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The mystery of the death of a woman mummified 2600 years ago is revealed

The mystery of the death of a woman mummified 2600 years ago is revealed 7

If you are interested in the history of Ancient Egypt, instead of wasting time on pyramid tours, you better visit the Irish Museum of Ulster. It is there that today is stored one of the most mysterious mummies ever found by archaeologists.

She is known as the Takabuchi mummy and is the embalmed body of a woman who died about 2600 years ago. It is known that she came from a wealthy and respected family, and also had several deviations in the body structure. It is believed that the woman was famous for her extraordinary beauty. Until now, scientists have not been able to find out the cause of her death, but recently the answer to this question has finally been found.

The mystery of the death of a woman mummified 2600 years ago is revealed 8

The sarcophagus that houses the mummy of Takabuchi

Given by scientists from the English city of Manchester, the mummified body of an Egyptian got into the Ulster Museum in the 19th century. Historical documents state that the Irishman Thomas Greg bought it from archaeologists in 1834 and delivered it to the city of Belfast, where the ancient museum is located. According to an employee of the institution, Greer Ramsey, in recent years, the mummy underwent an X-ray, computed tomography and hair examination, during which scientists managed to reveal many details about the woman’s personality. In addition, they managed to find out the cause of her death.

The most mysterious mummy

Researchers found that during life, a woman’s height was about one and a half meters. Moreover, an extra vertebra was found in her body, which is a very rare occurrence found in only 2% of the population of our planet. But this is not the only deviation found in a woman, because in her oral cavity there found 33 teeth. This feature of the body is even less common, namely in 0.02% of all living people. During the embalming, the woman’s red hair was neatly styled, so the researchers concluded that she had exceptional beauty.

The mystery of the death of a woman mummified 2600 years ago is revealed 9

Takabuchi died at the age of 20-30

In general, the embalming of the girl was clearly carried out very carefully and with great respect. According to the researchers, the process of mummification clearly used pleasantly smelling impurities, resins, and linen dressings.

DNA analysis showed that Takabuti had more affinity with the Europeans than with the Egyptians. It is believed that her father was a priest in the temple of Amun-Ra, but researchers could not find information about her mother. But they have speculations that she was married and owned a large house. Perhaps an unusual origin, extraordinary beauty and wealth became the main cause of death for women. The fact is that during the study of her mummy, scientists found strong evidence that she was killed.

The mystery of the death of a woman mummified 2600 years ago is revealed 10

Thanks to embalming, the body of the Egyptian was well preserved

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On the back of the embalmed woman, scientists found clear signs of stab wound. According to their calculations, the blow was delivered to the back of the left shoulder when the woman was from 20 to 30 years old. According to one of the authors of the study, Robert Loyns, the girl’s death occurred very quickly. Perhaps close people tried to save her, because at the site of the wound, the remains of the material that was used to close the wound were found.

Who exactly and for what reason killed the woman is not clear to scientists. Perhaps the answer to this question should be sought in ancient documents, but the event is hardly mentioned in the millennial writings. If the murder of Takabuchi was documented, it is not a fact in the scriptures survived to our times.


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