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“The future looks nothing like what you imagine it to be,” said Orrin, a “cyborg time traveler” from 2050

"The future looks nothing like what you imagine it to be," said Orrin, a "cyborg time traveler" from 2050 1

Back in 2020, a very interesting episode appeared on the popular American talk show Dr. Phil, which told about a young man named Orrin, who was called a time traveler. But that’s not all, because he claimed that, among other things, he is a real cyborg.

On the air of the program, Orrin (only his first name is known, he refused to give his last name) confidently stated that in 30 years, the world as we now know it will change forever.

“You must have all seen the movie The Matrix, where people are used by machines as a power source while their minds live in a world of illusions,” says Orrin. – Something similar awaits people in the future, and I should warn you about it.

Orrin on the Dr. Phil talk show
Orrin on the Dr. Phil talk show

According to the self-proclaimed time-travelling cyborg, humanity will continue to face a variety of difficulties, such as lack of food, water and other resources. All this will lead to the fact that people want to escape reality into the virtual world.

According to Orrin, already in the 2030s, a unique computer ecosystem will be launched in test mode, capable of partially transferring human consciousness into the virtual space. By 2045, the entire IT market will be captured by one corporation and, in fact, will make us all “virtual”.

Of course, according to him, this has its advantages. After all, those people who get into the virtual universe will not experience natural human needs, such as: food, the need for water, the need for housing and everything else. But, being at the mercy of the corporation, the person, in fact, will become its slave.

Frame from the movie "Artificial Intelligence" (2001)
Frame from the movie “Artificial Intelligence” (2001)

The financial system of the virtual world will be merciless and will force people to make terrible sacrifices because human vices and desires will not go away, but will only become aggravated due to the seeming limitlessness of possibilities. One way or another, according to Orrin, in 2050, almost the entire population of the Earth will wish to download themselves into the “dream world”.


Alas, few people took Orrin’s predictions seriously. For most of the talk show, his host, Phil McGraw, made fun of him, jokingly calling him “young man from the future.”

Incidentally, about halfway through the show, a woman appeared claiming to be Orrin’s mother. It turned out that she came there in the hope of understanding what her son was talking about, and wanted to help him.

"We all live in virtual reality"
“We all live in virtual reality”

Phil went on to give examples of stories from other “time travelers”, pointing out that they were all broadly similar and mostly taken from sci-fi movies or books.

But that didn’t bother Orrin at all. Moreover, he said that he expected to see such a reaction. According to him, “people are very naive and will not want to believe in such a version of the future,” but his duty is to warn humanity of the danger.


Several questions related to Orrin’s claims that he was a cyborg. The man did not demonstrate superpowers or anything like that, limiting himself only to words about “nanotechnology that changed his body.”

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Orrin - "cyborg and time traveler" rolled into one
Orrin – “cyborg and time traveler” rolled into one

By the way, later, during one of the live broadcasts, he explained that in the future there will be no such cyborgs as in films. They will look just like people: without mechanical parts or cybernetic prostheses.

According to him, cybernetic “upgrades” will take place at the nano level with the help of microscopic robotic particles introduced into the body. In fact, it will be a completely new species, Homo Roboticus – the next step in the evolution of Homo sapiens.

Do you believe in such predictions?


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