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The most powerful coronal ejection on the Sun threatens the Earth with a geomagnetic superstorm: the star will reach its peak of activity in 2025

The most powerful coronal ejection on the Sun threatens the Earth with a geomagnetic superstorm: the star will reach its peak of activity in 2025 1

In 2025, the Earth will face a cosmic threat that could throw the world into chaos. And this is not a fake, but a reality that has been confirmed by many space agencies, including NASA. Scientists are aware of the approaching danger and are preparing for it. 

For example, the fact that in February 40 Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites were suddenly lost, and Swarm devices unexpectedly accelerated their fall to Earth. Someone may have read about the Carrington Event back in 1859, when chaos engulfed our planet for several days. 

All these events are interconnected and are the forerunner of what will happen in 2025 before our very eyes.

The most powerful coronal ejection on the Sun threatens the Earth with a geomagnetic superstorm: the star will reach its peak of activity in 2025 2

Lost Starlinks

What happened to Starlinks? On February 3 last year, the Falcon-9 launch vehicle launched 49 satellites of the Starlink global Internet network into intermediate orbit. They took their places in “parking” orbits about 350 kilometers from Earth, and everything went according to plan. However, five days later, SpaceX announced that 40 devices were lost.

The reason lies in the activity of the Sun, which on February 4th ejected a very large amount of matter in the direction of the Earth. The solar wind, interacting with the earth’s magnetic field, caused a geomagnetic storm. A side effect of this phenomenon is what destroyed the Starlink satellites.

In general, modern satellites have means of protection against the direct effects of magnetic storms. Starlink, in particular, shelters the safe mode function from electromagnetic disturbances but those vehicles that did not manage to gain altitude will not be able to avoid drifting.

It wasn’t an anomaly that burned their electronics, and it wasn’t the explosion that destroyed them. They simply drowned in the Earth’s atmosphere. This is because space is not an absolute vacuum, there is a small amount of oxygen even at an altitude of 300 kilometers from the Earth. 

By the way, the interplanetary medium begins 3 thousand kilometers from our planet, but even there there is no complete vacuum.

Atmospheric seal

The problems of Starlink satellites are relevant for all devices in low Earth orbit. Imagine that you are walking against the wind. Also, satellites and space stations overcome the resistance of the environment on their way. The solar wind increases this resistance at times, because it consists of ultrafast particles.

The environment in which the satellites are located is compacted, and they have to rotate along a given orbit, overcoming some atmospheric resistance. Because of this, the devices slow down and sink in the earth’s atmosphere, falling deeper and deeper where the environment is even denser and the risk of an uncontrolled fall increases. 

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As a rule, problems of the station and satellites are eliminated with the help of correction engines. The ISS, for example, can lose 100 meters of altitude a day, and its orbit is corrected once a month.

The most powerful coronal ejection on the Sun threatens the Earth with a geomagnetic superstorm: the star will reach its peak of activity in 2025 3

Starlink is also being corrected, but they simply did not have time to start this process, since on February 3 the satellites had not yet entered the specified orbit. At first glance, they were simply unlucky, and everything can be attributed to force majeure, because a random solar flare cannot be predicted. However, this is not quite true.

In 2013, the European Space Agency launched the Swarm satellite network to study the Earth’s magnetic field. Their orbits are located at an altitude of 460-530 kilometers. The satellites worked great and having even reworked their term, they fell towards the Earth only at a speed of 2.5 kilometers per year. 

However, in December 2021, the speed increased by almost 10 times and unlike the 40 Starlink satellites in February, this has nothing to do with isolated sun flash incidents.

Aurora Borealis all over the place

Thus, we can conclude that the near-Earth space is becoming denser. It is becoming more and more difficult for devices to move around in it. Blame again the Sun and its wind. Flares are no longer isolated, their number is constantly growing, due to which the earth’s orbit is saturated with a huge number of particles.This suggests that our luminary has begun a new cycle of activity, which will culminate in 2025.

Solar cycles began to be measured in 1843. And now scientists know for sure about the existence of 11-year, 22-year, secular, 500-year and other cycles. It is the 11-year-old that is important to us. It is associated with current problems both in space and on Earth, the essence of solar electromagnetic activity. At the Sun, about once every 11 years, the north and south magnetic poles change places.

The greatest solar activity occurs in areas of perturbation of magnetic waves. This is accompanied by spots on the surface. As a result, coronal ejections occur, sending a huge amount of solar matter into space at a frantic speed.

For example, everyone is familiar with the northern lights. We can definitely say that the processes taking place on the Sun will inevitably affect humanity. The only question is what the real consequences will be.

Will the next powerful coronal ejection pass us, or the Earth will be at its epicenter?

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