorists will still have a lot of wonderful and surprising discoveries. 

But at the moment, the most important thing and one thing is not clear: such hidden links and parallels in the name COVID-19 – is this a conspiracy of globalist Illuminati, or is Artificial Intelligence behind the pandemic?

 Or maybe the world around us is not real, but some kind of digital, in which all things are invisibly interconnected and controlled only by the laws of computational mathematics?

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Fact or fiction

Humanoid Invasion. The mystery of one of the most mysterious photographs of the twentieth century

A photograph of a space alien taken at a family picnic has become one of the most famous photographs of the twentieth century.

On May 23, 1964, a photograph of the so-called Solway-Firth astronaut, who became one of the most famous in the twentieth century. A firefighter from the English countryside, who went with his family on a picnic, took a photo that circled all the world’s newspapers. Some researchers for a long time considered photography the only reliable picture of an alien.

The birth of a legend

On May 23, 1964, a fireman and amateur photographer from Carlisle Jim Templeton went with his wife and daughter to a picnic in Burg Marsh, a picturesque area near Solway Firth Bay on the border of England and Scotland. On the trip, he took with him a Zeiss Contax camera, hoping to take some pictures against the backdrop of local landscapes.

Nothing extraordinary happened during the trip, after returning Templeton gave the film to the developer. Several dozen pictures taken by him that day were not unusual, but one of the photographs was out of the ordinary. Behind his five-year-old daughter, the silhouette of a humanoid in a silver-white “space” suit or suit was clearly visible in the photo, and a helmet with dark glass could also be seen on his head.

Templeton was absolutely sure that strangers simply could not get into the frame, because that day no one was resting in the Burg March except for a couple of pensioners who were very far from them. In addition, he was convinced that he did not see anyone (except his daughter) in the frame at the moment when he was taking the picture.

An excited fireman took the picture to the police. The police shrugged and returned the photo back, not knowing what to do with it. Templeton then gave the photograph to Kodak representatives to tell him if this could be a defect in their film. The company studied the photo and came to the conclusion that there could be no defect, someone was really captured in the photo, moreover, the photo definitely does not have any traces of photo montage and fake.

Photo © Wikipedia

History got into local newspapers, and from there it passed on to the most popular and large-circulation English newspapers. Of these, she got into the world press. The Humanoid was dubbed the Solway-Firth Astronaut / Astronaut.

A few days after that, a rocket launch at the training ground was to take place in Australia. However, the launch was canceled due to technical problems. But the story of the Solway-Firth astronaut at that time was so popular that a rumor was born that the launch was actually canceled due to the fact that on the site they saw two figures similar to the English “astronaut” figures in silver spacesuits. They tried to detain them, but they disappeared without a trace, as if dissolved in the air.

Although no evidence of this story could be found in the archives (the launch of the rocket was filmed in photos and videos, but no presence of “astronauts” on the films was recorded), it became a popular urban legend, picked up by enthusiastic ufologists.

Men in black visit

There is a popular urban legend about people in black. Allegedly working for a top-secret government organization whose function is to hide the traces of an alien presence in the world. The legend originated in the circles of ufologists in the mid-50s, and Templeton made a certain contribution to its popularization, although he himself was not one of the ufologists.

A few days after the story with the “astronaut” hit all the world media, two people came to Templeton’s home. They called themselves government agents, but refused to give their names, stating that “they are identified only by numbers.” They demanded that the firefighter take them to the place where he took his famous photograph.

Screenshot © Youtube / Dave Armitage

On the way, they asked him about the circumstances in which he took a photo. After making sure that Templeton could not tell them anything sensational, and not finding anything unusual in the Burg March, the men left very upset.

Templeton himself in later interviews said that he believed that they were most likely not associated with any government organizations. Perhaps they were amateur ufologists or reporters longing for sensation. However, in ufological circles, the version about their involvement in the “people in black” was more popular.


Templeton’s photo immediately gained cult status in the circles of ufologists and UFO hunters. This was almost the first serious material evidence, since almost all the other stories about UFOs and aliens were based only on unverified eyewitness accounts or obviously fake photos. In this case, a convincing argument was the examination of the Kodak film manufacturer, which confirmed that the photo is genuine and not a photo montage.

Ufologists besieged the British Department of Defense for many years with requests to study and comment on the photo, but the military did not show much interest in it. The author of the photograph received many letters from conspiracy therapists, ufologists and paranormal researchers until his death. All of them put forward their explanations of what happened and once again asked Templeton to share memories of that day in the hope that he would remember something forgotten or lost.


Skeptics believed that Templeton simply deliberately went to falsification. A bored fireman from a remote English province went on a forgery for the sake of five minutes of fame. In this regard, England had a rich tradition. At the end of the 19th century, in the wake of the universal popularity of spiritualism, a lot of fake photographs appeared with ghosts, spirits, fairies, elves, etc. So why in the middle of the twentieth century, in the wake of the popularity of UFOs and in general the space theme, do not go for a similar forgery?

Jim Templeton 

The main argument of the supporters of this version was the fact that there were no other witnesses who could independently confirm Templeton’s words on the Burg March that day. So, nothing prevented the fireman from dressing his wife in a “space” suit or even taking a picture of a mannequin.

Templeton himself, who lived almost 50 years after this photo and regularly gave interviews, always assured that at the time when he took the photo of his daughter, there was nobody in the frame. In any case, he did not see anyone through the viewfinder of the camera, otherwise he would not have taken the picture.

Optical illusion

In the XXI century, modern technology has allowed a more thorough study of the photograph of the Solway-Firth astronaut. So the version was born, which has become one of the most popular at the present time.

Researchers were encouraged by other Templeton photos taken that very day. Several of them depict his wife, dressed in a light blue dress. Annie Templeton wore short black hair, which in a blurry photo (the “humanoid” figure was in the background and was out of focus) could be mistaken for a helmet.

After examining the photo in several professional photo editors, the researchers concluded that the “humanoid” is definitely a human figure that stands with its back to the photographer. If you look closely at the photo, it will be noticeable by the “humanoid” arm bent at the elbow.

Due to overexposure of the exposition at the time of the photograph, Templeton’s light blue dress could have acquired a white and silver color, which is noticeable in some other photographs taken that day.

However, Templeton was not necessarily a liar. He really could not see that a few meters behind his daughter was his wife. The fact is that the viewfinder of his camera had a characteristic feature, he displayed the frame far from completely. The area in which Annie Templeton was located could simply be hidden from the eyes of her husband. Therefore, he was very surprised to see a strange figure in the photo shown, reminiscent of a character from then popular science fiction films.

Jim Templeton lived a long life and passed away in 2011 at the age of 91. Becoming the author of one of the most famous photographs of the twentieth century, he regularly gave interviews until his death. Templeton did not claim that the figure in the photo is an alien or a ghost, he insisted only that he did not see her in the viewfinder while photographing and he did not know who it could be.

Currently, most researchers believe that in the famous photograph there is nothing supernatural and unusual. But some still believe that this photo is one of the few reliable evidence of the existence of life outside the Earth.

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Fact or fiction

Is it true that thousands of Brazilians saw a UFO crash?

Well, lovers of conspiracy theories, it is your time! According to recent publications in the world media, thousands of Brazilians saw an unidentified flying object in the sky. Needless to say, the numerous videos published on social networks provoked a wave of real madness. Reports that a UFO allegedly crashed in a Brazilian forest instantly diverged on Twitter after users have uploaded videos in which the alleged unknown object glows with blue, red and yellow lights. 

In one video, you can see that the lights are arranged in a triangle. Eyewitnesses also report that Google maps hid pictures from the site of the UFO crash. But what is the likelihood that this unidentified object is actually something from other worlds, and not an ordinary satellite or drone, skillfully assembled by jokers?

Did the aliens suddenly decide to fly to Rio de Janeiro or is there another explanation?

I see a UFO!

To understand what really happened in Brazil, you should turn to history. Hundreds and thousands of people around the world with an enviable frequency report that they have seen a real flying saucer. Some are convinced that they were completely abducted by the “little green people” and conducted various, often intimate, experiments on them. So, sperm was traditionally taken from men and eggs from women or the embryo was cut (hereinafter referred to as the list).

The astronomer and popularizer of science Carl Sagan in his book “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a candle in Dark” writes:

In 1992, a survey conducted in the United States showed that more than 6,000 adult Americans believe in aliens. But for some reason, no one bothered to answer the question of why creatures so successful in physics and engineering – they overcome huge interstellar spaces, pass through walls through ghosts – are they much less able in biology? Why, if they try to keep a secret, simply do not erase all the memories of the abduction? Can not? And why do all of their equipment correspond to the size of a person and looks very much like the equipment of a regional clinic? Why do these multiple coexistence of aliens with humans?

Nothing, next time we’ll be taken for sure

The first mention of “flying saucers” appeared in the middle of the twentieth century. That was the time when humanity was preparing for travels to the moon and other planets. The idea that another, more ancient and development civilization could well reach us from a distant star system was in the air. At the same time, all testimonies about meetings with aliens and flying saucers are based solely on the testimonies of witnesses – broken and extremely contradictory. For some, the object was moving rapidly, for others, it froze in the air, still others reported that the ship had the shape of a ball, disk, and even a cigar. The UFOs were buzzing, completely silent, or just sparkling, shimmering in different colors.

In fact, most UFO reports were … honest. In most cases, people observed natural, albeit not quite ordinary phenomena. So, some UFOs turned out to be high-altitude balloons, luminous insects, optical illusions, mirages, planets seen under unusual atmospheric conditions, light refraction, meteors, artificial satellites, launch vehicles, orbits, etc. Moreover, it cannot be ruled out that these could be small comets that decayed in the upper atmosphere.

Needless to say, this sphere of the “unknown” attracts a huge number of charlatans who want to make money on UFO stories and aliens who just need to collect your seminal fluid or eggs. Journalists, science fiction writers, cinema, the Internet and social networks also contributed to the spread of the flying saucer myth. Well, what can I say, the topic is really interesting.

Video of UFO eyewitnesses in the sky over Brazil. What do you think it could be?

I note that all the evidence for the existence of flying saucers and gray (or green?) Men turned out to be frankly weak and unconvincing. For the most part, this evidence was generated by gullibility, hallucinations, ignorance of the laws of physics, fears, thirst for attention, fame, money. One way or another, today there is no evidence that mysterious objects in the sky, which are sometimes reported by people – alien ships. But what, then, did they see in Brazil?

UFO in Brazil – what is it?

So, on numerous videos on social networks you can see a fancy glowing object – what is it? According to some eyewitnesses on Twitter, “something fell into the lake. But that doesn’t seem to be a satellite. ” Then, as Express writes , dozens of posts with the #MageUFO hashtag on Twitter “disappeared”, on Reddit “posts related to Brazilian UFOs also started to disappear.” 

After that, UFO enthusiasts shared a link to a satellite image of Google Maps, which depicts a forest in Mage, located north of Rio de Janeiro. The picture showed something white in a bizarre shape. Instantly, the photo spawned several conspiracy theories.

This image was subsequently removed from Google maps

A Google spokesman tried to explain this mysterious phenomenon to Vice:

In this case, what people see in the pictures is a reflection that temporarily overloads the satellite’s sensor. In fact, the sun’s rays reflected off the building’s surface at a right angle, which briefly “blinded” the satellite. This is a fairly common occurrence.

Witnesses also reported loud explosions and shots near the crash site, as well as increased attention of police and military to what was happening. 

One way or another, even if an unidentified flying object in the sky above Brazil is indeed an alien ship, a more reasonable explanation is a satellite or another, possibly previously unknown to science, astronomical phenomenon. Agree, it is better to accept the unknown than a false explanation of the truth.

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