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Apocalypse & Armageddon

The Middle East is on the verge of a big war: a nuclear strike as a harbinger of the Apocalypse

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For the first time in history, a country with nuclear weapons is seriously at war in the Middle East. And, although the practice of the modern world has developed in such a way that it is not customary to use nukes – the rulers of states are too clearly aware of the danger of the consequences of a nuclear war – there is a serious risk that nuclear atomic warheads could be used in this particular war, at least on a tactical level. How can a conflict between two small states slide into a global catastrophe?

This is a war of destruction. On both sides of the barricades are two opposing cultures, two civilizations that are mutual existential enemies. Both of them are like a bone in the throat for each other, preventing them from breathing fully. For both, the Palestinian land is sacred, and for both, the key to peace is ownership of it and its sacred sites. First of all, Jerusalem.

Thus, the issue is extremely fundamental and will not be resolved until one of the parties to the conflict ceases to exist. Every day the intensity of inhumanity is steadily growing. 

The world is being pushed towards a third world war, and it could begin with a military clash between the United States and Iran. The world is talking about this more and more loudly. Thus, Elon Musk expressed this idea on air with Tucker Carlson, saying that the United States, with its direct military support for Israel, is provoking Iran to enter the war. There is also belief that the United States is preparing for a serious fight with Iran.

On the other side, for how long will the Israeli side refrain from using nuclear weapons if Tel Aviv suffers defeat?

For the first time in history, a country with nuclear weapons is seriously at war in the Middle East.

Recent events force us to look at the concept of the current Arab-Israeli war through the prism of religious traditions. In light of the outbreak of war, the topic of Jewish aspirations regarding the construction of the Third Temple is often touched upon. From it, according to the Jewish covenant, will come the Messiah – the same Messiah whom the Jews have been waiting for for several millennia and whom they did not see in Christ who descended from Heaven. 

In Christian tradition, in the revelation of John, better known as the Apocalypse, Messiah is indicated as a false messiah, the Antichrist. His coming will mean the end of the earthly days of mankind and will mark many troubles, the imminent Second Coming of Christ and the Last Judgment. But for the Jews, all these are fairy tales and fiction, and Messiah is the ideal king who, having sat on the throne, will bring eternal justice and order to the world.

Meanwhile, there is a strong belief among Jews that for the coming of the Messiah it is necessary to build the Third Temple. In this way, the appearance of the Messiah and the onset of the times of the Antichrist desired by the Jews will be accelerated.

In the Apocalypse, the famous four horsemen appear on Earth after the Lamb opens the seven seals from the Book of Divine Knowledge. One of the horsemen is believed to bring war with him. Definitely, this war will have no equal in the history of mankind, it will be incredibly cruel and destructive, it will affect the whole world and destroy the usual way of life of mankind. If nuclear weapons are used now in the outbreak of the Palestinian war, the consequences could be catastrophic. This truly will be the War of the Apocalypse.

Having seen how Muslims and Jews lack an understanding of such a “humane” war, we suddenly realized that some people still live according to the laws of the Old Testament times, where it is still unknown what love and mercy are, and truth is determined by how cruel people are ready to defend it.

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Ominous deployment

Currently, the United States is deploying the so-called Aegis Ashore, designed to combat large strategic and operational missiles, but certainly not against self-made Hamas Qassam missiles. This suggests the US military are beginning to understand that soon Iranian missiles will fly here at high altitudes, dive from near space, relatively speaking, from a hundred miles, and enter American military facilities in this region. And there are already enough such establishments there.

The second American aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower, which arrived on the shores of Israel, will most likely be based in the Red Sea, without entering the Mediterranean. The total US military force there, together with the Marine Corps, is already about 12 thousand people. An increase in such numbers indicates that some kind of military operations related to the ground stage are being planned.

It is not a fact that they will enter Gaza, although there are different opinions. It is important for them to now carry out an operation to free the hostages. But, most likely, such an air group is being created to strengthen the small bases that Pentagon already has. For example, in Syria, where the United States has about a thousand people, and in Iraq, where they have 2.5 thousand.

That is, in the event of an attack by some proxy groups on this contingent, it will need to be reinforced from the air, and possibly also by transferring personnel there.

In addition, a forward base of NATO forces is now being created in Cyprus. Its Greek part is turning into one large military camp, where not only US special forces are being transferred, but also from Italy, Holland, Britain and Germany. In fact, NATO is already fully present there with all its special forces.

Meanwhile, on social networks, possible options for the development of events in this region are being considered, which could lead to the outbreak of a third world war. According to one such scenario, it was not by chance that the United States sent its oldest aircraft carrier to the Middle East – the CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower, which is 46 years old. Suppose it suddenly explodes, burns brightly and selflessly, and then maybe even drowns. The crew on it is about 5 thousand people, almost as many died as a result of the Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The US could initiate a major war with Iran, as a retaliation for the aircraft carrier’s destruction, a similar scenario to what happened with the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York. 

At the same time, the United States could use tactical nuclear charges against Iran, hitting the largest cities, as well as the nuclear power plant in Bushehr. 

In subsequent local wars, three to four billion people could die, and only on the territory of the United States could a “civilized level” be maintained as this territory turns into a real Promised Land.

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