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The Ghost Weather Hypothesis: Do we really live in the year 1721?

The Ghost Weather Hypothesis: Do we really live in the year 1721? 1

There are some conspiracy theorists who say that 300 extra years have been added to our calendar. But could a whole civilization skip three centuries of bookkeeping and pass without realizing it? It is a dubious theory, at best. But that is exactly what the Phantom Time Hypothesis proposes.

Ghost Weather Hypothesis

Where does this theory of phantom time come from in pop culture? Let’s go back in our “machine” to 1995 … the Nirvana group releases “Nevermind”. Patrick Swayze is the sexiest man in the world, and a German historian named Heribert Illig publishes an article that alleges that “someone” committed adultery with the Gregorian calendar in 297 years.

So is. Illig believed that “by accident, by misinterpreting documents or by deliberate falsification”, three centuries had been added to the calendar. Which would mean that in 2018, at this moment, we are living at the beginning of the 18th century. So, what is your argument? Well, according to Illig and his conspiracy partner, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that the years between 614 and 911 AD never happened.

Niemitz and Illig suggest that someone (or a few) were right, and the means to change the calendar. They point out the architectural disparities (nothing was built in Constantinople for a long time!). They speak of theological doctrine (there was no doctrinal evolution in the Catholic Church between 600 and 1100!).

They even hold a small mathematical flaw in Pope Gregory XIII’s attempt to correct the Julian calendar (which was widely used in Europe from 45 BC to 1,582 AD) as evidence of a great temporal conspiracy. The Pope wanted to fix the error of the Julian calendar by eliminating his 11-minute annual surplus. More than 1,627 years, those 11 additional minutes each year should have added a Julian inflection error of 13 days. Instead, Pope Greg and his cronies found a discrepancy of only 10 days, suggesting, according to Illig, that someone had inserted 300 ghost years.

Even if we buy this circumstantial nonsense, the real question is .. Why would anyone want to add 300 years to a calendar? To what end? One of the theories of the duo involves a conspiracy cooked by the Church. What better way to legitimize doctrines or decrees than to push them back for a couple of hundred years and tell people that they have been like this all the time? ( 600? No, I’m sorry, this is 900. You must be wrong, now, give me 10% of your income, please. “ ) Another theory is that the Roman emperor Otto III (that rascal) wanted to reign during the pleasant year round 1000. His reason? To “demonstrate that he understood Christian millenarianism”. Whatever that means.

This theory, although it is great in theory, does not need an energy depuration. After all, getting everyone to join the 300-year counterfeit, and then never telling anyone anything, would have been simply impossible. But thanks to Steven Dutch of the University of Wisconsin, we have three main pieces of verifiable evidence that reverse Illig’s theory:

Charlemagne lived during the “lost time”. Charlemagne was real. The Chinese Tang dynasty occurred during this time. The Tang dynasty was real. And the Halley comet sightings were recorded during this time. So it is also verifiable that that time existed. Here is an interesting video program by the hand of Iván Martínez on Canal Gran Misterio. What do you think about the theory of phantom time? Leave your comment below!

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