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The LRO station photographed a metal object measuring 60 meters on the moon. Scientists are trying to figure out how it reached to an area where no one flew before

Images transmitted to Earth from the camera of the lunar module LRO showed the presence of a metal object of artificial origin. It was found on the wall of one of the craters while scientists are trying to figure out how a 60-meter-sized object ended up on the Moon, since, according to official data, people have never reached this area of the satellite.

The NASA interplanetary automatic station carried out a detailed survey of the moon. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is designed by the agency to continuously monitor the surface of the Earth’s satellite as part of the lunar return program scheduled for 2035.

In 2019, while flying over the Sea of ​​Serpents region, an object was recorded in near real time in one of the craters that did not look like natural lunar rock. About 230 spectators were on the NASA website at that moment, who watched the work of the station. 

Recordings from LRO cameras with little or no processing are available in the public domain. Thanks to this, independent researcher Scott Waring noticed an unusual metallic object, reminiscent of a part from some apparatus. But, according to official data, earth stations and moon rovers did not land in this area. Based on this logic, it turns out that the metal fragment is of extraterrestrial origin. It looked rectangular and measured about 60 meters long and 20 meters wide, presumably of artificial origin, located in a crater wall.

“Pay attention to the clear lines of the design. They clearly stand out against the background of the natural landscape of the Moon, like an iron door built into the crater, Waring emphasizes.”

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Later, information appeared on the NASA website that the station had indeed recorded the strange object. More than 4 years have passed, and academic astronomers have not given any comments. What was it really? 

Ufologists put forward several hypotheses. The first assumes it is a skin fragment of an extraterrestrial apparatus. The second, that this object is the door to a moon cavity. That is, we can say – this is a man-made creation. The third considers it as a light reflectors for sending a signal to near space, a kind of lighthouse or its equivalent.

This find is amazing, and rightly ufologists and experts associate it with extraterrestrial intelligence. A metallic object is not peculiar to the Moon and cannot be of natural origin. But then the question arises – who built the bunker and equipped it with such a huge door, if the theory is correct? It is likely that the moon may be inhabited by other life forms or be a springboard for space travelers.

However, scientists do not exclude the possibility that this object may be of natural origin, since the Moon is prone to intense meteor impact, which can lead to the formation of various structures on its surface.

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