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Ghosts & Hauntings

The Legend of Big Liz

The following tale has been told in several forms, but I believe this version is close to the original:

The Master of a southern Maryland plantation was a firm supporter of the Confederate President and had committed to send as much food as he could to the Southern army. Things were going well at first, until the Yankees began attacking the Master’s supply lines. The Master suspected a traitor among his slaves, and soon discovered that the Yankee spy was a slave-woman named Big Liz. She was a behemoth of a girl who could pick up two full-grown pigs, one under each arm, and cart them over to the slaughterhouse without assistance. If he confronted her directly and she fought back, she would take him to pieces.
So the Master came up with a different plan to rid himself of the spy. He approached the giant girl and asked her to assist him with a special task. He told her that President Jefferson Davis had entrusted him with a large chest full of gold. To keep it out of Yankee hands, he wanted to bury the chest where it would never be found. The girl’s eyes gleamed when she heard this false report. The Master knew she was already planning to betray the existence of the chest to the Yankees.
The Master made Big Liz carry the heavy trunk several miles out into the swamp land and asked her to dig a deep hole for the trunk. He sat at his leisure while she worked and strained for hours against the muddy ground, which kept oozing back into the hole. When the slave girl was completely exhausted, the Master decreed the hole to be large enough for his war chest. Wearily, Big Liz dropped the shovel and pulled the heavy chest down until it lay at her feet. Then she started to climb out of the deep hole. But the Master barred her way, and Big Liz gazed up at him in sudden fear as he loomed over her. “Traitor! Yankee spy!” The Master hissed. “There is only one path open to a traitor.”
The Master swung his sword at her, and the sharp edge of the blade cut cleaning through the slave girl’s neck. Her head went rolling away into the tall grass as her body toppled across the chest. The Master heaped dirt over the chest and the body of slave girl who had betrayed him. Briefly, he considered finding her head and burying it in the pit with her body, but it was too dark to go wandering in the dangerous marshland, and he knew that scavengers would make short work of the head when they found it.
As the Master walked toward home through the dark swamp, he became aware of a prickling sensation at the back of his neck, as if someone were watching him. The Master walked faster as clouds obscured the light of the moon. The Master’s teeth chattered as a breeze cut through him like the sharpened blade of the sword at his side, and his straining ears picked up the sound of footsteps on the path behind him.
The Master was filled with a terrible, superstitious dread of demons and witches and ghosts. He broke out into a panicked run, fleeing up the path as fast as his legs would carry him. To his relief, he saw the lights of his house rise before him, and knew he was home.
As he rounded the back corner of his house, he was confronted by a massive, dirt-encrusted figure that glowed with blue fire. The smell of rotting leaves and marsh grass filled his nostrils as his eyes raced up and up the tall creature, until they rested on the stump of its neck, where a head had resided only an hour before. Then he heard a chuckle from the creature’s side, and he saw the phantom’s head tucked under her arm.
The Master stumbled backward, gabbling desperately in fear as the ghost placed her head upon the ground with one hand and grabbed the collar of his shirt with the other. The murdered slave girl snapped the Master’s neck in two and dropped his dead body to the ground beneath his bedroom window. Then Big Liz gathered up her severed head and vanished into the darkness.
They say that on the anniversary of her death, the ghost of Big Liz still may be seen roaming the swamp lands near her old home. Anyone foolish enough to walk near her grave will be driven away by the phantom, which to this day still defends the place where the Confederate chest is buried.


Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghosts are Here for Different Reasons

A ghost is a ghost, or is it? Actually there is more to it than that. There are several different types of entities. Some of them are aware of those around them, while others are simply replaying events that have happened in the past.

Any of these can be very scary for those who can see them, but most are harmless. Here is a brief description of the most common types of hauntings.

Residual Ghosts

These are by far the most common type of entity seen. Usually what is actually happening is a scene from the past is being replayed, with the specter not being aware that anyone else is watching.


It is kind of like a tape being played over and over. Often they are seen at the same time, happening on an anniversary of the actual occurrence. It may replay every month on a certain day or just once a year.

Intelligent Ghosts

These can be extremely scary, as they are aware of the people around them, and will often try to make their presence known. They sometimes move around and might attempt to move something to get attention.

Usually they have stayed in a certain area for emotional reasons. It might be where they once lived, or where they died. Possibly they have left something unfinished, and feel that they cannot move on. They may not have even realized that they are actually dead.


These are perhaps the most frightening of all types of entities. This is the kind of haunting most often seen in the movies, probably because they provoke the most activity. They are able to move heavy objects and call out to those around them.

Often there is a teenage girl in the house, or another person who is in a stressful situation, who is bringing in these spirits without realizing it. They can be very difficult to eradicate, and may be present for years.


Very rarely seen, demons have never been human. They are characterized by a strong, foul scent, similar to sulfur. While most hauntings are accompanied by a feeling of cold, demons often warm the area around them. Able to present themselves in any form, they are frequently seen as a black mass. Demons are actually able to do harm, and that is usually their intent.

They may attack if they desire, or even possess someone. They have lived for thousands of years and cannot be destroyed. The best that can be done is to get them to move on to another space. Professional help from a paranormal group or member of the clergy is needed to make this happen.

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Ghosts & Hauntings

TV Show Ghost Nation captured apparition of legs walking across stairs

If you have been watching and keeping up to date with new TV show Ghost Nation on Travel Channel then you have more than like seen the episode ‘Ghosts From the Battlefield’.

Jason, Steve and Tango investigate a property just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The owners of the property claim of having possessed mannequins and seeing apparitions.

They believe that the property is being haunted by civil war soldiers from the battle of Gettysburg. One such apparition is a white figure seen on the steps.

During the investigation the Ghost Nation team captured an apparition of legs walking across the stairs where the white figure was seen.

Could this be some of the most compelling evidence of ghosts?

Jason Hawes believes it to be a residual type haunt rather than an intelligent type.

I thought this would have made more news than it has done, nothing much has been said about the episode or what they captured.

I wanted to post about this to get your opinion on the footage.

What do you think of it?  Is it a genuine apparition?

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Ghosts & Hauntings

Story Of The Ghost Priest Of St. Nicholas Church

This story, of a ghostly priest in Saint Nicholas Croatian Roman Catholic Church in Millvale PA. is one of Allegheny County’s most famous tales.

The story began when an artist was hired in April of 1937 to paint a mural on the walls of the church. On the second night he was there he heard a sudden long sound come from the organ in the back of the church.

On the fourth night, he glanced at the alter below him and there was a figure of a man in black moving and raising his arms and making gestures in the air. The artist assumed it was the priest who hired him to paint the murals and dismissed the incident. Unfortunately, that was not the end of it.

On the eighth night at about midnight, the specter appeared again. This time walking slowly down the main aisle of the church, mumbling rhythmically as if he was “praying”. For a while he walked along the aisle, then disappeared.

This time the artist asked the priest if he had been in the church. The father had not – and had been asleep since nine that evening.

The following nights the priest decided to come into the church and stay with the artist until quitting time. The following evening the priest verbally taunted the specter with a summons to appear.

Soon the men heard knocks emanating from the back of the church. Soon after they saw an old man in black sitting in the fourth pew. He was there for a moment – then vanished. That night the priest also reported hearing knocks or clicks in his room.

As the artist continued his work the old man in black appeared again, this time moving down the aisle toward the altar where they saw him blow out the light of the eternal flame. In eight years that light had never been extinguished.

The spector appeared throughout the job-for two months, usually around eleven or twelve midnight. Sometimes he would burn candles on the chandelier in front of the alter.

Local people report that the haunting continues to this day. The current priest of St. Nicholas has said that his German Shepherds jump and bark furiously around something leading to the front door of the church, and always around 11 o’clock. He refuses to enter the church after a certain hour.

It is believed that the spirit of the old priest haunts the church because he stole money from parishioners and neglected priestly duties and has returned to make amends. Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself in Millvale PA, this is one church you may want to avoid.

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