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The ghosts from 2021 above us: “Mandatory Carbon Credit Cards” to control every aspect of our lives

The ghosts from 2021 above us: "Mandatory Carbon Credit Cards" to control every aspect of our lives 1

The proposal was presented in the scientific journal Nature by four environmental “experts” as a means of reducing global carbon dioxide emissions.

Technocrats are preparing “mandatory” personal carbon rights, which will introduce a ticket into every area of ​​your life through an app that will record your journeys, heating costs and even the food you eat.

The proposal was presented in the scientific journal Nature by four environmental “experts” as a means of reducing global carbon dioxide emissions.

Everyone will be issued a “carbon allowance card”, “which will mean that all adults will receive equal tradable allowances for carbon dioxide emissions, which will decrease over time in line with national [carbon dioxide] targets coal]”.

The authors make it clear that the program will be a “national mandatory policy” .

Carbon units will be “taken from the personal budget with every payment for transport fuel, home heating fuel and electricity bills” and anyone who exceeds the limit “will be forced to buy extra units on the personal carbon market from those who have surplus to sell”.

This means that the rich flying private jets will be able to simply bypass the system entirely (which they would own through investments anyway), simply buying carbon units and continuing to live their luxurious lifestyles.

The proposal makes it clear that the means of measuring a person’s intake of carbon units for their movements will work “based on the tracking of the user’s movement history”.

The authors note how the normalization of contact tracing through COVID-19 apps will ensure that a similar system could be used to monitor coal units with minimal fuss.

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“Recent studies show how COVID-19 contact tracing apps have been successfully implemented with mandatory systems in several East Asian countries, including China, Taiwan and South Korea,” the article states.

Indeed, the authors specifically note how mass unquestioning compliance with COVID lockdown regulations has oiled the “track” for further intrusive tyranny and that, “people may be more ready to accept the monitoring and restrictions associated with PCAs (Personal Carbon Allowance) to achieve a safer climate” as a result.

The increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence technologies would also make it “possible to easily monitor and manage” the “emissions of humans related to food and consumption”.

In other words, eating what Big Brother considers excessive consumption of red meat or anything else deemed “harmful” to the planet will result in a reduction in carbon credits.

Just stick to eating the bugs and worms recommended by the UN and you’ll be sure to stay within your portion limit. “We still have the power to overthrow the rule of experts by democratic means,” writes Wesley Smith. “But if we lack the courage, if we consent – again – to significant restrictions on freedom in the name of health protection, the mild totalitarianism we will have facilitated will not be their fault. It will be our fault”.

The idea of ​​“climate lockdowns” is also being normalized in light of mass compliance with pandemic lockdowns. And they still claim that the “Great Reset” is a “baseless conspiracy theory.”


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