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The Human Hamburger Factory Farm

The Human Hamburger Factory Farm 90

by ZenGardner

All they want of humanity is fast food humans. Nothing more. That’s the cold, stark reality of these so-called elite controllers.

I had one of those vivid dreams recently. I rarely write about these but this one smacked me upside the head. I was visiting a rustic campground set up in the woods somewhere with a lot of Americans, seemingly living there long term while it was supposed to be a wilderness camp retreat of some sort. There was a nice central large cabin with a big meeting room, lots of rough wood in the construction and a pleasant natural setting. It was vacation like but it seemed long term. It had the atmosphere of a busy recreational lodge lobby but it wasn’t a hotel.

I was sitting there and talking to the kids there most of all, very sweet kids, and started to point out a few mechanisms they were falling for in their interactions, gently helping the kids to grasp that their social environment could be a lot different with a few tweaks and that things weren’t as they seem. Nothing radical, just common sense concepts in getting along and not being fastened to their petty thinking and shallow constructs, but it totally changed the tone in the seating section and of what was going on in this casual meeting room.

All of this was in the dream setting so it wasn’t crystal clear by any means, nor do I remember everything. As more happy kids arrived, as if going to a school of some sort in this campground, parents were milling about oblivious to what I was saying or how the kids were reacting. I soon realized that as people milled about no matter what I had said it was just lost in the overwhelming morass of shallow conventional thought and interaction in the room as it just dissipated almost immediately in the shallow banter we’re all used to witnessing.

Next I was riding some old country truck through these dirt rut-worn forest roads. They were quite dangerous, as a large commercial lumber or supply truck was almost toppling over the side of the hill in front of us on the poorly laid out roads. All of this was in a very “natural” setting that seemed nice enough, but it was all so surreal. This was apparently also a working area, not just a recreational camp of some sort. (There was nothing FEMA-ish about all this. Very casual, no guards or fences or anything. All seemingly voluntary but clearly arranged.)

In the final scene I somehow arrived on my own in front of this fancy, very modern house in a clearing in a remote part of the area, a good distance away from the denser woods and the lodge area. A corporate looking middle aged guy was in the front yard, pressed white shirt and slacks, darkly handsome, his wife somewhere in the background. I approached him with the question in my heart as to what’s going on here.

His reply, as unspoken as my inquiry, was in a vivid image with the message “We just want this.” And it was a clearly projected picture of a fast food happy meal kind of thing. Basically a hamburger and fries. That’s all they wanted the outcome to be of this vast human farm they were tending, like plantation owners raising virtual soylent green. He was like the local boss behind the scenes and was as dispassionate and corporo-business like as you can imagine.

I was so upset at this cold blooded answer it woke me up.

The Human Hamburger Factory Farm 91

Vivid and True

Take dreams for what you will, but this really got me thinking. We know this to be true. They want drone workers and are doing everything in their power to bring this to pass – breaking down the human condition both physically and socially. The absolute coldness and total detachment from the remotest sense of concern I sensed reminded me of Aaron Russo’s recounting of his conversation with one of the Rockefellers who retorted regarding the mass murders to justify their plan, “What do you care? They’re not your family.”

What surfaced for me was the sense of futility I felt in retrospect in attempting to reach these entranced people. They weren’t totally brain dead, they were just fully set in their ways and not looking for anything else. They were happy, content and just going about things business as usual – whether it was in the false, society-centric training of their children, or their own meaningless same old, same old interactions. And it overwhelmed anything contrary so efficiently I was stunned.

Hamburger People and “Lovin’ It”

As you know, hamburger is ground meat – and of very questionable origins. And it’s an American favorite. It typifies the American lifestyle; fast, fried and fatty. And to have deep fried potatoes as the side dish again tells the tale. Tasty, valueless and even harmful treats.

If you think of people being reduced to hamburger that is one hell of an analogy. And that’s all they want. That’s how they view humanity. Plain and simple. The world is one huge processing plant to them without even a trace of empathy or remorse. It’s a business, and a profitable one. Every aspect of society is a meat grinder and their program is vast. And to give a sense of variety to these sleeping unsuspecting cattle they add fries to make it look like it’s a meal they’re participating in.

I suppose there are many things to be gleaned from these images, but first and foremost was a sort of sense of having been fooled into wasting time on destined-to-be-hamburger people who want it that way when all is said and done. They just kept coming, so no matter what I did it was overwhelmed, diluted and lost. My efforts seemed futile in such an environment. It may just be something I’m going through or working out at some level, but the experience was impactful.

America Today – Land of “Happy Campers”

There was hope for the kids, but they had no support for anything new they might learn. The sad, fatalist part was that sense of futility it gave me, at least in that contained environment. This working human plantation, so massive and apparently loosely controlled while the people just ambled on in this false sense of freedom, is so representative of this American sponsored mindset – not just in America, but this cancer has spread throughout the world.

These people so “encamped” in their lifestyles had in fact somehow been shunted out to some remote, stark, shallow spiritual wilderness where they could reinforce and even police each other just by their overwhelming programming. The true state of mainstream society.

It made me think we need to choose our targets wisely where we know we can do the most good, and where Truth can gain the most traction.

What was more haunting was that anyone remaining in this environment was destined to be hamburger, whether they spotted something amiss or not, the farm was the farm, and well under control. And let’s face it, anyone staying in the oven gets cooked, no matter how much they analyze or identify their encasement and what it portends.

The Human Hamburger Factory Farm 92

Escape the Oven

The answer is to escape their machine in any way we can. This is largely why I moved out of the US. The pace where I am is way slower, people are less complex and appreciate the important aspects of life, and the chemical and electronic bombardment is less, while I can still reach as many as possible via the internet and personal encounters.

This dream also made me think, is it time to leave the hamburger people behind? Are these “happy campers” already hamburgers in the making, and “loving it” and allowed themselves to be unreachable? The sad reality is that even those who are aware of the program and therefore don’t think they’re hamburgers in the making are being made into hamburger if they haven’t changed their lives accordingly. That’s the depth of their program and the truth of the situation. Think of the boiling frog – it probably figured it could get out at any time but it actually started feeling more comfortable as the heat turned up. Perhaps he could smell something cooking as well?

When Americans smell hamburgers frying they go into a euphoric trance. Little do they know it’s their own hides that are getting fried.

Beware the Meatheads

Take it for what you will. For me it’s certainly something worth “wondering” about and has caused me to do some re-evaluating – who best to reach, where to channel my energies, and how. Clearly the seeds of Truth need to be scattered everywhere, but we must use consciously aware wisdom in these Orwellian circumstances as to where to direct our energies, including what and who to avoid.

It’s always good to stand back, reassess and take note.

As Morpheus so aptly said in The Matrix:

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. When you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of people we’re trying to save, but until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

Keep speaking the Truth and strengthening the awakened – and go where hearts and minds are receptive.

Love, Zen

Conspiracy Theories

Juno probe recorded a radio signal source in orbit of Jupiter which may be an ancient interplanetary station

Juno probe recorded a radio signal source in orbit of Jupiter which may be an ancient interplanetary station 105
© Louis, CK, Louarn, P., Allegrini, F., Kurth, WS, & Szalay, JR (2020)

Juno, is NASA’s unmanned interplanetary station launched on August 5, 2011 to explore Jupiter, the second project under the New Frontiers program. The spacecraft entered the polar orbit of the gas giant on July 5, 2016. The purpose of the mission was to study the gravitational and magnetic fields of Jupiter, as well as to test the hypothesis that Jupiter has a solid core.

Instruments of the Juno interplanetary probe, which is exploring Jupiter, detected a nearby signal at a frequency of about 6.5 megahertz, which is in the range of high-frequency radio waves. On Earth, they are used for ionospheric communications and over-the-horizon radar, but in Jupiter’s orbit, their source is supposedly natural.

Such signals have been known for a long time: they are called decametric radio emission. However, for the first time, a spacecraft recorded them in the immediate vicinity of the place of origin. In fact, the probe flew through the source of the radio burst, near Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon.

Juno’s sensors observed the phenomenon for about five seconds, and then it merged with the background radiation. Given the speed of the probe – about 50 kilometers per second – we can conclude that the area of ​​space where the signal is generated is about 250 kilometers across.

As NASA explains, the found radio emission with a frequency of 10-40 MHz creates a stream of electrons rotating in Jupiter’s magnetic field. They generate a radio signal as a result of a process of a certain cyclotron maser instability. 

NASA was so terribly interested in this cyclotron instability that the Juno mission was decided to be extended indefinitely, and now the bright adepts are busy building a new ship, the money for which they managed to get in a record short time.

The intrigue is that the conspiracy theorists knew about this radiation back in October 2020, although NASA only spoke about it now. The story began there with the appearance of the following message on one of the network boards:

Juno probe recorded a radio signal source in orbit of Jupiter which may be an ancient interplanetary station 106

According to this modest text, it was written as if by a CIA officer who went on the run in the fall of 2020. The reason for this was the cleansing of a team of agents who cleared and hid information about the discovery in orbit of Ganymede of an object similar to an interplanetary space station, created using some advanced technology. 

It was opened by the same “Juno”, which on June 6, 2020 discovered a strange radio signal, which NASA reports only now. The signal was very powerful and went in a narrow beam, which does not happen in nature, so the satellite was slowed down and at the next revolution turned to look – where is the beam coming from? 

The signal came from an object in the form of a torus, inside which a sphere about 1000 feet in diameter was suspended. The sphere was of a substance resembling metal, glowing with a purple light with a green tint, and rotating clockwise. In this case, the torus rotated in the opposite direction. It also looked like the sphere had been damaged by some kind of internal explosion. Nobody had any idea what it was, and it was thought that this was the work of the proto-civilization of the Earth, which was trying to colonize Jupiter. The version of the object’s alien origin was also considered. 

When people read it in October, everyone laughed merrily. However, when NASA revealed the discovery of something on Ganymede, everyone suddenly realized that the message seemed to be pure truth and therefore now, in order to hush up the information, NASA urgently released its legend of what was happening. 

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Conspiracy Theories

Peruvian court names Gates, Soros and Rockefeller as “creators” of the COVID-19 pandemic

Peruvian court names Gates, Soros and Rockefeller as "creators" of the COVID-19 pandemic 107

Peruvian judges said the coronavirus pandemic was organized by “authors of a new world order”, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates, investment banker George Soros, and members of the Rockefeller family of billionaires. Such a verdict was issued when considering an appeal to extend the detention of a local resident accused of rape.

Judges Tito Gallegos, Luis Legia and Tony Changaray were the authors of the controversial ruling. They explained that the coronavirus pandemic turned out to be force majeure, since no one, except for the “organizers” of the pandemic named by them, could predict its consequences.

“The criminal process was paralyzed due to the COVID-19 pandemic created by the criminal elites, which paralyzed activities in almost all countries … No world government, individuals and legal entities, nor the defense of the accused can claim that this pandemic can be called ‘predictable’, except for the creators of the new world order, such as Bill Gate, Soros, Rockefeller, etc., who ruled it. They continue to manage it in conditions of extreme secrecy and in global corporations with an eye on the 2030 project,” the Pasión por el Derecho edition quotes the text of the resolution.

Representatives of the department, which is responsible for overseeing the work of judges in Peru, have already announced that a review has begun against the authors of the ruling. The RPP publication indicates that it will be clear from its results whether a colleague committed a violation.

In early 2020, against the backdrop of a pandemic, conspiracy theories related to the spread of COVID-19 spread online. According to one version, some world forces (among which Bill Gates, the CIA and the Chinese authorities were mentioned ) specially brought the coronavirus into the laboratory and spread it to put the inhabitants of the planet at home, irradiate them with 5G, and then microchip them. 

Gates himself later stated that such theories were “difficult to deny” because they are “too ridiculous.” 

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that the virus was not created artificially – the organization is of the opinion that the infection was transmitted to humans from bats.

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Conspiracy Theories

US “on the edge”: Seven facts showing what is brewing to happen in the US?

US "on the edge": Seven facts showing what is brewing to happen in the US? 108
Photo: Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios

The United States is in danger of going to extremes, which after the January 6 events, no one knows what is happening in the country and the uncertainty seems to peak in the next few hours.

There are facts which could show that we are heading for the most dramatic hours the world has experienced since the August 1991 coup in Russia when the communists attempted to return to power and take control of the nuclear arsenal.

First, after an incomprehensible and unexpected blackout in Pakistan, a blackout happened in the Vatican.

A few hours before the blackout in Pakistan, the frequency of power grids in Europe dropped sharply,   and only renowned German engineers and no less famous German quality of equipment saved Europe from plunging into darkness, as it happened a little later in Pakistan:

Are there plans for some kind of Pentagon intervention, as Washington now resembles Moscow in August 1991?:

Second, US President N. Trump is ready to activate the Emergency Alarm system that bypasses all conventional media (television, internet, radio, etc.) to send a message to US citizens!

In response, of course, to the decision of the dominant online media, from Google to Fb, Amazon, Tweet, Twitch to ban Trump from communicating with US citizens, even through Parler, the medium used by tens of millions of right-wing Americans to communicate.

The Emergency Alarm System (EAS) is a national alert system in the United States that came into force on January 1, 1997 and is coordinated jointly by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

US "on the edge": Seven facts showing what is brewing to happen in the US? 109

The system is designed primarily to allow the president to address the country by intervening in the programming of all radio and television stations in the event of a national emergency.

The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) is used as a backend for the dissemination of warning information via EAS and related technologies, such as Wireless Alerts Alerts (WEA), using Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). EAS messages are mainly transmitted via terrestrial and satellite radio and television (including broadcast and multichannel television), which must be part of the system. 

Millions of SMS have been sent in the last hours with the following update:

US "on the edge": Seven facts showing what is brewing to happen in the US? 110

Third, the US military has been embroiled in an unprecedented political conflict. According to the New York Times, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked Chief of Staff General Marley Miley to restrict the president’s access to the nuclear arsenal, but he refused, as it would be a purely military coup.

The representative of the American Military leadership, David Butler confirmed that “the phone call was made and there was information about the nuclear control procedures”.

To add that 70% of the military support Trump, but one can not imagine the involvement of the US armed forces in the internal political conflict, even if it has gone beyond what could be assumed as “within reason.”

Fourth, the airspace above Washington was recently closed. Theoretically, it closed because an air traffic controller fell ill with coronavirus. Information was then leaked about “a possible terrorist attack by Iran in retaliation for Suleimani’s assassination.”

How likely is that? Then there were rumors that it was closed because N. Trump moved out of the White House accompanied by USAF fighters.

That is, for the movement of the aircraft of the presidency “Air Force 1” but it does not cease as a fact to be unprecedented.

The official excuse is that they disinfect the Air Traffic Control Room for flights over 18,000 feet because of a controller who tested positive for the virus.

See the picture of air traffic on the east coast of the USA, now:

US "on the edge": Seven facts showing what is brewing to happen in the US? 111

Fifth, the arrival of the National Guard in Washington in large numbers:

Military helicopters observed over many US cities. There are many helicopters, they fly at unusually low altitudes and, if the helicopters are attack helicopters, people can consider full suspension systems with weapons:

Sixth, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released an UPDATE of the nuclear attack guidelines it gives to all Americans through the website. Among the items added by FEMA are the following:

On your way to work, find suitable hiding places to look for in the event of an explosion. Due to COVID-19, many of the places you may walk to and from work may be closed or may not work during normal hours. 

Such things were brought to the attention of the Americans for the last time fifty years ago, at the very peak of the Cold War, and the fact that this is now remembered again is very surprising to everyone. 

Seventh,since Sunday, January 10, the Boeing E-4B is constantly in the air – one of the so-called “doomsday aircraft”, that is, an air command post:

US "on the edge": Seven facts showing what is brewing to happen in the US? 112

In normal times, any of these messages taken separately would have caused a serious panic among American conspiracy theorists, since, apart from periodic flights of “doomsday planes,” nothing of the above has ever happened. And now it turns out, as it were, seven inexplicable sensational news in 24 hours.

This allows one to think that in the United States either some not very good things are being prepared, or these things are in full swing. That is, we can talk either about some grandiose false flag or even a possible world war.

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