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The Illuminati experiment of the 1984 Olympics

The Illuminati experiment of the 1984 Olympics 1

Olympic ceremonies are always extraordinary events, but the 1984 event in Los Angeles may have been more special than one could ever imagine.

Illuminati experiment

The conspiracy theorists believe that the ceremony was not just a celebration of the athletic heroism of its competitors, but that it was preparing us for future contact with extraterrestrial beings.

The strange closing ceremony at the Los Angeles Games aroused his attention at that time, but alien enthusiasts and conspiracies continue to claim that the Olympic event had a more sinister purpose almost 35 years after it happened.

Things started normally, with a procession of medals and a performance by Lionel Ritchie beating the fans at Memorial Colosseum. But, in the middle of the vibrant ceremony, all the sand turned black and an unexpected visitor made a memorable appearance.

Just when things could not be more surreal, an alien being appeared out of nowhere, dressed in a white space suit and waving with six elongated fingers in each hand.

For the spectators of the time, the special effects were innovative, and thousands of spectators could not help but believe that the simulated alien invasion was real.

However, some people still believe that something supernatural was happening all the time, claiming that the Los Angeles events were a “false flag” for a true alien invasion.

Illuminati experiment

Conspiracy theorists believe that top-secret government operations involve the creation of deliberate deceptions, called false indicators, that deceive the public into believing that a real event is unfolding.

And many researchers believe that the invasion of the closing ceremony was “predictive programming” to prepare us for the day when the aliens actually appear on Earth.

According to these extraterrestrial enthusiasts, the real alien invasion will come soon, although they have been making similar claims almost every year for a long time.

The last conspiracy theorist, Bill Cooper, even suggested that the UFO that interrupted the closing ceremony might have been real. He said:

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“There was no helicopter up there holding this thing. Can you imagine the responsibility they would have if they carried this thing suspended on a cable under the helicopter over the heads of hundreds of thousands of people? “


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