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“The inhabitants of the ethereal realm can contact the earthly world at their discretion.” Arthur Findlay’s inquiries into life beyond the threshold and the responses from the subtle world

“Over the years, I have observed interactions with another realm that is intertwined with our own. This has convinced me that those we refer to as deceased persist in a secondary etheric form and, given certain circumstances, can manifest once more in the physical world,” stated Arthur Findlay, one of the founders of the International Institute of Psychical Research.

In 1918, Arthur Findlay encountered the medium John Sloan, renowned for his direct voice ability. Once assured of Sloan’s legitimacy, Findlay posed numerous inquiries about the afterlife and garnered insights through Sloan’s mediumship. Findlay disseminated these revelations in his writings, discussing not only the mechanics of the afterlife but also the significance of such knowledge for the living.

“Initially, I believed I was not in the presence of a medium, but rather a remarkable actor”

In December 1918, Arthur Findlay’s wife fell gravely ill. She required surgery, prompting Findlay to put aside all his business and relocate with his wife to Glasgow. He remained there until she had completely recuperated.

“In Glasgow, I encountered a man who extended an invitation to join a session with John Sloan. My curiosity led me here. That evening, in Sloan’s residence, I was accompanied by twelve individuals. We arranged ourselves in a circle. The host did not introduce any of us to the owner of the house,” recounted Arthur Findlay.

That evening, John Sloan communicated with fifty-three distinct voices. Every statement made about those present was accurate. Arthur Findlay pondered how Sloan could have acquired such detailed information about the attendees and their departed relatives.

“Every voice John Sloan mimicked had its own distinct character. Initially, I believed I was witnessing not a medium but a remarkable actor. However, when Sloan addressed me, he mentioned my father—Robert Findlay. Sloan relayed details that only three individuals were privy to, and with two of them deceased, I remained the sole living person privy to the knowledge conveyed by the voice,” Arthur Findlay recounted.

Robert Findlay, a businessman, faced a pivotal moment when his son, Arthur Findlay, requested to take over the family business. Upon consulting his business partner, David Kidston, who was against Arthur’s proposal, Robert sided with Kidston. John Sloan recounted this event, revealing that through a medium, Robert communicated his regret over the decision to his son.

“No spy system could have supplied this information to Sloane,” Arthur Findlay reflected. “It was a confidential issue known only to three individuals. I was so taken aback by what I learned that I inquired with Sloan after the session if I might return.”

John Sloan informed the guest that he would be pleased to meet again. Subsequently, Findlay inquired of an attendee regarding the appropriate payment for Mr. Sloan’s session.

“Discussing payment with him would be a grave insult. Sloan does not profit from his gift; he performs it as an obligation,” was the advice Findlay received.

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Over a period of five years, Arthur Findlay participated in thirty-nine sessions with Sloan. Throughout these sessions, he received a total of one hundred and eighty messages from various voices, relaying facts that Sloan could not have known.

A World Beyond Our Sight

During Sloan’s sessions, Arthur Findlay gained insights into the workings of the etheric world. He referred to its inhabitants as Ethereans. One Etherean explained to Findlay the reason our world remains unseen to them.

“The invisible world is intertwined with ours, yet remains imperceptible due to its higher vibrational state. Consequently, we cannot perceive the Ethereans’ world, nor can they perceive ours unless they reduce their vibrational frequency,” articulated Arthur Findlay.

He likened our world to a darkened room where only scattered glows are visible, which seem to be the only realities.

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As light floods the room, new objects become visible, but the glows that once stood out in the darkness fade away. Findlay believed that in our physical form, we perceive the world as those in a dark room would.

Arthur Findlay argued that the material explanation of the Universe is unreasonable because it only considers the physical aspect, while the true Universe is ethereal, with physical matter merely a reflection of it. He described the ether as the space where the real Universe exists.

According to Findlay, the etheric world is as tangible to its inhabitants as our world is to us. He believed that the Ethereans live in a world with fields, forests, trees, houses, schools, clothing, and books, all possessing a beauty surpassing anything on Earth.

Findlay also posited that Ethereans have an etheric body, a duplicate of their earthly form, which interpenetrates the physical body. At death, the etheric body separates from the physical form and continues life in the etheric world, functioning through the etheric body just as we do through our physical bodies on Earth.

Through sessions with John Sloan, Findlay learned that Ethereans can interact with our world at will, and the more advanced an Etherean is, the less likely they are to seek contact with our world.

“Another inquiry posed to the Ethereans pertained to whether a person’s earthly existence impacts the life of their etheric body in another realm. The living conditions of the etheric world’s denizens hinge on their mental state and character. Individuals with limited intelligence and malevolent thoughts receive an environment that mirrors their mindset. Conversely, Ethereans who harbor pure thoughts lead lives that are untainted and brimming with wisdom. Hence, it is crucial to focus on the proper development of our mind and character in the present. The manner in which we depart the physical world dictates how we will enter the etheric realm,” observed Arthur Findlay.


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