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The Greatest Spiritual war ever is now as the Babylonian pandemonium has arrived!

The Greatest Spiritual war ever is now as the Babylonian pandemonium has arrived! 1

You may have to experience much of what is said in the Apocalypse. A lot is slowly coming out. The situation is terrible as madness has crossed all boundaries. The apostasy has come, and now it remains only for the “son of perdition” to come (2 Thess. 2:3).

The world is turning into a madhouse. Confusion reigns, among which each state begins to do what it pleases. We see how the most incredible, the most insane events take place. The only good thing is that these events follow each other very quickly.

The servants of the dark man are already preparing someone to be the messiah. For them, the false messiah will be king, will rule here on earth.

And then they will put forward a person who will say: “I am the imam, I am the fifth Buddha, I am the Christ whom the Christians are waiting for, I am the one whom the Jehovists are waiting for, I am the messiah of the Jews.

Everywhere we see the servants of the dark man entertaining us, robbing us of our liberties in order to inoculate us en masse. 

Observe the change of his employees through the few years of their lives and their decline. They believe that their successes and money are their salvation, but if only they knew who the evil spirit really is and how it entraps them as its idols.

We live in the era of the greatest spiritual war that humanity is going through, we live it every day without realizing more deeply how much we are trapped every day in a society where man will massively lose his soul.

The days we live in are utterly revelatory and everything appears in bulk before us.

Black wings like a fallen angel, and like a good girl, she will go to hell because Lucifer is alone.

Hard times are coming, great trials await us. Meanwhile, it is obvious that people do not even understand that we are already on the threshold of the last times, that the seal of the Antichrist is becoming a reality. As if nothing is happening. 

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The servants of the dark one want to rule the world. In order to achieve their goal, they use witchcraft and satanism. They look to the worship of Satan as a means to acquire power that will help in the implementation of their plans. They want to rule the world with satanic power. 

The destruction of the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem will be a sign that the fulfillment of the prophecies is near. It will be destroyed in order to rebuild the temple of Solomon, which was in its place. In the rebuilt temple, the Antichrist will be proclaimed as the messiah.

Today they are trying to destroy everything, in order for our spiritual structure to collapse, they are slowly removing stones. However, everyone is responsible for this destruction: not only those who destroy, but also we, who see how our psyche is destroyed and do not make efforts to strengthen it.

If we avoid unrest in order not to disturb our carnal peace, then we are indifferent to the shrine! Spiritual meekness is one thing, but gentleness out of indifference is quite another.

You have to keep your cool and work with your brains. Whatever happens, we must think and act. The best thing is to always try to spiritually confront a difficult situation and not just worldly. However, today there is neither spiritual courage, nor natural courage, which is needed in order not to be afraid at the sight of danger.

The storm will intensify a little more, throw all the garbage on the shore, all unnecessary, and then the situation will clear up. And some will receive a clean gift, while others will pay their debts.


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