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The gate to mysterious kingdom of Shambhala and when the world will turn upside down

The gate to mysterious kingdom of Shambhala and when the world will turn upside down 1

There is a mysterious mountain Kailash in Tibet. Its shape is unusual – it is a pyramid with four sides, the slopes of which are oriented to the cardinal points, and the height is 6,666 meters, you see, this figure alone causes mystical quivers.

The southern side of the pyramid from top to bottom is clearly cut in the middle by a deep crevice, approximately in the center it is intersected by a crack – a cross is obtained, an ancient magical sign.

For centuries and even millennia, pilgrims of four religions have come to the mountain at once – Buddhists, Hindus, Jaimists and representatives of the Bon national religion of Tibet. Mount Kailash is considered the axis of the Earth, connecting our world with space.

The sacred Tibetan legends say that not a single mortal dares to climb Kailash and learn the secret of the great Mind.

Climbing the mountain is the dream of many climbers in the world. But there are some forces preventing it. Since 1984, when the once closed Tibet became accessible to foreigners, several scientific expeditions to Kailash have taken place, but, despite the rather small height by the standards of climbers, the peak has still remained unconquered.

There is a hypothesis, that the mysterious pyramid is of artificial origin and serves as an energy storage.

Human gene pool

Ernst Muldashev about the door to Shambhala and when the world will turn upside down

Not far from Mount Kailash is another strange structure – the sarcophagus of Nandu. Its length is almost two kilometers, its height is 800 meters, and its width is 300 meters. It is connected to Mount Kailash by a tunnel.

The existence of the sarcophagus, like everything else in Tibet, gave rise to a lot of legends, disputes and conjectures. One of the legends says that here, in a state of deepest meditation, are the great Teachers who have been sent by higher beings to the world. Encrypted teachings are also stored here.

All this is hidden for posterity, in order to serve as a genetic code for human reproduction in the event of the death of civilization. How this will happen, no one living today knows, although it is possible that there are dedicated Guardians and it is not a fact that they are people.

Many parameters show that this is like a huge stone DNA with a diameter of 50 km and Mount Kailash is, as it were, a huge egg in which a new civilization is maturing. According to the teachings of the ancients, the new civilization will be reproduced in Tibet.

Many believe that the sacred mountain is hollow inside and it is here that the door to the legendary Shambhala is located. Moreover, some saw with their own eyes something resembling the entrance to a mysterious country.

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“There is a gate. It is approximately 150 by 200 meters. Rectangular, flat shape. And this rectangular recess on the other side is adjacent to the stone. It feels like the entrance has been knocked down. There you just need to cast spells that no one knows now, and the door will open itself.

The higher mind will open access to the legendary country only when people are ready for it, reach a qualitatively different level of spiritual development. The time will come and people will unravel the mysteries of the many mysteries of the Earth, and maybe then the words of the Tibetan lamas will become clear:

“When you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing.”

When the world turns upside down

Ernst Muldashev about the door to Shambhala and when the world will turn upside down

There were many doomsdays on Earth and each time, life was revived thanks to the gene pool of humanity, hidden in inaccessible mountain caves. There comes a moment when the planet needs cleaning, zeroing, a cyclical process, which is preceded by weather anomalies and a series of unprecedented cataclysms.

Due to the movement of the Earth’s lithospheric plates, the geographic poles will change their position, as a result of which northern territories will get rid of permafrost and become tropics.

The largest rivers of Siberia will turn into resort areas while comfortable conditions will be in Scandinavian countries.

The currently warm Mexico and a large part of the United States will be covered with thick ice, since that is where the North Pole will be located. The melted ice of the Arctic will hide Great Britain and a fairly large part of Europe in the waters of the ocean.

Unfortunately, humanity will face devastating earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and mega tsunamis. Many coastal areas will go under water, and some land areas will suddenly appear from the seas and oceans.

There is a favourably safe place on Earth, and it is there that the cave with the gene pool of mankind is located – this is Tibet.

When looking at the globe and a detailed atlas of the world, you will notice that only one piece of land on earth has a chance to stay away from the alleged cataclysms. It is located in Tibet and in the esoteric literature was called the “Eternal Continent”. 

From the south, this Eternal Continent will be limited by the proud ridge of the Himalayan mountains, from the west by the Hindu Kush, Pamir and Tien Shan mountains, from the north by the Altai, Khangai and Sayan mountains, and in the east, in the Gobi desert region, it will gradually descend into a huge single ocean. Undoubtedly, in the central part of the Eternal Continent there will be an inland sea located on the site of the Gobi Desert.

Humanity will not be able to prepare for the cataclysm as it will start suddenly, and no one knows when it will happen. 

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