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The Ice is melting and the hidden secret of Antarctica is coming to light

The Ice is melting and the hidden secret of Antarctica is coming to light 1

The ancient Greeks named the icy north “Arktikos” in honor of the Big Dipper located at the North Pole, but polar bears do not live here – it is very cold for them. Antarctica is translated from Greek as “the opposite of the Arctic”.

On January 28, 1820, the participants of the first Russian Antarctic expedition (1819-1821) on the sloops “Vostok” and “Mirny” under the command of F.F. Bellingshausen and M.P. Lazarev discovered this mysterious Antarctica – the sixth and last discovered continent. To this day, the territory of Antarctica does not belong to any country in the world, and its area is 13 million 661 thousand kilometers (continentally about 52 million km). In winter, the mainland of Antarctica increases significantly in size.

Interestingly, Antarctica is the only continent without time zones. This is not only the coldest place on Earth, but also the driest. The average amount of annual precipitation in Antarctica is only 10 centimeters, despite this, Antarctica contains up to 70% of the reserves of all fresh water on the planet.

The climate and surface of this area are so reminiscent of conditions on Mars that NASA tested the Viking space program here. Here are the points of the strongest and longest wind and the most powerful solar radiation. The lowest temperature in the world, officially recorded in Antarctica, is 91.2 below zero Celsius. In summer – minus 30-50 degrees.

Only two types of plants grow here, and flowering ones – Antarctic hair grass and Antarctic pearlwort. They grow in the warmest areas of the mainland, in the areas of two active volcanoes. Apart from penguins, there are no other terrestrial wildlife in Antarctica. The continent is an international protected area. Now no more than 4 thousand people live in research stations in Antarctica.

But beyond the scientific interest in some things, there seem to be others. Many claims have been made about the icy continent usually with a huge conspiracy background. On the one hand, for “secret” works of scientists there, since the time of Hitler. On the other hand, according to the map of the Turkish Navy Piri Reis, once the place had vegetation and apparently some people lived there. So, there was a culture. Of course, there is no shortage of scenarios that suggest that Antarctica is the basis of an alien civilization that was once hidden or is still hidden.

From there, a constant mystery is “built” with “mutual borrowing” of the basic “scenarios” and with too many clues that regularly reinforce both cases, but without any tangible evidence that can be proven. They look like science fiction scenarios that are used as real and confuse people who are thirsty to learn something completely different that will take them out of their daily lives.

Formal statements and explanations for various things that are said to be happening or are there, do not exist, nor are they refuted. As you can see, the scenarios “explode” even more. Such an “indication” comes to add another little stone. Most agree that the sheet of ice that covers Antarctica has begun to melt. As this has begun and is happening, this mysterious continent is slowly revealing the unknown past covered by her white cloak.

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A huge structure hidden under the ice has begun and is becoming visible. It was found in Google Earth and is estimated to be 300 meters long, 30 to 50 meters wide and 10 meters high “walls”. The word “wall” is misused. We could say banks, sides etc. You can see it very closely if you press on the coordinates 69 ° 53 ′ 42.03 ″ S 38 ° 42 ′ 22.02 ″ E. Google Earth will guide you on its own. You can see it here too

The first to see the mysterious structure were, of course, the Google Earth technicians who adapted the images to give the final result you see in the aforementioned coordinates. It was not clear if what they were seeing was artificial, that is, if they discerned a piece of an ancient civilization that was built when Antarctica was not yet frozen land. Nor was it clear whether it was part of an alien base, as many would argue. Of course, the most normal thing would be to see just a part of the natural geomorphology of Antarctica. Not their job to judge. However, the chief informed his superiors, who in turn were in charge of the Secret Services.

At one point an exploratory mission was sent there. When the team arrived, they arrived at the height of 20 feet and saw formations that referred directly to uniform rectangular “boxes” as separate spaces of a elongated complex of buildings whose roof has collapsed. As they went down they became more recognizable. Stairs, ramps, uneven passages, corridors, roads.

The Ice is melting and the hidden secret of Antarctica is coming to light 2

When the mission came down, the men who walked in this huge long narrow space were speechless with what they saw. Large rooms that communicated with each other through wooden doors that had been preserved. Almost everywhere there were large windows that would one day have stunning views. In some of the rooms were found stone dining rooms where the inhabitants would obviously eat. The whole complex was built with polygonal cyclopean stones to withstand strong earthquakes.

In their brief exploration mission, the men did not find anything that would reveal the identity of the population living there, nor anything that could be explained as being of extraterrestrial origin. What was obvious was that whoever lived there, left the place deliberately and not in a hurry. They left no trace behind. As if they knew a catastrophe was going to happen or for other reasons. What was surprising was that all the measuring instruments showed traces of radiation depletion, as is the case with a CT scanner, or if there was a laboratory for the reaction of matter and antimatter.

The mission was over. The team returned to base and made its report. Seniors contacted archaeologists and other experts to send more specialized teams. In the meantime, until all these time-consuming procedures were done and a result came out, they were instructed to refute any amateur couch researcher who located the specific coordinates of the structure and then dared to say that he had discovered an ancient city from a photograph. They were instructed to say that it was a paradox, a game of shadow and light, of natural geological formations that deceive the eye or anything else that could be more convincing.


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