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The Forbidden Book of Enoch

The Forbidden Book of Enoch 1

“Our sun is one of a 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living thing in that enormous immensity” – Wernher Von Braun.

The ancient book of Enoch is still one of the fundamental religious texts of the Copts, that is, the Ethiopians, the predecessors of the Egyptians. According to the Bible, Enoch is the seventh of the patriarchs. In many ways, this book is unique, fascinating and worthy of the attention of the greatest experts. Indeed, he gives a detailed description of the event, which the Bible presents as the Fall of the Rebel Angels and calls forth the image of Enoch as the “beloved son” of God.

Mysteries of the Book of Enoch

Controversial story

These scriptures, dating back to time immemorial, when the very concept of the soul was still unknown, also cause cosmic wars. This is probably why this text is one of the most controversial works of antiquity. It all starts with the abduction of Enoch by the “angels” and “Lord of Lords”, as he himself calls them, who teach him the secrets of creation. Enoch adds to this a large number of personal observations.

It goes without saying that the Council of Trent, held between 1545 and 1563, ranked the Book of Enoch as apocryphal. This is why the Bible quotes Enoch almost exclusively as the Jewish patriarch, testifying to the Fall of the Rebel Angels and obliterating all traces of the rest. The obvious goal of Christian and Jewish theologians is to avoid many of the questions posed in the text by failing, for example, to bring about the existence of other forms of intelligent life.

The Patriarch’s Incredible Journey

The Book of Enoch is loosely gleaned from the sixth chapter of Genesis. It is written in this book that during the time of Jared, the father of Enoch, 200 rebel angels, called Observers, reach the summit of Mount Hermon, at an altitude of over 3000 meters, and prepare to mingle with the human race.

They will teach men the art of making weapons by metal working, teach women to coquettishly paint and dress, and reveal to people the art of witchcraft and magic. As a result, we are dealing with an ancient tribal civilization, for which a more advanced race studies astronomy, astrology and meteorology, as well as the sun, moon and earth. From the union of these two races, giants are born, which, however, quickly reveal their uncontrollability and begin to devour people.

Rebel angels

God then decides that the rebel angels should be punished and sends his own Watchers – Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel – to Earth to impose his will. He then unleashes the Deluge to cleanse the Earth, sparing only Noah.

Some scholars point to the similarities between the fallen angels described by Enoch and the figures of astronauts. They base their hypothesis on the fact that the thinking and attitudes of these rebel angels are typically human and therefore incompatible with any divine nature.

Noah and the Ark

When Noah was just born, his great-grandfather Enoch not only predicted the personal fate of the builder of the saving ark, but also the catastrophic future of all mankind in times remote from the Flood. After the crucifixion of Christ, the picture of the Apocalypse will be “painted” by John the Theologian, at which the era of the prophets ended – then the Kingdom of Heaven was to be taken by an effort of will and faith. It was by faith in deeds that a person was to change the genetic code of death.

Before the Flood

Forefather Enoch in a strange way “dropped out” of the Old Testament, although he was endowed with unique abilities from birth. Following Adam, he was to make a journey to Heaven and gain power not only over people, but also over the giants who lived on Earth at that time. The influence on people of creatures of great stature, called in the sixth book of Genesis “glorious people from ancient times”, became a key one in the Old Testament period.

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Giants – The Nephilim committed a great sin when “they saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and began to enter them.” In modern terms, there was a genetic fusion of two races, which, according to the laws of the extraterrestrial civilization of the Nephilim (which Enoch himself calls angels, indicating their heavenly origin), was considered unacceptable. From mixed marriages, mutant people began to appear, whose height reached three thousand cubits. 

The Nephilim taught humans to mine metals from the earth, make weapons, create jewelry, watch the stars, and use plants for healing and spells. But soon the giants “ate all the gains of the people,” so that people could no longer feed them. Higher powers decided to put an end to this, and all people had to die at the same time. The mission to stop the lawlessness of the “angels” fell on Enoch , since he had power over them. But the Nephilim could no longer stop.

At that time, global processes were taking place in the Universe, in many respects similar to those that are happening now. If we take into account that there is Someone with a superintelligence, then it was not difficult for Him to calculate the most favorable moment for the destruction of humanity. This time was engraved in human memory as the Flood. Still, a small group of people led by Noah managed to escape. Moreover, angels sent from heaven helped Noah build the ark.

Noah is the direct heir to Adam. His family was not affected by the “influence” of the Nephilim, although Noah’s father, Lamech, was in awe when the future savior of the human race was born. An unearthly light emanated from the baby, and he immediately “began to speak to the Lord of righteousness.” 

Lamech was frightened because he thought Noah was born of angels. He rushed to his father Methuselah to share his suspicion. Methuselah, in turn, offered to seek advice from his father Enoch. Enoch dispelled the doubts of his descendants and advised giving the newborn the name Noah, which means pacifying, since it was he who was to save the human race during the cataclysm. Later Enoch will add that in the distant future, humanity will experience shocks much more dangerous than a flood. But he himself was hidden from people, and his whole further life passed along with the saints.

After the Flood

The prophecies of Enoch were reflected in the apocryphal literary monuments “The Book of Enoch”, “The Book of Jubilees” and others. These books are not recognized by official theologians, but this is understandable. Even if we take into account that these books were written only 200-300 years before the First Coming, then some of the knowledge contained in them is still incomprehensible due to their divine depth. 

Enoch clearly describes the structure of the universe and gives an accurate calendar. But even in the recent past, the orthodox of the official churches burned scientists at the stake who dared to say that the earth is round.

Excerpts from the Books of Enoch:

After the Flood

“And after this (the flood) untruth will be much greater than the one that was committed on earth before; for I know the secrets of the saints, since He – the Lord – allowed me to see and revealed them to me, and I read them on the tablets of heaven. And I saw what was written on them, that generation after generation will be lawless until a race of righteousness arises, and lawlessness will be doomed to destruction, and sin will disappear from the earth, and all that is good will appear on it.”

About the First Coming

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“Wisdom did not find a place on earth for her to live, and therefore her dwelling place was in heaven. Wisdom came to live among the sons of men, and found no place for itself; then wisdom returned back to its place and took its position between the angels. And untruth came out of its storehouses: not looking for him (reception), she found him and lived among them (people), like rain in the desert and like dew in a thirsty land.”

About the Second Coming

“On that day, the Chosen One will sit on the throne of his glory and make a choice between their deeds (and places without number, and their spirit will become strong in their (people) insides, for they will see My Chosen One and those who have begged my holy and glorious name. And on that day I will send My Chosen One to live between them, and transform the sky, and prepare it for eternal blessing and light. And I will change the earth, and prepare it for blessing, and settle My chosen ones on it; sin and crimes will disappear on it – they will not appear. For I saw and filled My righteous with peace and set them before Me: for sinners I have a judgment to destroy them from the face of the earth.”

About the Last Judgment

“The Son of Man will drive kings from their thrones and from their kingdoms, for they do not exalt Him and do not acknowledge with gratitude where the kingdom came from … And these are those who condemn the stars of heaven, and raise their hands against the Most High, and trample on the land and those living on it; all their deeds are false, and they reveal falsehood; their strength is based on their wealth, and their faith refers to gods made by their own hands; and they rejected the name of the Lord of Spirits.”

About cataclysms

“And when He sends His Word on you, will you not be amazed then and will you not be afraid? Then all the luminaries will shake with great fear, and the earth will be smitten, and it will tremble and be frightened.”

After the Cataclysms

“And in those days the righteous must cry out to the sons of the earth and present a testimony concerning their (books) wisdom; show them them – for you are their leaders – and rewards for the whole earth. For I and My Son will unite with them forever and forever on the paths of righteousness in their lives. And peace will be with you: rejoice, you are children of righteousness, truly! “

Explanations and sources:

1. Apocrypha (Greek “secret”, “hidden”) – religious works, the content of which does not coincide with the official doctrine.
2. “Book of Enoch”, “Book of Jubilees” refer to 323-30. BC
3. Quotes from the Ethiopian version of the First Book of Enoch. The first European translation into English was made by R. Lawrence and published at Oxford in 1821. The text was translated into Russian by the Orthodox priest A.V. Smirnov in 1888.
4. Enoch – the Old Testament patriarch of antediluvian times, great-grandfather of Noah, the builder of the ark, seventh in the list of generations of Adam’s descendants. An analogue of Enoch in the Sumerian-Akkadian literary monuments of Enmenduranna, the seventh in the list of kings. Enoch is revered as the founder of writing. He was the first person whom God took to Heaven. In addition to him, the prophet Elijah, Melchizedek, the Apostle John were also honored with such a fate (in the Mesopotamian tradition, there is also Adapa – biblical Adam).


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