The first project of a city on Mars for 250 thousand people has been published

An international team of scientists, architects and designers has drafted the first city to appear on Mars. The Martian city was named Nuva in honor of the ancient Chinese goddess.

The architecture group Abibo posted the first images of the unearthly city on their Instagram page. The founder of the studio, Alfredo Muñoz, told Euronews details about its functioning .

According to the founder of the studio, Alfredo Muñoz, the city should be placed in a rock, and all objects in it should be covered with domes. This will protect residents from radiation and atmospheric pressure. Oxygen will be produced by trees that future settlers will grow, and energy will be obtained from solar panels. 

Muñoz noted that the design took into account the development of scientists who have been studying Mars for many years.

“The first settlers will face problems that are specific to Mars. One of them will be gravity, which is three times weaker than on Earth,” the architect said.

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He noted that the city will have to be built from the material that is on the “red planet”. If the presence of water is confirmed there, then carbon can be extracted from it, and with the help of it, steel can be obtained from which the city will be built.

“The knowledge we gain by developing a city on Mars gives us ideas for what we can do on Earth,” Muñoz said.

According to scientists, construction can begin by 2054, and the first settlers on Mars will arrive there by 2100. It is expected that up to 250 thousand people will be able to live in the city at the same time. There will be houses, parks, gyms and recreation areas.

Getting from Earth to Mars will be challenging, but doable. It is planned to deliver people there every 26 months. The road will take up to 90 days. The experts estimated the cost of a one-way ticket at 300 thousand dollars.

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