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The Globalist plan to replace socio-economic inequality by dividing humanity into two biological species

The Globalist plan to replace socio-economic inequality by dividing humanity into two biological species 1
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When, in the 90s and 00s, a few scientists, experts and politicians were talking about the fact that the globalist governments intend to change the nature of man, the majority was ignoring with arrogance the early signs of future events. At that time, it seemed surreal not only that human nature could be changed, but also the very fact of the existence of some kind of globalist (world) government. 

Now, in a period of acute geopolitical turbulence, many facts have become obvious. The globalists do not hide them either. In this article, we will give the main excerpts from an older interview with Klaus Schwab’s adviser Yuval Hariri.

When, in the 90s and 00s, a few scientists, experts and politicians were talking about the fact that the globalist government intends to change the nature of man, the majority was twisting at the temple.

To begin with, perhaps the most obvious fact that Hariri confirms, concerns social networks and instant messengers:

In today’s world, data is worth much more than money. 10 years ago, large corporations were paying billions for WhatsApp and Instagram and people were wondering: “Are they crazy?”, “Why are they paying billions to get an app that doesn’t make money?”. And the reason is that they produce data. The world is more and more divided into spheres of information gathering

However, a significant part of society, has long understood that the existence of formally unprofitable messengers and social networks is due to the purpose of collecting information. For owners of such services, this is a great income. But, of course, the collective Zuckerberg sells the data not to just anyone, but to intelligence agencies. There is also a huge amount of publicly available information about Zuckerberg’s ties to the CIA. And he himself does not hide the presence of such contacts.

Why can’t the state machine of America, Britain, Switzerland collect data on its own? The answer is simple. In innovation, the state (with the exception of certain industries) is clumsy and in most cases loses to private initiative. But in order to control this or that industry, it is not necessary to own it directly. You can also achieve the desired result through indirect control.

During the Cold War, you had an iron curtain. We now have a silicon curtain between the US and China. And where does the data go – to California or to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing? What we have seen so far is corporations and governments collecting data on where we go, who we meet, what movies we watch.

Here Schwab’s adviser highlights one interesting question, which is quite relevant. There are few chances for the preservation of the globalist system of world order. However, it is obvious that after its collapse, the resulting vacuum will be filled with something. The main question is what?

China, as the most obvious contender who will try to form its own system of the global world order, is actively adopting the experience of the globalists without any left-liberal ideology nor genetic engineering. But in terms of total control over the population – more than. We would even say that here China has moved far ahead, overtaking the Western states. A striking example is the introduction of a social rating system in the PRC.

The next stage is surveillance, which goes under our skin. – I wear something like a tracker that tracks my heart rate, my sleep, I don’t know where this information goes. – You wear a KGB agent on your wrist voluntarily. – And I think it does me good. – It’s beneficial. The thing is that this is not just a dystopia, it is also a utopia.

We will leave this quote without comment. Here Hariri is simply giving another example of population surveillance.

You know, soon we will have the ability to redesign our bodies and brains, whether through genetic engineering, or by directly connecting the brain to computers, or by creating completely inorganic entities, artificial intelligence, which is not based on an organic body and an organic brain at all. And these technologies are advancing at breakneck speed.

But this is the most serious moment. Globalists intend to change the natural essence of man. This is their main goal, derived for a simple reason. Proceeding from a manic desire to prolong one’s life or even gain immortality.

The main ideologist of the need for the development of genetic engineering and other ways to extend life is David Rockefeller. Nevertheless, Rockefeller for 30-40 years failed to find an effective way to significantly extend life. He reached the age of 101 while having several heart transplants. However, there is nothing surprising in the fact that he reached such an age, being one of the richest people in the world and having access to all technologies.

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However, David Rockefeller introduced a new provision into the globalist ideology, which has become one of the main ones. Namely, the immortality of the globalist elite. Access to the relevant technologies (if they can be obtained) will only be available to representatives of the highest caste who rule the world. And, perhaps, those who will be willing to pay huge sums of money for life extension or immortality.

Globalists do not hide this:

One of the challenges is that in the coming decades we will see a process of greater inequality than ever before in history. Because for the first time it will be a real biological inequality. If new technologies are only available to the rich or only to people from a certain country, then homo sapiens will break up into different species because they will have different bodies and different abilities.

As you can see, the globalists are well aware of what their policy will lead to. Not just to divide people into rich and poor. It has always been, and so far it is an integral part of society as primitive society is long gone.

However, we are talking about the division of man into two biological species. The desired technologies will give the “rich” part unique abilities. Now it is even impossible to imagine what kind of abilities these will be. They can be restlessness, a completely different functioning of the brain, no need for sleep, mind reading, etc. In general, you can fantasize (so far) anything you want here.

Another thing is that it is unlikely that globalists will be able to obtain such technologies and abilities. Such desires are not new. They were fond of both the rulers of the Middle Ages and the Freemasons of the New Age. They did not succeed then, and it is unlikely that the globalists of modern times will succeed, with the exception of individual “successes”. In 200-300 years, when technology will go even further, the current globalists will be looked at as freaks who have betrayed their peoples and states.

The problem here is different. Namely, in the fact that for the sake of their crazy people, globalists are ready to erase entire states and people and bring pain and destruction to the world. They demonstrated this more than once during the second half of the 20th century and the first quarter of the 21st century. Therefore, the destruction of the system of the globalist world order and the globalist ideology is the only salvation for all mankind.


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