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The mystery behind the metallic sphere that fell from the sky

On May 26, 1974, in a very quiet town of Jacksonville (Florida), an event that would completely change the life of the Betz family, an event that even today could not be understood or explained scientifically by any expert on this issue. Let’s get to know the Betz Sphere(metallic sphere).

metallic sphere

After a terrible fire that destroyed much of a forest near the house of the Betz family, the family began to inspect the damage of the affected area in that burned area and to their surprise they stumbled upon a very curious sphere of metal that it was a little less than 8 inches in diameter.

Terry Betz (who found her) picked up that strange sphere for him from the ground, put her in his car and took her home. That’s when strange things began to happen in that home with the sphere at home. The dog began to behave very strangely, this behavior would be attributed to high frequency waves that originated in the sphere, outside the auditory range of human beings.

When they pushed the sphere so that it will roll on the ground, it changed direction by itself and returns to the starting point. And you could also clearly hear a strange sound coming from inside the sphere.

The US Navy UU and NASA, as you would imagine, were interested in being able to examine this steel ball. Its shell was about half an inch thick and was able to withstand a pressure of 120,000 pounds per square inch, concluding that it was composed of stainless steel.

The metal that formed the sphere’s shell, although comparable to stainless steel, contained an unknown element that made it slightly different from steel. The sphere was intensely magnetic. X-rays revealed 3 familiar forms of spheroids inside the ball. The sphere showed 4 different magnetic poles, 2 positive and 2 negative, which were not concentric. The radio waves come from him and a magnetic field around him. It was determined that the sphere had atomic numbers greater than 140.

The big question would be: where does it come from and who made it? Would there be the possibility that this sphere belonged to a very advanced alien technology? Leave your comment below!

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New Mexico Solar Observatory Reopens : Here the official version of what happened

Admittedly, the mystery generated by the closure of a Solar Observatory has all the ingredients to be an episode of the X-Files . And those who have seen the aforementioned TV series will know how the thing ends: We will never know what really happened.

New Mexico Solar Observatory Reopens

Well, it looks like it will be! A few Days ago, the ‘AURA’ (Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy), the entity in charge of the observatory, announced that today the doors of Sunspot would reopen, returning everything to normality. The explanation given in the published statement is, at least, vague and pretentious:

“AURA has been cooperating with an ongoing investigation of the police forces that took place at Sacramento Peak. During the same we realized that a suspect in the investigation represented a potential threat to the safety of our team and the residents. “

“For this reason, AURA temporarily evacuated the facilities and ceased all scientific activity on the site. The decision to evacuate was based on the logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel in such a remote location, and the need for a diligent response to the threat. “

“AURA determined that moving a small number of people to the mountain was the most prudent and effective action to guarantee their safety. In light of recent advances in research, we have determined that there is no longer any risk to the equipment, and the Sunspot solar observatory will return to operations this September 17. “

After reading the official statement, surely this whole story will fall into oblivion, and as we mentioned before, we will always have the doubt to know if this is what really happened. When this incident took place, the only thing that was officially known (from 9 September to the present day) came from a social media publication by Sunspot that stated that it was a “preventive security measure” and that they will reopen the place “as soon as possible”. This lack of official information, together with the suspicious closure of a post office located nearby, led to the dissemination of various conspiracy theories through social networks.

The director of Sunspot did not help much with his statement before the local media, denying categorically and without anyone asking him, that the observatory has seen extraterrestrials (just what someone would say who saw something but does not want to or can not admit it ..). Along with this extraterrestrial theory, images surfaced allegedly taken on September 11 by amateur astronomer Maria G. Hill of Salem, Indiana, who would show strange objects close to the sun, “a huge fleet of UFOs” according to several ufologists.

A more terrifying theory affirmed that a spill of mercury, whose toxicity was elevated, took to that all the people of the site were evacuated as a precaution while the government makes a cleaning. Some Internet users also maintained that the observatory detected evidence of a future apocalyptic solar storm and that in order not to panic the FBI closed the observatory and closed the post office.

It is not correct to indicate that the observatories had closed their doors, but we were right in stating that cuts and technical difficulties were reported in at least six more solar observatories, at the same time that Sunspot was intervened by the FBI. And they were the following:

The AXIS 232D network dome camera located in Sydney (Australia); webcams located at the SOAR Observatory – South Astrophysics Research Telescope (Chile); BRT Tenerife Telescope Webcam (Spain); webcam located at the Mauna Kea observatory (Hawaii); webcam of the observatory of the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope (Hawaii); webcam at JAT Observatory in Fairless Hills (Pennsylvania).

To date, this is the official information we have. What’s your opinion about it? Will this strange “incident” fall into oblivion? Leave your comment below!

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UFO Or A Meteorite? Mystery Surrounded Patomskiy Crater

What landed here – a UFO or a meteorite? This 40 meter high geological formation was never thoroughly investigated until the 2000s but Russian scientists seem to have found an explanation.

A gloomy dark mount towers over the bright green landscape of the dense Russian taiga. Looking like a giant speaker – 40 meters high and 100 meters wide – it’s an unexpected site to see in a remote area in the north of Irkutsk region, some 210 km north of the town of Bodaibo.

Until 1949 only a few locals knew about it. They call it the “Fire Eagle’s Nest” and used to think of it as a bad place that even animals avoided. Some who visit this place die a strange death and household animals vanish without a trace. What’s the mystery behind this crater and is there a rational explanation for the all the mysterious activity?

How it was discovered

The scientist who first chanced upon this unique formation was Russian geologist Vadim Kolpakov. In 1949 he came here to conduct research and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the crater.

“I thought I was mad,” he recalled. “From a distance it reminded me of a giant pit mine and I even wondered if people were there. Why would they be? This is a dense area of the taiga. Plus there were no NKVD labor camps around here – I knew it for sure. Secondly, I thought that it might be an archeological artefact, but the local Evenk and Yakut people were not ancient Egyptians. They can’t built rock pyramids.”

A closer examination showed that the crater was a large mound made of shattered limestone blocks with a diameter of around 160 meters, with an estimated weight of about one million tons. The crater was coined “Patom” (the name of a nearby river), but wasn’t examined thoroughly until the 2000s due to a lack of funding.

Photograph of Patom Crater (made by M.V. Antipin, view from Dzhebaldo Mount). The diameter of the basement is 125 × 155 m, and the diameter of the annular swell is 80 m. The inset shows the geographical position of Patom Crater (asterisk). (Image Source)


The mystery of “Fire Eagle’s Nest” has fueled various theories, from an alien ship landing to an underground nuclear reaction. Some, including Kolpakov himself, supported the idea that the crater was formed by a meteorite falling on the Patom Highland – people thought it might be a fragment of the Tunguska meteorite that fell in the Siberian taiga in 1908. Others suggested that the crater is a volcanic structure that formed due to gas steam jets from a significant depth along fault zones.

The first complex scientific expedition that visited the site in 2005 didn’t get any answers. The head of the expedition died of a heart attack – a tragedy that some believed was a bad omen.

Still, the scientists continued to examine the area. Subsequent expeditions in the years that followed (2006, 2008, 2010) were more successful. Gathered material from the site showed that the crater formed around 500 years ago (way earlier than the Tunguska meteorite) and that it has a zoned ring structure with individual zones formed at different times.

The scientists eventually discarded the meteoritic theory and cryogenic formation hypothesis (suggesting that the cone formed by the freezing of aquifer sequence) and came to the conclusion that the Patom Crater formed by a phreatic (steam) explosion, that happened either during magma emplacement into hydrous rocks or due to the faulting and decompression of heated hydrous rocks.

Despite this, some prefer to believe in more exciting, farfetched explanations like a tiny fragment of a neutron star falling to Earth – so massive that it punched straight through the Earth and out the other side, through the Patom Crater. It’s not completely unrealistic – two similar events happened in 1993 in different parts of the planet, both within a month of each other.

There’s still no explanation for strange events reportedly happening in the crater’s vicinity. Apart from the magnetic anomaly that was detected during one of the first expeditions there is no confirmed evidence that something big is buried in the center of the crater.

Whichever theory one chooses to believe, the crater will most likely remain one of the most mysterious places in Siberia.

Source: RussiaBeyond

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The Lost City Of Z: The Strange Mystery Of Colonel Percy Fawcett

Have you ever heard about The Lost City of Z?! Z like Zorro.

James Gray wrote and directed the American biographical adventure film. The release of the film was in 2016 starring Charlie Hunnam as Percy Fawcett and Sienna Miller as his wife, Nina Fawcett.

Supposedly the film is based on a real-life story of Percy Fawcett. He was British geographer, officer, archaeologist and explorer of South America. The film just like the book – “The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon” written by David Grann it seems to have gathered all the sympathies of the audience as a brave explorer and his adventures.

How does this story turn out to be one of the biggest news stories of his day? During his last mission, the whole team including Percy disappeared.

Fawcett was a member of Royal Geographical Society. His first expedition was by the Royal Geographical Society in 1906. Fawcett made seven expeditions between 1906 and 1924. He was 39 years old and he explored the region of Brasil and Bolivia. During the expedition, he claimed to have seen many mysterious species of animals and plants.

According to some researches, Fawcett he formulated theories that he had found traces of a hidden city that he called ‘Z’. He believed the city was located somewhere in Mato Grosso in the region of Brazil. Some researchers thought this part of Mato Grosso was actually the eternal City of gold El Dorado.

In 1920, he found a document in the National Library of Rio de Janeiro called Manuscript 512. The document was written by a Portuguese researcher in 1753. The Manuscript included details of soaring store arches, multi-stored buildings, statues and a temple.

At the beginning of the First World War Fawcett returned to Britain to serve his country. Right after the end of the war, he turned back into his passion – ‘Z’. In fact, he also had an attempt to go on the mission by himself in 1920. The try was a total failure. It resulted in developing a fever and shooting his pack animal while he was ill.

On April 20th, 1925, he went on his mission, in which he was accompanied by his eldest son Jack and Jack’s best and longtime friend, Raleigh Rimell, for an exploratory expedition to find ‘Z’. He received funding from a London-based group of financiers known as the Glove.

He was also accompanied with two Brasilian laborers, two horses, 8 mules and 2 dogs. In the last letter to his wife Nina, he sounded very optimistic. He proclaimed: “We hope to get through this region in a few days… You need have no fear of any failure.” That was the last anyone would ever hear from them again.

Numerous expeditions searched for Fawcett and his team. The journalist Albert de Winon tried to find them with his team, but he either wasn’t seen again. 

There are some doubts that they were killed by local tribes. And some claimed that he and his son Jack became members of a Cannibal tribe. Skeleton was founded in the depth of the forest but after years and years it turned out are not Fawcett’s.

Resolving the mystery after years and years is still status quo. In total, 13 expeditions worked hard to find the lost team. About 100 people lost their lives or disappeared searching for it. What do you think, what happened to Percy Fawcett and his team?

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