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The ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Appearing On People All Over The World

The ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Appearing On People All Over The World 1

What follows is a list of testimonials of people who are plagued with the Mark of the Beast from all over the world and pictures as proof.

We are the evening of Friday, December 30, 2011 , it is 23:30. A fiftieth anniversary couple is about to go to bed, woman watching television in bed when feeling a slight burning sensation on the left side of the neck. It minimizes and think no more, it is only in the morning while looking in a mirror, she notices a symbol in a circle on his skin. The layout resembles a burn, Measurement 2 centimeters in diameter. This mark remained visible about two weeks, then disappeared. But the complexion of the skin has been more clear in this location. The husband took pictures of the symbol. This story is happening in Poland … There are no further information.


” Hello, today my girlfriend pointed out to me that I had a mark on my chest right pectoral. We took a photo. What is most disturbing and frightening is that we do not know of anything that has happened. This is a fine brand engraved in my skin almost to the blood. It is surrounded by another circle perfectly round circle at its center and cut by a straight line, between the two circles of small lines which exceeds the outer circle. See photo. We are very worried after the testimony that we have read on this forum, we see that we are not alone but there is still no explanation.

It is believed that this brand has come overnight, but when we searched the bed we found nothing. On looking around the house a form that could be printed on me but nothing that is why we are landed on this forum. It freaked a little because we do not really have any explanation, I repeat this is like a cat scratch but very clear!! And fine! It’s pretty impressive. What do you think? “This testimony followed that of case No. 4 on the same thread discussing. Must be noted that this case is the first, the only view that affects a man.


”Hello, I’m 20 years old. This morning when I woke up I saw a rather strange mark on my right shoulder. It is circular shape similar to descriptions previously mentioned. I have many questions and I want answers to them. Thank you Yes I’m serious, I did research because I had no object or t shirt that has this form if symmetric, we say that it is an engraving because there’s a small crust, I have a picture if you’re interested (I do not manage to put it on the forum) I would like some information on this, because I am a little worried”


Testimony Sofia of June 15, 2014 by email. (Case No. 102 ) ” Hello, I am sending you this email because a mark appeared on my shoulder Saturday in the day. this is my sister who noticed. I was in Nantes all day and it was very hot so I felt nothing. I ask you if you were able to collect information on this phenomenon because I find it really disturbing. Here is a photo page attached. I’d like to discuss with people to whom it happened. thank you in advance for your response. cordially. Sofia ” On June 16, 2014. ” Hello Remy, yes I authorize you to put the photo on your site. I will answer your questionnaire but not now I’ll wait for it to clear. this is really disturbing, I thought the full moon, the Djinns, the stars, the different meanings of wheels. like the wheels india. and all other meanings of the wheels. Finally, the fact that the sign does not exist, makes me think that it is not “human”. Finally, it is very disturbing all this … “


It looks like the guy who is posting these has done a lot of research on the topic and has recorded over 100 instances of this happening.  The circumstances vary but the testimonials are very similar.  Nobody felt anything and it just appeared one day or night while doing something random and mundane.  Is this the mark of the beast?   if it is what does it mean?  The holy land is under attack, a plague threatens the world, it seems biblical type things are occurring  is this another of them?  Or a whole other mystery all together?


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