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The mysterious cloud that had appeared in Turkey a few days before the earthquake has now emerged in Argentina

The mysterious cloud that had appeared in Turkey a few days before the earthquake has now emerged in Argentina 1

A mysterious cloud that had appeared in Turkey a few days before the deadly February 6th earthquake has reappeared this time in Argentina, causing panic among residents.

The cloud was first seen in the city of Bursa in northwestern Turkey on January 22, and many linked it to the devastating earthquake that struck the northern city in Turkey, a few days later on February 6.

Then an earthquake struck Turkey and everyone immediately remembered this cloud, suggesting that it is somehow connected with the earthquake. For example, an alien ship is hiding in a cloud, which either causes earthquakes, or vice versa, tries to smooth out the tension on the fault. 

This whole theory is very controversial, but over Argentina they saw almost the same cloud as in Turkey. According to videos and photos it made its appearance over the town of Comodoro Rivadavia in the Chubut province of Patagonia in southern Argentina.

The phenomenon was observed on February 13. Although the cloud in Turkey was initially interpreted as one of the numerous cloud formations, many of which may appear eerie, however the earthquake in Turkey and now the reappearance of the same cloud formation in Argentina has caused noise and concern in the country.

If the theory about the connection between such unusual clouds and earthquakes is correct, then in a couple of weeks or earlier, Argentina may be struck by a large earthquake like the one which has devastated Turkey and Syria. 

The situation with fish on the coast is also unusual as the worst drought in the last 60 years has caused thousands of dead fish to float onto the banks of lagoons in Santa Fe.

Therefore, in the light of such indirect facts, one can think that some kind of natural disaster is really planned in Argentina and we hope that the event will occur in some remote and deserted area, affecting only fish and crocodiles. 

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