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The history of numerous UFO Sightings in Ancient Korea in the early 17th century. What exactly did hundreds of witnesses see?

Who among us has not thought about mysterious creatures and phenomena from alien worlds? Mysteries of the skies, inexplicable light phenomena and mysterious objects in the night sky have always attracted people’s attention.

The appeal of such mysteries lies in their unusualness and potential connection to unknown spaces and intelligence.

If we turn to the ancient records of different cultures, we will find that the secrets and mysteries of UFOs occupy a special place in their literature and history.

Let’s take a look, for example, at ancient records of UFO sightings in the skies of Korea back in 1609.

During the era of the ancient Korean kingdoms, there was a unique division of scribes in the country who were responsible for documenting all events. These scribes were specially trained and their task was to describe everything that happened in the country, including natural phenomena, diseases, wars and secret events. Thanks to their painstaking work, much of what might have been missed by researchers has been documented.

Numerous volumes of handwritten text were titled: “Authentic Records of the Joseon Dynasty.” They are known throughout the world as the longest documentation of humanity. After all, events were continuously described for more than 500 years – from 1392 to 1897. For a long time, no one studied the records, and even today the contents of many volumes are unknown. However, the part studied contains very interesting information.

One of the most famous descriptions of ancient UFO phenomena in Korea was September 22, 1609. In Gangwon Province, hundreds of peasants and merchants witnessed an incredible spectacle. They heard a loud ringing of a bell, which, for some reason, unexpectedly came from the sky, while it was absolutely clear without any clouds. The sound of this bell ringing even partially resembled thunder during a thunderstorm.

However, unusual sounds were not the only phenomenon recorded that day. People suffered from headaches and hearing problems as a result of the continuous noise. When this sound subsided, it was replaced by another one, strongly reminiscent of drums.

The sky hum deranged residential life, the province faced troubles due to poor health, and the ruler of Gwanghae-gun even allowed people not to go to work in the fields.

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Then a red cloth appeared in the middle of the sky, which, strangely, blocked the solar disk; it seemed like a huge piece of fabric. But then this canvas changed its shape and took on the outline of an apple or pumpkin.

And then it came to an even more amazing phenomenon – the canvas began to emit a bright red glow. A bright red “something” hung in the sky for several minutes, after which a sound was heard, similar to a loud bell ringing, but ten times stronger. The earth and sky trembled. After that it was all over quickly.

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By noon clouds began to appear. However, this did not stop residents of the city of Suncheon from seeing a fireball at approximately 15:00. It moved quite quickly and also changed shape. Residents also witnessed roaring arrows of fire piercing the skies and moving north. And soon after that, an object resembling a bowl or an hourglass appeared at the foot of the mountain.

Mysterious phenomena also occurred in Yangyang City. Local official Moon-wi Kim described the anomalies he saw:

“A small sphere appeared in the clear sky, which was burgundy in color. It increased in size to 5-7 meters. At this time, the object was observed to pulsate, which made a loud roar, as if stones were rolling down a mountain. A few minutes later it split in half, and its components scattered in different directions.“

What could be happening in heaven at that moment? Official scientists hypothesize that we may be talking about ancient forms of fireworks. But could such a spectacle last in the sky for several minutes? And can it change shape and make repeated loud sounds? 

The Koreans may have witnessed a UFO. However, it is important to remember that the interpretation of these records remains a complex issue. Our understanding of UFOs and our perception of such events are heavily influenced by modern technology and mythological beliefs.

However, these records of UFO phenomena in ancient Korea remain unique documents in human history. They still continue to arouse interest and surprise among researchers. Such mystical observations lead us to think about the limits of our existence and the possibility of the existence of intelligences and civilizations that are beyond our understanding.

Thus, ancient records of UFO sightings in the skies of Korea provide a fascinating glimpse into the past and raise questions about the nature of unidentified flying objects and their impact on human life.


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