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The MK-Ultra Project – CIA’s murderous experiments

The MK-Ultra Project - CIA's murderous experiments 3

The CIA’s MK-Ultra project remains one of the most inhumane and outrageous in human history.

It combines a series of experiments conducted between 1950 and 1970. Their goal is to control the human mind with drugs such as LSD and Mescaline.

During the experiments, subjects received psychotropic substances that influence the mind, after which their behavior was carefully studied. The subjects were not even aware of what they were accepting.

Quite often, the experiments end in the death of the participants. Numerous cases of severe mental disorders have also been reported. However, the CIA continued its brutal experiments. After all, a small amount of useful information has been received in twenty years.

Therefore, most historians, politicians, and journalists believe that sadism was the driving force behind the experiment.

Chief chemist of the CIA – Sidney Gottlieb, was appointed as project manager,  who began large-scale experiments. More than one hundred utilities have been created under the wing of MK-Ultra.

The purpose was formulated as follows: the use of drugs and electricity to take full control of the human mind. Means: artificial amnesia, deletion of old and creation of new personality traits, hypnotic coding.

The CIA justifies the initial study of the “serum of truth ” to use when questioning Russian spies.

The experimental subjects were soldiers, prisoners, government officials and debtors. All of them did not even suspect that they were being experimented with.

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In the initial stage, the main object of study is the effect of radiation on the human mind. But, time passed and priorities changed.

The next major objective was the study of psychotropic drugs, including LSD. Program development required the involvement of “recruits”. They were selected from among the military and CIA agents.

The MK-Ultra Project - CIA's murderous experiments 4

Often used as experimental rabbits and patients in psychiatric hospitals, with mild psychiatric disorders such as mild depression and neurosis, prostitutes, and other marginalized cases.

In his experiments, Gottlieb was pleased to add elements of torture. At his command, subjects were given huge doses of LSD. In one of the experiments, the “volunteers” took drugs for two or more months, as a result of which most suffered lasting mental disorders, with few surviving.

It is interesting that the longer the project lasted, the less inhumane the methods used by the “researchers” became. But, even at this price, the experiments did not produce positive results. Nevertheless continued!

Here is a typical example of an operation when, in San Francisco, CIA agents lock down “volunteers” and then first put them to sleep and then inject huge amounts of LSD into them. Agents watched the further behavior of their victims. No useful data was extracted from this operation, as well as from the whole program.

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There is no doubt that the purpose of the vile experiments was to satisfy the interests of her leadership … However, it took more than ten years to stop this cruel machine, destroying people meaninglessly.

It later turns out that the behavior of the project manager, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, has raised many doubts. Strangely enough, the doctor himself was taking large doses of LSD. And although various facts emerge one after the other, confirming the complete failure of the experiment, Gottlieb did not cease to claim that drugs were the most powerful weapon of mind control.

The fact that LSD was useless as a mind-control substance did not stop the MK-Ultra team from continuing to conduct increasingly dangerous experiments on its unfortunate victims.

In some cases, injection was done with a mixture of amphetamine, and a barbiturate, which leads to confusion and often to death. In addition to LSD, amphetamines and barbiturates, the MK-Ultra team is beginning to use other drugs such as heroin, marijuana, mescaline and alcohol.

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The tragic consequences were the experiments of Dr. I. Cameron, who put forward the theory of “mental leadership” by introducing into the human mind or erasing some information.

Paralytic gases and poisons were tested, real tortures were used: electro-shock therapy, long-term medical coma, sleep deprivation, repeated sound signals and other methods that are brutal in their brutality …

Not surprisingly, by the end of “treatment” irreparable damage has been done to the surviving patients. They have become incurable sleepwalkers.

In 1974, The New York Times published an article on MK-Ultra’s 20-year history.

They immediately demanded the materials and evidence, and a considerable part of them disappeared without a trace … To prevent the truth from appearing, many records of MK-Ultra’s experiments were destroyed. However, there was enough information to understand the extent of the lawlessness.

More than 30 universities and other research institutions were involved in the brutal project. However, most scientists were aware that the experiments were completely meaningless from a scientific point of view. But the CIA was not interested in their opinion.

The first official victim was military biochemist Frank Olson, who worked on the production of secret weapons. Without his knowledge, he took LSD and one day committed suicide by jumping out of a window.

In 1994, Olson’s body was exhumed. The investigation shows that before the “jump” through the window, the deceased had a severe blow to the head and was unconscious.

Following a series of shocking revelations of some of the CIA’s secrets, the US government has launched a series of investigations that uncovered new horrifying facts from the experiments.

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The affairs of the victims of the experiment continue to this day.

What new inhuman human experiments are being carried out by US special services, so far neither the state, the press, nor ordinary citizens know, and some of them do not even suspect that they are already the subject of secret experiments.


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