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Apocalypse & Armageddon

The message of the Athonite elder Geokon: Get ready for Catastrophic events

The message of the Athonite elder Geokon: Get ready for Catastrophic events 1

According to Greek websites, on September 14, 15 and 16 new messages from Elder Geokon are now spreading among Christians, who warns of an imminent economic crisis, which the world has not yet seen, of the outbreak of wars and other terrible disasters. The original messages are quite large and therefore we will provide a shorter, summarized version.

“My children, the globalists are about to run out of vaccines, they are furious that they could not achieve what they wanted with vaccines to reduce the world’s population, so they will continue the global economic collapse and start from the US. The euro will also evaporate, this currency will cease to exist. 

The dollar will collapse, literally in an hour and it will happen at midnight when people will be asleep. This will happen due to bank lockdowns.

People will be terribly frightened by this, because in just one moment they will lose all their savings, but this will only be the beginning. Soon after the collapse of the banks, the “electronic system” will turn off the Internet, and some time later the electricity will be cut off. 

My children, get ready for financial ruin, they will try to close all sources so that there are no transactions … Nothing, Nothing … All this will happen with great intensity. And then suicides, uprisings, civil wars in different countries will begin, which at the same time will also enter a world war.  

You will see human forms that change their appearance and become like the devil in the eyes or in the face, or in the words they say. Driven by devilish aspirations, they will begin the destruction of the world for its complete submission.

What will start with the governments will be very fast, that is, all the governments will change their faces because they will try to hold on with their fingernails and teeth, but the people will not believe them and will revolt, will get angry, will revolt against the politicians, even against the police, and the army, the army will go with the people as well as the police and we will see things and miracles … you will see all this because they come quickly and violently.

The death of a politician will bring… military invasion “invasion” to another state, but this invasion will not be done in the beginning by those who will wear green berets, but by those who will wear civilian clothes but will actually be trained soldiers , to destroy the country they will invade, This will happen very soon but how soon I do not know.

Everything will start from America, there we will have political changes, one will fall and the other will rise and then the opposite will happen, this will continue for a month, it will be a political and civil war…

They will stop (the events) for a while in France, you will hear news in Britain that will be as you say, “on the rails” and suddenly you will hear about Italy where the political systems will collapse….

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In the German elections, the Merkel government will be overthrown but they will not be able to form a single, autonomous political party, it will be comprised of many political parties and one will fight the other until the collapse of Germany in small states.

There will be either a nuclear accident in Germany, or even a nuclear strike on Germany, the result of which will be the disintegration of the country.

This will be the cause of the destruction of Germany…

After Germany we will see the collapse of the Italian economy, where there will be uprisings and civil war…

After that you will suddenly hear about problems in Serbia, the New Order will transfer problems there to keep Russia busy.

In Nagorno-Karabakh, something will break out, and blood will be spilled over there and Russia will be forced to enter Georgia with great force, first you will hear about Nagorno-Karabakh and then about Georgia.

You will hear again about Armenia, you will hear about Italy, you will hear about Albania and then you will hear about the dissolution of Turkey.

They will come one after the other with vigor, people will not be able to breathe, they will not be able to see what is happening to them, and they will be in a state of shock”. 

We think, in this particular case, Geokon’s messages deserve the closest attention.

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Especially, the passage about the death of some big politician, after which a hybrid war will begin in his country, which, in turn, will give a start to all other events – this is a well-known prophecy even without Geokon. In the original, it sounds like this: 

“When the one whose name begins with ‘O’ is killed, everything (World War III) will start at a dizzying speed.” 

We do not know all the great supreme leaders of the world by name, so it is still difficult to say who the prophecy meant. Perhaps this political figure will only appear on the world stage. In this case, before the Third World War and the collapse of civilization, there is still some time for a respite.


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