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The “Holy” Triad of signs on how to distinguish an Awakened person from sleeping zombies

If you are already Awakened, awakened from mass hypnosis, the first thing you will encounter is what at first seems like a problem. You will find yourself in some kind of isolation. People will surround you as before, but you will become unbearably bored and unclear how to communicate with them now.

Zombie people are like walking televisions or radios, repeaters, they work only in one direction – to transmit. Live contact with them is impossible. They broadcast other people’s ideas, considering them their own thoughts. It is very easy to check whether it is a living person or a biorobot-zombie. Listen to his programmed “opinion” and…

Ask any provocative question, zombified people will not be able to answer it

Because it is not in the program built into them. Instead of arguments, they will give you a diagnosis, move on to insults, discuss your personal qualities, appearance, or take the conversation in a different direction.

If you find signs of sleep paralysis or hypnotic sleep in yourself, do not be offended. Awakening is a process. When it climaxes, it’s like a flash. Once you have finally Woke up and started to See everything, you will no longer be able to unsee it. Everything will become clear to you. But you need to mature for this.

Awakening is the way. And the purpose of this post is to help you, and not to offend or humiliate you. When you Wake up, you will begin to do the same – do not stand on ceremony with those who are sleeping. Because the best thing you can do for them is to wake them up. Even if outwardly your truth, expressed directly to your face, will look like indelicacy, incorrectness in communication. To test yourself or your friends for Awakening, there is:

Three Obvious Signs of Awakening

1st sign. You became interested in life

You have suddenly become a curious, intelligent person, even if you are already over 60.

You know what you want. And you do what you want to do. Of course, you will also have periods of apathy, sadness, failure, there will be energy ups and downs. But overall, you don’t lose the spark, and you want to continue living.

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Life is a very interesting thing, especially now when vibrations are rising. Age-old lies are crumbling and the truth is coming to the surface. We live in interesting times, or there will be more. With your cleared mind, you are interested in penetrating into the essence of things and understanding everything yourself, rather than listening to authorities.

2nd sign. You intuitively recognize lies at the soul level

You first feel that the person is lying, and only then track the verbal and non-verbal signs of lying: shifting eyes, gestures that do not correspond to the words, or the person is rambling with glassy eyes. But that’s only later, but first, just hearing his voice, you don’t feel the living energy in him, or this energy is dirty, of poor quality. This understanding comes instantly.

A huge number of people today are simply lost in the flow of information; they consider the Internet a garbage dump only because they do not know how to distinguish lies at the level of feelings.

For such people, truth does not exist at all, there are only different opinions and they choose the opinions of those they consider strong. Government propagandists, for example. But it is precisely this lie that is most dangerous today. They create a poisonous, toxic atmosphere of pain, fear, aggression in which millions of people live today.

3rd sign. You are no longer “nice”

If someone is rudely or covertly rude to you or tries to “gaslight” or manipulate you, you immediately stop it. Do not allow yourself to be humiliated or offended. You fight back. The first thing an awakened person always realizes is that he has endured years of humiliation simply out of politeness or because that is how we were raised.

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In fact, we were just “sleeping”, not present in the present moment here and now. And all this happened as if in a dream, and we lost a lot of energy when we swallowed grievances and did not respond to the negativity. Having awakened, we understand that resistance can also be given politely, correctly, without crossing the line.


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