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The Intriguing research by ufologist Jorge Martin which suggested that there is an extraterrestrial laboratory in Puerto Rico

The Intriguing research by ufologist Jorge Martin which suggested that there is an extraterrestrial laboratory in Puerto Rico 1
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Since 1988, renowned Puerto Rican ufologist Jorge Martin has been investigating various phenomena that academic science cannot explain. For example, the remains of three unknown creatures fell into the hands of local farmers in 1990. They looked like a cross between a dog and a small tyrannosaurus. The animal’s mouth included 46 sharp teeth. Further research led to the conclusion that he had 12 canines, and that his front teeth were thin and sharp for tearing, presumably, meat.

The DNA test gave mixed results – the creatures contained genes from humans, dogs and the Komodo lizard. This discovery led Jorge Martin to speculate that experiments on humans and animals were involved but over the past 10 years, not a single laboratory has been found that would belong to humans. 

On the other hand, the most interesting observations of local residents were collected, including such famous personalities as athletes, politicians, judges. That is, the sample was from a fairly educated stratum of the population.

It turned out that about once a month, residents see flights of mysterious glowing triangles and discs with portholes. They move absolutely silently and are able to soar in the sky, dramatically changing their trajectory. Also, numerous observations were made of the phenomenon of dissolution in the sky of these devices. 

Most often, they flew into a cloud and no one saw them again, but there are cases when triangles disappeared in a cloudless sky. At the same time, the disappearance effect was not accompanied by any sound or flash, the apparatus seemed to simply dissolve.

Jorge Martin with like-minded people turned to the government of the country in order to find out if they knew something about UFOs. Unfortunately, there was no answer but ufologists made relevant inquiries on the disappearance of people and it turned out that over the past 20 years more than 11,500 people have gone missing in Puerto Rico. 

For a country whose total population at that time was a little more than 3 million people, the figure is not transcendental, but evokes certain thoughts.

Or is it a secret development of the Americans?
US secret developments?

Then, it became common among farmers to find dead livestock for no apparent reason. It turned out that all of them had their internal organs removed and all their blood pumped out. The bones, due to such a strange effect, turned into fragile tissue, like a waffle structure. In the 90s America, such cases numbered in the tens of thousands. 

Someone or something was killing animals in an incredibly weird way. Jorge Martin believed that sightings of UFOs in Puerto Rico, disappearances of people, the discovery of mutants with human and animal genes, and the mass death of animals are linked to one and the same chain of events.

In 2003, fishermen off the coast of Puerto Rico caught a strange creature. It looked like a dolphin, but it did not have fins, but hands and feet. Evolutionists perked up and suggested that another round of evolution had begun, and this individual was a transitional species from dolphin to man. Around the same years, the version became popular that people did not descend from monkeys, but from dolphins. 

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Jorge Martin and his team performed a DNA analysis of the creature’s blood and it turned out that the liquid contained human and dolphin blood. Moreover, it was possible to establish the identity of the person. He disappeared in 1997. 

The government forbade spreading rumors about this incident so as not to cause panic among the population, but it became clear that ufologists could be right. Some of the humans or aliens have a laboratory in Puerto Rico for the creation of hybrids, mutants, or something else.

Did the machines collect biological material from animals?
Did aliens collect biological material from animals? 

In 2018, the Puerto Rico president signed a decree banning the placement of laboratories in the country for collecting biological material from residents of the country. Since then, researchers have noted that people are much less likely to disappear. But, the question is, if these are not aliens, then who? Has the neighboring country of Puerto Rico carried out monstrous experiments and gave birth to real mutants? 

The kidnapping of Carlos Mercado

It was a hot summer night in July 1988 in the rural area of ​​Betanses, Puerto Rico. So hot that a man named Carlos Manuel Mercado couldn’t sleep. He woke up and moved out of bed, where his wife was still sound asleep next to him, and went to sleep on the couch in another room, where it was cooler. 

He lay staring at the ceiling, pondering how long the heat would last, until his thoughts were interrupted by a whitish glow that penetrated the room from outside, seeped through the blinds and illuminated the room.

Then a strange buzzing sound joined this glow, followed by a mechanical knock on the window, and that was enough for Mercado to get up from the sofa and walk to the window. At the time, he had no idea that this was about to change his life forever:

“I got up and opened the window, and here they are – three little people standing there under the window, on the lawn near my house. It shocked me, because they were so different, only a little like us, but they were not people. 

They were little men and ugly, with heads slightly larger than ours and without hair. They had no ears, and their eyes were huge, dark. Noses were not visible on them – only holes. And a small incision for the mouth. Their faces were flat, their skin was grayish, and their faces and hands were covered with small “warts” or bumps. Do you know what acne looks like? Well, that’s how it was. 

They were ugly and unpleasant. They were three to four feet high (a little over a meter), slender, wearing mechanic overalls from head to toe, a grayish-creamy sandy color. Only their heads and hands were not covered with clothes. 

At first I was scared, but they told me not to be afraid that they were not going to hurt me, but only wanted to show me something. And they told me this in my head, because they never opened their mouths. 

When they told me this, my fear left me. I didn’t really know why, but I had the feeling that they were good and not going to harm me. Then they asked me to go outside, so I opened the door of the house and went out.”

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On the lawn near the house, two men took Mercado’s hands and led him along the road. It was then that he finally saw a source of bright light – it was a saucer-shaped object with a domed top and many blinking colored lights around the edge. He stood on four pillars on the ground.

There was a hole at the base of the ship, where a ladder led. When the man was brought to her, he felt some hesitation, but even then did not feel fear and climbed inside, again after the insistent request of these beings. Inside, he saw brightly lit blinking panels and displays, as well as a third humanoid:

“They explained to me that this – the other – was their captain and doctor, and that now he would take care of me. Then they left to do other things, and it turned out to be much better for me next to the captain, because he looked more like a human.

His skin color was the same as theirs – grayish, and his head was even slightly larger than theirs, but his eyes were not that big. And he had the same nose as humans, but pointed, and the surface of his skin was not like the skin of little people with these terrible “pimples”. 

He wore a wide white tunic to the neck and wide sleeves to the wrists. The tunic reached his feet, and it seemed that he had something white on his feet.”

This Doctor Captain telepathically told Mercado that he wanted to show him something and that he shouldn’t be afraid as they were going to bring him back safe and sound. Then the “saucer” began to move with great speed, and its entire inner space was reflected with a loud buzz, like a thousand bees. 

Looking out of one of the side windows, Mercado could see the landscape rushing by quickly and could determine that they were heading towards the Sierra Bermeja mountain range, in particular a mountain called Monte el Cayul. 

The ship raced towards the ravine and sheer cliff at a dangerously high speed, but as soon as a terrified Mercado thought they were going to crash straight into the mountain, a kind of doorway opened in the rock, and they quickly slipped through it and flew down the tunnel. 

The ship flew somewhere deep inside the mountain, and after a while flew into a vast cave, where many other alien ships of various shapes and sizes were parked. When the ship landed on an elevated platform, Mercado saw many of the same humanoid beings engaged in all kinds of activities.

The whole place was a veritable hive of activity, and the man got the impression that it was some kind of base. The aliens he was with confirmed this, telling him that the site was a repair point for their ships, but also a base for operations to explore terrestrial life. 

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The captain then invited Mercado to disembark the ship and go on a tour with him, during which he was explained the purpose of their base and the mission there. 

“The tall being told me to go out with him, and it made me put on a device that looked like big dark glasses so that I could clearly see everything below. And everything was very well lit there. You could not see where the light was coming from, but it was a very bright light, very white, all the walls there were covered in very shiny silver metal. 

And there were many, many little people and a lot of activity. Many of the little men worked on ships, while others seemed to be assembling something, like cars or electronics. Down there was a real huge world and there were also buildings that looked like military barracks. 

The tall being explained to me mentally (because it also did not speak with its mouth) that they have been in this place for a very, very long time and that they do not want to leave from there. It said that they wanted me to see it all because they wanted me to tell people that they had no bad intentions and that they did not want to harm us or defeat us. 

Then it said that they want to be able to fully interact with us on a social level, to mix with us, but our authorities do not want this. It insisted that I tell people outside of it all that they do not want to conquer us or harm us.”

The creature also informed him that there were other people who received the same message, and that there were even some people who decided to stay with them there, at the base in the mountain. It told Mercado that he should go and tell the story and tell the people what he learned there that day, and then took him back through a mountain tunnel to drop him off exactly where they picked him up – near his house. 

Before leaving, the creatures told him they would return to him someday and then left. However, although Mercado was instructed to spread his story all over the place, he was at first silent about his experience, and there was another strange encounter that convinced him to finally come forward.

In December of that year, Mercado claimed that he was on the Sierra Bermeja with his friend Wilson Sousa when they noticed a huge, brightly lit triangular ship flying across the sky. Even stranger, they claimed that this “triangle” was pursued by two military aircraft. 

These planes allegedly flew directly to the ship, until at some point they seemed to disappear inside, and the sound of their howling engines suddenly disappeared and cut off, just like them. The UFO then flew by until it reached a lake called Laguna Cartagena, where it supposedly exploded with an impressive fireball and falling debris, after which two smaller objects appeared to fly away from it. 

The incident shook Mercado, it immediately reminded of his strange encounter with aliens in the same area and after that he decided to tell his story to Jorge Martin , who was in the area at the time and was investigating many other UFO sightings that took place in the same region. This is what Martin Mercado said: 

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“I’m not looking for publicity. I’m telling you this simply because I know that you are a reasonable and serious person and will listen to me. You know, I’m still waiting for them, because I like what happened. In my opinion, they are not bad I felt it. 

If they wanted to harm me, they would have done so when they grabbed me. I wish they would come back so that I can go with them again. They are not bad creatures. 

I am telling you all this because when this UFO hijacked these two planes, I was very nervous, because the planes harassed him, he carried them away. This alarmed me very much, because I feel that these creatures are good, and it looks like someone wants to take them out of there. Something is happening there!”

Martin didn’t seem at all surprised. During this year, he investigated numerous reports of UFO sightings in the mountains of Puerto Rico, made by very reliable witnesses, and was used to the oddities that this place could produce. 

Very often it was reported that the locals saw ships of various shapes and sizes hovering or circling over Kayul Peak, and the researcher also discovered other stories of something very strange happening there, in these mountains, as well as signs of the existence of mysterious underground alien bases there. and also a kind of bizarre conspiracy involving a strange object built there by the government military. Exactly where UFOs were most often observed. 

Here is what Jorge Martin said:

“At the summit of the peak lying to the right of Cayul Peak (that is, when viewed from Cabo Rojo), some structures were erected about seven years ago, which were allegedly intended for the Radio Voice of America station. The area around it was declared A restricted area, arguing that it was for general security reasons, and that no one from the area was allowed to approach this place. 

However, as far as we know so far, transmissions from this alleged station have never aired in Puerto Rico. So why was this building built then? If it is not used for the function for which it was supposedly built, what is its true role? 

Sometimes unknown people came there, eyewitnesses saw it. Who are they and what are these people doing? On many occasions, residents of Boquerón, Las Palmas, and Betans (all in the Cabo Rojo metropolitan area) and Olivares (in Lajas municipality) have seen large UFOs of various shapes (triangles, discs, cigars, etc.) hanging motionless above the peak. Kayul and over the mountain where the building of the alleged Voice of America station was built. What are the UFOs looking for there so persistently?”

It is unknown what is happening in the area now, more than 30 years after the incident with Mercado and the construction of this strange “radio station”. This whole story seemed to have accidentally leaked through a thick curtain, and then again it was safely hidden. 

Jorge Martin believes that the United States had close contacts with representatives of other civilizations and the construction of American military bases on the territory of Puerto Rico was a cover for the activities of aliens against Puerto Ricans.

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